Average Funeral Costs in the US- Funeral Prices Going Up.


“The Average Funeral Costs in the US” is a very tough topic to discuss. What makes it even worse is throwing money into the mix. Have you ever imagined approaching a grieving friend or family member with a question of whether they can afford $10.000 on funeral services? Well, these are real concerns for most people.  The type of burial you select has a massive impact on how much the funeral will cost. In most cases, consumers have always found themselves footing huge bills during funerals for both cremation and burial.

In this article, we are going to dig out numbers to determine the average Costs in the US-Funeral. In the US paying for a funeral, you are expected to cough thousands of dollars on the funeral costs. This always depends on the funeral package that you have selected. What normally changes in costs and makes it more expensive is the type of the casket, casket colors, and the quality of the funeral casket. Despite that, the lucky few have a life insurance policy that can cover the funeral costs. At other moments families are forced to come up with the cash before the insurance can reimburse the payments.  When planning for a funeral of a loved one, most people do opt for funeral home services. Funeral home services support you in planning for the funeral and also offer transparency in the costs of services and expenses incurred in the funeral. From the statistics carried out from the various service providers, we are going to determine the average Funeral Costs in the US.

What is the Total Funeral Cost?

The average cost of a funeral depends on the funeral package selected i.e cremation of burial. Other factors determine the average funeral costs. These include services, funeral products, location, venue, and transportation. Based on the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), most families spent a tune of $ 7,360 for a funeral and $ 8,755 if you need a vault in the cemetery. The above-average costs don’t include services such as the burial plot, flowers, and transportation costs. When the above costs are included then the average costs can be between $ 10000 – $ 20000.

Cremation vs Burial.

In comparison, the cost incurred in cremation is set to be lower in comparison to the traditional burial process. Cremation is likely to cost an average of $ 6,260 which is lower than the traditional funeral costs. For the lowest option ever then you can consider going for the direct cremation which might be under $ 1000. The emergence of technology and innovation brought about Aquamation. This is a liquid-based type of cremation that is also popular though it might be very expensive when compared with the others.

Breakdown of the Average Funeral Costs.

When you walk into a funeral home and you analyze the options on the table, they usually come in form of a package. This provides you to choose your preferred package based on your budget. Every funeral ought to be unique to the person you are honoring. You must be very creative in selecting and designing the services. The funeral you have designed ought to fit your family traditions and customs. In this section, we are going to provide an overview of the costs that will influence the average funeral costs in the US.

·         Casket

What is the cost of a casket? Well, the perfect answer for this will be influenced by the casket colors and the type of casket. For instance, a cremation casket will cost an average of $ 1000. On the other hand, the burial casket will cost from $2000 – $10000. The common materials involved in this include fiberboard, plastic, fiberglass, and metal. We also have eco-friendly materials such as Mahogany wood.

·         Vault

Most cemeteries require caskets to be placed in a vault. This is an insider enclosure that is made from cement, and it will cost around $ 1400.

·         Cremation

The cremation fee depends on the type of cremation, for instance, the direct cremation will cost about $ 1000.

·         Urn.

An urn is for the cremation procedure and is a special type of container that allows you to view the cremated ashes. The Cost of this is about $ 300.

·         Funeral Home

The Funeral home has staff and the director who needs to earn from the services that they do provide. For this, the Funeral Homes are likely to charge you about $ 2000. This fee usually covers the administrative support during, and after the funeral.

·         Embalming

Embalming is a preservation service and its necessary when traveling from one state to another for burial. The average pay for this is about $ 700- $800.

·         Transportation.

From the funeral home service to the site of burial, you will need a limousine to carry the casket and this might cost about $ 150.

·         Viewing Preparation.

Viewing preparation is done through the application of cosmetics and they often cost about $ 250.

·         Ceremony.

Expenses incurred during the funeral ceremony will cover the Funeral home chapel and other complex services rendered. The Costs of this varies depending on the places you want to hold the ceremony.

·         Other Burial Costs.

Other costs include the burial plot price which might cost about $ 1000 – $ 4000. Headstone which might go for about $ 300.  The Flowers might cost about $ 200-$ 800.

Our funeral cost breakdown is not comprehensive, and it might vary depending on the location and individual businesses. It’s always great to get in touch with the Funeral directors and make a comparison of the various prices. There are also other small additional fees that we have not included like printing services for the obituary publishing. Lastly, every family has its unique preferences which might alter the total costs of the funeral.

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