Who are the oldest NFL players of all time?


Sports are enduringly popular around Santa Clarita and this is certainly true when it comes to football. With sides such as the LA Rams and the LA Chargers to get behind, this is no surprise. When you also add in the drama, bone-crunching action and awesome touchdowns, it is clear why so many people around California follow the NFL. 

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This sport also attracts fans because of its rich heritage and the many interesting things there are to find out about it. While this could be related to the big-name franchises or how to prepare for a Super Bowl as a player, it is often current or former players who are read about. Looking at who the oldest players in the league’s history to date is a great example of this.  

But who might these players be?  

George Blanda  

The oldest recorded player ever to grace the NFL was quarterback and kicker George Blanda. Officially playing from 1949 to 1975, Blanda was 48 when he called it a day. Over a massive 26 seasons, this seasoned pro turned out for clubs including the Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders. Even more amazing was the fact that Blanda scored at least one point in every season he played and showed immense skill at QB or placekicker. Many believe it was his ability to play as a kicker that allowed him to play longer and set such a high benchmark for older NFL pros. 

Morten Andersen  

One former NFL star who came close to breaking George Blanda’s record is Morten Andersen. He showed great accuracy his entire career when kicking for goal and was the grand old age of 47 when he last kicked a ball. Playing from 1982 – 2007, Andersen graced teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. Andersen was also notable for surpassing the record Gary Andersen had set as the NFL’s all-time leading scorer, although this has since been broken. Called ‘Mr. Automatic’ for his reliability, he rounded off his playing days in style, with a five field goal performance at the age of 46. 

Adam Vinatieri  

Most of the oldest NFL players you will see play as kickers. This is most probably because of the lack of stress their bodies come under in-game, which enables them to play for longer. Adam Vinatieri is another kicker who played to a good age. He was 46 when last seen in action during 2019 and had been playing since 1996. Over that time, he turned out for the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. A powerful and precise kicker, this player not only has four Super Bowls to his name but the record for most NFL points scored and most consecutive field goals (44). He is also well remembered for some of the most memorable field goals in the league’s history.  

Gary Andersen  

The already mentioned Gary Andersen is another big-name former NFL star who played into his 40s. At the time of his retirement in 2004, he was 45 and had played for some big sides, including the 49ers. Another NFL legend whose position was kicker, Andersen at one stage held the record for all-time NFL points scored. Although he played 23 seasons in the league, Andersen did not take up football until age 18. Alongside his obvious talent in putting the ball between the posts, Andersen is best remembered for his perfect 1998 season with the Vikings.  

Oldest players in NFL history still legendary  

With many of the oldest NFL players fresh in the memory, they are still legendary figures for most fans. It is certain that they will be talked about for many years to come! Of course, there are still some current players who are not far behind them and who could set new records themselves in terms of oldest players in NFL history. At age 44 and still playing at an elite level, Tom Brady is a great example of the oldest current NFL players. Whoever makes it onto a list like this in future, though, proves one thing – age is but a number and should not be a barrier to achievement.  

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