Testoryze Reviews – Is It Worth The Investment?


We saw an advertisement last week about an enhancement supplement called Testoryze. Male enhancement supplements are not novel. But there was something about the advert that caught our eye.

The advert spoke at length about how Testoryze was better than even Viagra. Now that’s a claim we take seriously since we review these supplements all the time.

Ironically, every time we have come across a male enhancement supplement that claims to be better than Viagra, it has turned out to be a glorified dud or an overpriced scam.

But we really wanted Testoryze Male enhancement supplement to be the one that changes our minds. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

In the next few days, we analyzed all the glossy Testoryze reviews that we are pretty sure, you’ve also seen on the internet. Then we got ourselves some Testoryze supplement and put it to the test.

The results were not surprising. Today, we will share our review with you and also explain, why you should take these Testoryze reviews with a pinch of salt. Stay with us.

Best Testoryze Alternatives

1.      TestoPrime – Best Alternative Choice

2.     Testogen – Best Alternative for Libido

What is Testoryze and why is it in focus?

Testoryze is a dietary supplement that claims to better sexual performance in men. Well, that’s an understatement, to be honest. Testoryze claims that the supplement has been featured on CNN and Men’s Health.

The official website states that the health benefits of this supplement are an improvement in sexual performance, it can improve the flow of blood, boost sexual energy like Nugenix Total T booster did, amplify the rate of sexual desires (arousal), and also boost testosterone levels.

That’s quite a feature set, isn’t it?

Testoryze has stepped on the gas with regards to advertisements recently. Chances are that you might have bumped on a glossy advert on Facebook or Google.

We feel that one of the biggest advertisement tools they use is paid Testoryze reviews, which talk about the Testoryze pill like it’s the best thing to have happened to men looking for natural, sexual health benefits.

But a closer look at the ingredient list and the official website reveals that it is in fact, a clone of several other male enhancement supplements that use a similar template to promote themselves.

How Does Testoryze Work?

Testoryze also claims that their supplement increases testosterone and along with it, boosts the flow of blood. They cite independent clinical studies to further drive home points like 74% increase in staying power and a 62% increase in libido.

Testoryze supplement also claims to help your body produce ‘new cells’ which in turn will expand your ‘corpora cavernosa’, which means that your penis will become thicker and longer. However, they recommend that to increase penis size, you have to use Testoryze supplement regularly. Interesting!

If that wasn’t enough already, Testoryze supplement also claims to help improve the instances of premature ejaculation. Oh, wait. We forgot that it also claims to increase testosterone levels.

For any male enhancement supplement to even come close to offering these benefits, it must contain some of the best ingredients, that too in sufficient concentrations as supported by clinical studies.

At the least, we would look at a total dosage of about 4-5 grams of selected natural ingredients to produce even 50% of these results.

Let’s take a look at the Testoryze ingredient list to see how well it fares.

What Are the Ingredients In Testoryze?

Ingredients are the primary indicator of the effectiveness and quality of any dietary supplement. In this case, Testoryze supplement has all the red flags that we generally look for, while analyzing a supplement’s ingredient list. They call it the Pro Sexual Nutrient Matrix!

Reminds us of Morpheus and the Red pill from ‘The Matrix’. Are you ready to see the truth?

  • The ingredient concentration is too low to have any positive effect on sexual health
  • There are filler ingredients that have no reason to be in the supplement
  • Many ingredients are added on the basis of their use in folk medicine rather than on the basis of scientific evidence
  • Most importantly, the Testoryze supplement has a proprietary blend of ingredients. If you read the other reviews on this website, you will realize that we speak at length about why we hate proprietary blends.

Here’s a detailed look at the ingredient list.

Proprietary blend of – Horny Goat Weed extract (spelled horney goat weed on the label), Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto Extract, Wild Yam, Orchic substance (Cattle testicles), Wild Yam Extract, Sarsparilla, Nettle, Chelated Boron – 1484 mg.

Now, the ingredients in the blend itself are not bad. Horny Goat weed extract is a terrific natural ingredient for boosting libido as well as improving the quality of erections.

Saw palmetto extract offers a plethora of benefits also, not just limited to sexual health either.

Tongkat Ali is one of our favorite ingredients for boosting sexual energy as well as for its benefits for treating erectile function.

Some of the other ingredients like Chelated Boron and Sarsparilla are more hype than real world use for sexual performance.

The bigger problem is that there’s no way to know how much Horny goat weed or saw palmetto extract is in that blend. For all you know, it might be 1400 mg of Chelated boron and 84 mg of the remaining ingredients.

Good quality herbal ingredients for treating erectile dysfunction are pricey and that’s the primary reason why brands use proprietary blends.

Testoryze Dosage And Usage for sexual health

The official website claims that you need to take two capsules of the Testoryze supplement every day. If the dosage is accurate, then that would amount to 2.8 grams of the active ingredients. Two capsules are standard dosage and we have no problems with this.

If this was not a proprietary blend, then we would have rated this differently. That of course, does not address some of the more pressing concerns that we have with this brand.

What Are Consumers Saying About Testoryze?

Real customer reviews show how customers are ripping Testoryze supplements all over the internet. These are not the Testoryze reviews that you will come across if you search for them.

You have to search for Testoryze complaints and then you will be greeted with a barrage of complaints about fraudulent billing practices. The Better Business Bureau issues a warning that this brand lures customers with a free trial offer or a money back guarantee, without actually highlighting the terms of the offer.

By the time the customers realize that the product is just a dud and reach out to the brand to ask for a refund, multiple charges have been levied on their credit cards.

It’s a pattern that we have noticed with so many products on the internet.

It’s actually appalling that brands continue to resort to such practices, which is fleecing gullible customers.

What Are the Drawbacks Of Testoryze?

We are not even getting into the benefits of Testoryze because there are none. There are only drawbacks and several of them.

·        The Official website has a different product name

The website is Testoryze.com as highlighted by many testoryze reviews. But when you actually open the website, the product label all over the website is for Testoryl. Ironically, Testoryl has very similar branding to Testoryze.

This indicates that the company has probably used these brands interchangeably. Not surprisingly, there are similar customer reviews and complaints about Testoryl too.

·        There are complaints about unauthorized recurring billing

If you signed up for a free trial offer for Testoryze after reading a Testoryze review, then you might want to check those terms in the email again. Chances are that multiple charges will be levied on your card after you are enrolled in a monthly subscription program for Testoryze.

Like it or not, those pills are coming. The real Testoryze cost is close to $113, which no Testoryze review reveals. In fact, every Testoryze review speaks about how you can try this product for free at no risk.

·        The ingredients are not adequate for erectile dysfunction

You get 1450 mg of ingredients in a proprietary blend. This is not even close to what you need to produce sexual health benefits in men, who are most likely suffering from low testosterone.

·        You cannot increase penis size

To claim that the Testoryze supplement can improve sexual performance is one thing. But Testoryze advertises that men can actually increase the size of their manhood with antioxidants.

That’s just humbug. Now, we have seen some enhancement supplements boosting blood flow to the penis to such an extent that it leads to bigger and stronger erections. So, when the penile chambers are engorged with blood, it appears that the penis is thicker.

But Testoryze claims that regularly using Testoryze pills adds new cells to the corpora cavernosa, which means a permanent increase in penis size.

What are the side effects of Testoryze?

The biggest side effect is that you will lose your hard earned money over a substandard product that will have no effect on your bedroom performance.

On another note, it may even cause an allergy, because we have no idea what the concentrations are in that proprietary blend, do we?

Testoryze Review – Does This Product Really Work?

No, it does not. Not only that, the real testoryze price is around $113, which is outrageous for a supplement like this. Unfortunately, you will only realize this when those unauthorized charges hit your card.

Do not buy Testoryze. If you are looking for a reliable product that positively influences various aspects of your sexual performance, then we have two amazing options for you.

Both these other male enhancement supplements have much better ingredients, that too in concentrations that are on-par with the dosages specified as effective in the clinical trials.

For instance, every clinical trial on Tongkat Ali extract has shown that it is effective at 1.5 grams and 3 grams. Similarly, horny goat weed extract is effective at more than 1 gram. That’s what you get with these supplements.

#1 – TestoPrimeThe Only Male Enhancement Supplement With a Lifetime Guarantee

TestoPrime is our favorite supplement for men’s sexual health as well as athletic performance. This is a powerful blend of 12-science backed ingredients that will amplify your endogenous testosterone production.

A bump in Testosterone completely transforms your overall health. The most notable differences will be felt in your sexual confidence, blood circulation, harder erections, and energy levels. If you hit the gym or are involved in any kind of training, it will also help you gain a fair bit of lean muscle mass.

While most male enhancement supplements use terms like testosterone boosting loosely, TestoPrime walks the talk.

It is the only supplement in this space that offers a 100% Lifetime guarantee.

How TestoPrime can transform your sexual health

Male sexual physiology is one of the most complex ones that involve many different variables. There are Nitric oxide levels and better flow of blood, which will determine how whether or not you get a rock hard erection.

There’s reduced performance anxiety, which will determine whether or not you are able to focus on the pleasure, rather than getting stuck over the quality of erections. Pleasure is critical to getting intense orgasms.

Testosterone is like a single solution for a variety of those variables.

1. Intense Blood Flow & Bulging Veins

It will increase the flow of blood to your penile chamber, which automatically results in harder erections. The changes that occur in your muscle tissue on a cellular level will result in your body holding more nitric oxide.

Get ready for erections with veins visible all over the penis. The best part is that you don’t need to supplement with beet juice or amino acid blends to achieve this. The ingredients present in TestoPrime will get it done for you.

2. The Mind-Body Connection in Erectile Dysfunction

One of the biggest challenges of increasing sexual desires is that it is equal mind along with body. While there might be other supplements that can bump up your nitric oxide levels, how many supplements do you know that can boost focus to increase desire?

There are very few of these. TestoPrime increases the production of powerful neurotransmitters, which help bridge this connection. Researchers have not been able to accurately describe how this works. But it is believed that increased testosterone production results in changes in the nerve endings in the penile tissue.

3. Strength & Size

The third and most important aspect of sexual activity is strength and stamina. The natural ingredients present in TestoPrime increase your free testosterone, which in turn will increase the amount of muscle mass you carry.

At the same time, it will boost your energy levels, allowing you to have sexual intercourse for much longer. This is as good as boosting stamina.

TestoPrime vs. Testoryze

In all the glossy testoryze reviews that we have come across on the internet, there’s one common pattern. None of them talk about facts and figures. That’s why we decided to do a one-on-one comparison of these two supplements.

1.     TestoPrime is one of the top rated testosterone boosters in the industry. It has a multi-pronged benefit list including an increase in sexual energy, sexual desire, sexual performance and sexual power. Unlike other cookie-cutter supplements like Testoryze, TestoPrime solves the primary problem and not the symptoms.

2.     It is a bona fide T booster that increases the production of free testosterone without causing problems like an enlarged prostate. In fact, it only contains natural ingredients and hence, is one of the safest ways to boost your sex life.

3.     Regardless of what the problem is with your sexual health, increasing Testosterone with TestoPrime is the safest way to solve this.

4.     TestoPrime comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. There are many supplements that use the money back guarantee as a tool to drive more traffic and sales. But not many brands will even honor the guarantee when it comes to it. A prime case in point is Testoryze itself. But TestoPrime has a flawless reputation.

5.     TestoPrime is a trusted brand that will not make unauthorized charges to your card without your consent. You only pay for what you buy. No recurrent billing or shady business practices.

6.     The real customer reviews about TestoPrime are 100% positive. There are no fake reviews or exaggerated claims like the ones that Testoryze claims.

Final Thoughts – Highly Recommended

TestoPrime is highly recommended regardless of whether you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, or looking to build muscle, or do both at the same time. It is a powerful supplement with research backed ingredients.

In the rare scenario that it does not work for you, you are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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#2 – TestogenBest Male Enhancement Supplement for Libido

Testogen is the second most popular testosterone booster on the internet after TestoPrime. While the former is generally preferred by men and women looking to bump up their athletic performance, Testogen is the go-to choice for those who want to boost their sex drive.

There are some subtle differences in the ingredient list that make this better suited for sexual problems, as compared to athletic performance enhancement.

So, if you are looking for a single supplement that can boost blood supply and increase blood circulation to the penis, boost your sex drive and increase your sexual power, overall, then look no further. Testogen is your ticket.

How does Testogen boost blood flow to the penis?

Reduced blood flow is a health problem that not just affects the quality of erections, but will also have a negative impact on a plethora of physiological systems. Testogen works in different ways to solve this. All the ways are more long term solutions than temporary fixes, which is what makes this such a beneficial supplement.

1. Reduced blood pressure

One of the commonest causes of poor blood flow, which can cause erectile dysfunction, is high blood pressure, which slowly reduces the elasticity of the arteries in your body. As your arteries become rigid, the flow of blood within them reduces bit by bit.

Eventually, it comes to a point when none of your muscle tissue is getting uninterrupted blood supply. Rather than relying on synthetic drug administration, the ingredients in Testogen work to fix this health condition. The natural ingredients improve blood flow to all muscle tissue, which will help improve repair and recovery, as well as the quality of erections.

2. Huge Increase in Sexual desire

One of the telltale signs of low testosterone is a drop in sexual desire. Testogen works pretty much like TestoPrime does. It alters the levels of certain chemicals in the brain which play an important role in regulating sexual desires.

As a result, you not only have better blood circulation to the penis but also feel the urge to initiate sexual intercourse more frequently. With the newfound erection quality, be rest assured that you will be completely satisfied with the lovemaking too.

3. Razor Sharp Focus on Sexual Pleasure

Last but not the least, Testogen gives you the deep focus and calmness you need to hold and sustain the erection for as long as you make love. With the increased stamina and energy levels, expect that to be quite long.

If you have struggled with premature ejaculation, try Testogen and be amazed at how long you can hold without a dip in performance.

Testogen vs. Testoryze – Which one’s better?

We are sure that you are wondering how Testogen fares when compared with Testoryze. To be honest, it should be pretty evident by now. But here’s a summary just in case.

1.     Testogen is a blend of only natural ingredients, each one of which is backed by multiple clinical studies. The actual ingredient list is backed by more than 25 clinical studies to be exact. In comparison, Testoryze has multiple fillers and even the primary ingredients are not in sufficient concentrations.

2.     Talking about concentrations, Testogen is a strong and potent dose of ingredients. There are almost 2.5 grams of DAA, which will result in a strong spike in testosterone, both free and bioavailable.

3.     It addresses all aspects of poor sex life, by increasing sexual power, sexual confidence, and overall sexual satisfaction. There’s no aspect that’s left unaddressed.

4.     Testogen is a one-time purchase. You are only billed for what you buy. There’s no subscription or recurring billing.

5.     Testogen is one of the top rated supplements with thousands of real customer reviews.

To Sum it Up – Go For Testogen for Boosting Libido

All things said and done, if you are looking to bump up your libido, we highly recommend Testogen. Not that it will not increase muscle mass or strength, mind you. But it has the strongest blend of aphrodisiacs, which are guaranteed to skyrocket your desire.

Try it today!

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