When it comes to packaging, the question on everyone’s mind these days is “what is Kraft paper?” This question arises as a result of the growing demand for and use of Kraft paper in the packaging industry. As a result, this article will attempt to answer the topic of “What is Kraft paper?” as well as its significance and applications. 

Kraft paper is a type of packaging material named after Carl F. Dahl of Germany, who invented the Kraft pulping method in the 1880s. Kraft paper packaging is already a well-known aspect of the printing and packaging business, even if you aren’t aware of it. When it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, it’s difficult to find a package that doesn’t contain this robust paper in some form or fashion, from serving as a strong filler in the parcels you get to beautifully wrapping gift boxes. 

Kraft paper is a biodegradable material by nature. It’s utilised for packaging and protection in a wide range of industrial and commercial operations. Its natural ‘woody’ texture makes it suitable for a wide range of branding possibilities as well. 


Normally, wood is ‘pulped’ (reduced to a pulp) before being used to make paper, but Dahl discovered that treating the cellulose pulp with particular chemicals (sulphates) improved the paper’s resilience. Kraft means ‘strength’ in German; thus, he named his paper Kraft. Because of its durability and use, this sort of material was subsequently used as a packing material. 

Brown kraft paper gets its colour from wood pulp, which is a natural product. Bleaching kraft paper would not only raise the expense of production, but it would also weaken the paper by breaking the fibres that make it so robust. However, bleached (white) kraft paper that is stronger than regular kraft paper is available. If you want to preserve your product packaging from yellowing over time, you should use bleached kraft paper. 


If you’re searching for a basic, appealing, and rustic aesthetic to help you represent your company as a natural champion of the environment, kraft paper is a terrific option. Because of its more rustic appearance, it stands out from mass-produced paper packaging. Kraft paper uses are not limited and hence, gain the paper is repute. 
Aside from the aesthetics, kraft paper adds little weight to your custom boxes while still providing good durability. That means you’ll enjoy the benefits of a package that can tolerate more harsh handling and shuffling while also saving money on delivery. 

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You’ll be relieved to learn that kraft paper is also recyclable. Kraft paper degrades naturally and has no harmful effects on the environment. It dissolves in a matter of weeks, but it can also be kept and reused, helping to retain your brand’s image as a forward-thinking corporation concerned about its environmental impact. 
Kraft paper is manufactured in such a way that it is naturally robust. However, by covering the resulting pressed paper with PE or polyethylene, it can be made much tougher and better. This also helps to protect the kraft paper from moisture and bacteria, albeit one disadvantage is that it makes recycling more difficult. 

If you need even more strength, layer many layers of kraft paper to make even more durable kraft boxes for your packaging. Unlike ordinary paper manufacture and printing, kraft paper goes through a considerably simpler process that uses far fewer chemicals. These compounds can also be recovered, repurposed, and reused without compromising their quality. Tall oil and turpentine are the only byproducts of the kraft process that can be used in other manufacturing processes. 

Different types of wood can also be used to make kraft paper. Bamboo and pine, for example, aren’t commonly employed in the production of traditional paper. Pine is too resinous, and bamboo takes a long time to process properly, so it’s not a good choice. 

Finally, brown kraft paper and the production process are self-sustaining, and any pieces that aren’t can be reused, making it an excellent choice for organisations who want durability while also highlighting their green manufacturing practises. Hence, these kraft paper uses show how important and crucial it is to the packaging industry. 


Kraft paper provides space to packaging box designers to create a number of packaging box designs using this exceptional material. Some of the famous box design using Kraft paper include: 


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Every customer’s main goal is product security. The Legacy Printing obtains this by using a well-processed, tough, sustainable, and durable Kraft paper stock. There are a variety of packaging materials that are commonly used in the production of bespoke packing boxes. Rigid, corrugated, cardboard etc. Whereas, the company excels in the production of packaging solutions using Kraft.  

The goods wrapped in the box isn’t the only thing that matters. A high-quality building material also aids in making an immediate connection with potential buyers. In the packaging of Custom Kraft Boxes, the company assures that only the highest-quality Kraft material is used. 

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