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In the recent job market, getting that perfect job might be a very difficult task. You are many times told to compromise with the job role, pay, or even work hours. This is because the employers might not be confident enough while hiring you. They do not have a proper idea about your skills, achievements, and plans. 

CV is one of those things which educates the employers about you, your skills and whatever you have achieved till date. Your CV should be such that it must attract the employer so that he does not tell you to compromise with anything. To get that perfect CV, you should be able to draft a good tailored CV or you can take cv services

Here are some of the ways how you can tailor your CV so that you do not miss a great opportunity at your dream company:- 

1. Have proper information about the job role 

There might be times when you might have applied to the job just for the sake of it. This is not a good idea. Whenever applying for a job, you should first read all the details given below about the job and the company. Based on the job role, you should tailor and draft your CV. Sit and read the full description of the job and your current profile. Add all those experiences which are relevant to the job that you are applying to. 

2. Be concise and clear 

When you start filling the headings on your cv, make sure that you be concise and clear about everything. One of the main features of a CV is that should be clear and concise. It must not be too long. Managers and the interviewers have to interview hundreds of people on a single day and so it becomes very difficult to read such big CVs. It, therefore, becomes important to present only the relevant and the most important points on your CV. 

3. Be real  

Never try to fake it on your CV. It can be really dangerous for you. All the information on your CV should be correct. Do not ever add things just to impress the interviewers. The employers will easily understand that you are lying on your CV when they go to the technical round of the interview. Do not hesitate if you feel that you need the help of resume services while creating your CV. 

4. Priorities’ your skills 

Never forget to mention your skills. Research well about the company and the job position. Try to upskill yourself according to the profile. Your skills are of great importance and they can attract the employer. Skills are something that will define your work and your previous work experience. So, you must mention all the skills you have acquired to date. If you are taking cv services, mention all your skills. 

5. References 

References are of great help. There can be a separate column on your CV about the references. When you mention your references, the chances of getting that job will become high because the company can trust you. However, it is important to keep in mind that you do not add more than the required number of references. Just add the name, number, and email address of your references. This would be enough. 

6. Check for all possible errors 

We are all humans and it might be possible that might have written something wrong on your CV. There might be grammatical errors or even wrong words. You must check your CV before actually submitting it to the employer. A CV with grammatical errors and typing issues looks very awkward. If you are not confident about your manner then you can also take resume services which will make sure about the errors if any. 

7. Try to sell yourself 

When you go to a job interview, you have to sell your skills, experience, and knowledge to get selected. All the relevant information about your previous work and education. Must be added to your CV. Do not forget anything that holds importance. Also, you can add words like ‘skilled’, ‘produced’, ‘organized’ which will have a great impact on your CV. 

8. Remove your picture 

These days companies do not like picture or passport size photographs on the cv. It looks informal and not a great thing to add to your CV. An interviewer is someone who will choose you based on your educational background, skills, and experience and based on how you look. It is therefore an irrelevant detail that you should chuck off from your CV to make it look more formal. 

9. Interest and Hobbies 

Apart from the educational and background, what you should also focus on in your CV are your interests and hobbies. Your employer would love to see and read about your hobbies which gives them some more idea about you. Your interests and hobbies can often place you above the other candidates. For example, if you are applying for the post of sports manager and you have a great interest in sports and other activities then it will be an added advantage. 

10. Personal summary 

A well-tailored CV should contain all the relevant information about yourself. This information could be your education, skills, certifications, experience, and other things. A recruiter may not read about the Objective part of your CV but he will always read very carefully about the summary part as it gives all the information about the candidate. This, keep in mind and prepare the summary part carefully. 


Tailoring your CV is the most important part if you are going for that dream job interview. You should be very mindful about what to add and what not to add to your CV as your CV is the only thing that reflects everything about you. Filtering and tailoring your CV will pass through the nominal check and might end up in the recruiter’s cabin. You can take cv services if you want and create a good CV before your job interview. 

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