SCV Water: Green water on social media is an isolated incident

The Rio Vista Water Treatment Plant at SCV Water. photo courtesy SCV Water.

Following a posting about green water coming out of a Santa Clarita Valley residential pipe, local water agency officials are saying that the incident was isolated and was caused by the pipe not having been used in a handful of days.  

In a posting earlier this week, water collected in a bowl from a local resident appeared to be green.  

Kathie Martin, a spokeswoman for SCV Water, confirmed that a water quality control specialist at the local water agency had spoken with the customer directly.  

“We have not had any other calls on this,” Martin said. “Even in this person’s home, it was only from one faucet (the kitchen sink) and the water ran clear after flushing the pipe for several minutes.” 

“In discussion with the customer, they had been gone for about five days, so water had been sitting in the system, and that area of the home has copper pipes, which can lead to green-ish water,” said Martin.  

The social media post stated that the customer had been instructed, if the resident so desired, to take the water to a lab in Santa Paula for testing.  

“We do tests for water on our side of the meter, but typically not inside the home, as we have no control over plumbing or a number of other issues that can affect water quality,” said Martin. ”This lab in Santa Paula is a good option.” 

“In summary, this is an isolated issue, to one faucet in one home,” Martin added. 

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