Are You Ready to Invest in Your First Rolex Watch? Follow These Tips!


This is the year when you will finally become a Rolex watch owner. Before you make any decisions, it pays to come up with a plan for finding and purchasing that first watch. Along with deciding if you want a Rolex Presidential watch or possibly a Mariner, or one of the other lines, there are a few other things that you should do. Here are some tips that will make finding the perfect watch a little easier.  

Decide Which Features You Consider Essential 

One of the distinctive features of Rolex watches is that many of them are created with specific uses in mind. While some features will be included with all or most of the watches, others are specific to a particular line. In order to give some focus to your search, it helps to decide which features the watch must include.  

If you’re not completely sure of what you want, do take some time to check out the descriptions found on the sites of authorized dealers. They will get into the specifics for everything from the date displays to the types of bracelets to the level of water resistance. After checking out a few descriptions, it will be easier to determine what you consider essential features.  

Consider Vintage Versus New 

One of the great things about Rolex luxury watches is that they are made to last. That’s good news for you, since it means the opportunity to consider vintage designs as well as the most recently released watches.  

There are a number of vintage designs that have increased in value over the years. In general, they are expected to continue appreciating in value. Even if your plan is to purchase a Rolex that you will wear regularly, it never hurts to have one that has a proven record of increasing in value from one year to the next.  

There’s also something to be said for being the first owner of a new Rolex watch. Do look at the more popular lines, and see if one of the latest generation will work for you. Along with the thrill of being the first owner, there’s every chance that the watch will gain in value as the years pass.  

Remember There Are Material Choices 

You already know that Rolex only uses the best materials for their watches. From the casings to the bracelets and bands to the workings found inside, no compromises are made on the quality. What is true is that you may have some options when it comes to the exact combination of materials.  

Gold, platinum, and Oystersteel are a few options of what is included with various lines. Consider each in turn, and how they would serve you well. From appearance to durability to performance, you can rest assured any choice will be a good one.  

Turn to Authorized Dealers Only 

One word of caution is especially important to those who have never purchased a Rolex before. Under no circumstances should you consider purchasing a watch from a source that is not certified and authorized. Even if the price seems to be among the best you can find, resist the temptation.  

The reason is a simple one. There are a number of counterfeit Rolex watches offered by what may appear to be legitimate sellers. Someone who is not intimately familiar with the watches may or may not be able to tell the difference. You could end up with something that is worth much less than that great price you paid.  

Protect yourself by only doing business with an authorized dealer. When you see ads like Diamond Source NYC – Rolex for Sale, you will be able to quickly verify that the seller is properly authorized and certified by Rolex directly. You can shop with confidence, knowing that even the previously owned watches are the real thing.  

Have fun with the search and feel free to look at as many Rolex watches as you like. In the end, you will find the ideal choice to be your first, and likely find one or two more that you will want to buy later.  

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