Instagram Benefits and Pros


It is beneficial to use Instagram to promote your business. Instagram can help you grow your traffic and increase your sales.

Here are the benefits and pros of Instagram.

1. More Engaged Audience

Unlike Facebook, Instagram can increase your engagement. Even though Facebook is still popular, the users of Instagram are much more engaged.

It is, therefore, easy to engage with Instagram users.

According to recent reports, the engagement per Instagram follower is 58 times more than the engagement on Facebook.

In addition, Facebook users are less likely to click on advertisements. However, Instagram users are more likely to check out the advertisements.

68% of Instagram users engage with the different brands and 32% of Facebook users do. It is, therefore, beneficial for businesses to use Instagram.

If you are looking to engage your customers and consumers, you can use Instagram. Buy Instagram likes for an instant boost to your new account.

2. You Can Be Creative

Instagram newsfeeds are just like art galleries. This is because of the visually appealing, fun, high quality, and colorful photos and videos on Instagram.

Businesses can, therefore, use Instagram to promote their services and products. You can use Instagram to share behind-the-scenes videos of your business.

You can upload all types of photos and videos on Instagram. You can be creative when creating your Instagram content. Create the best content to get more followers. 

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram allows its users to share customizable videos and photos with their followers. However, the photos and videos disappear in 24 hours.

Instagram stories appear on top of the main news feed of the users. Instagram stories offer creative elements, including writing and drawing tools, and augment reality filter options.

You can even add locations, use hashtags, and mention people on your Instagram stories.

You can also post “featured stories” on Instagram. These stories will appear on your business profile once the 24 hours end. Instagram users can view your “featured stories” on your business profile.

It is beneficial for businesses to use Instagram stories. Businesses can use Instagram stories to share behind-the-scenes videos and useful content with their followers.

4. Instagram Ads

You can use your business account to pay for Instagram ads. You can, therefore, use Instagram ads to promote your Instagram content. It is beneficial to use Instagram ads since they can increase your reach. You can even use them to get more Instagram followers.

In addition, you can use Instagram ads to target a specific location, gender, age, or interests of Instagram users. You can even add links to promoted posts. Therefore, Instagram users can click your links to visit your website.

You can even feature your Instagram ads in your Instagram stories.

5. You Can Sync with Your Facebook Account

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for 1 Billion US Dollars. It is, therefore, possible to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. You can sync your Instagram account with your Facebook account and also get Instagram verified through it.

In fact, the concept of Facebook ads and Instagram ads are the same. You can, therefore, run the same ads on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

If you run your ads on one of these platforms, you can easily double your reach. Increasing your reach can increase your engagement and traffic.

6. Instagram Analytics

It is simple to measure success on Instagram. You can use their analytics to monitor your engagement activities, such as likes and comments.

The built-in analytic report can help you interpret the results of your Instagram ads.

Therefore, you can use the analytics to know your best-performing posts on Instagram. You can focus more on these posts since they can get you more followers.

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