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(Everything you need to know about booking psychic readings online and about how you can get find a quality free psychic reading today)

In this day and age, getting a peek into your future could give you valuable insight that might even change your life. This idea, and the idea of online psychics in general, is likely to make all kinds of people balk.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites

Few top-rated online psychic websites are here for you:

1. – Best Tarot Readings and Mediums

2. – Best Love and Relationship Readings

3. – Best Spiritual Psychic Readings

4. – Best Famous Online Psychics

5. – Best Twin Flame Readings

Beside so many web based psychic services, did you know that in 2021, the psychic service industry in the United States marked a market size of over 2 billion USD? In 2011, it was lower, at only 1.9 billion USD. This means more and more people are getting familiar with psychic reading.

Source: Statista

If the prospect of chatting with one of the best psychics online from the comfort of your home inspires your curiosity, read on to find out more. 

Anatomy of a Psychic Reading

How Psychic Readings Work and Why They’re Highly Sought Out

The idea of spiritual readings and psychic mediums goes back to the 1800s. More primitive forms pop up in recorded history as witchcraft or possession but psychic readings as we know them today gained popularity around the world around the 1840’s. Since then, many kinds of psychic readings have become popular. You may have heard of these forms of readings, or even already had one yourself. These readings can guide you to take a correct path and even create a Self-Peace you were always looking for. 

Types of Psychic Readings:

  • Traditional clairvoyance reading: When a psychic medium communicates with spirits and finds out things about the person being read. The spirits they communicate with may have knowledge of the future or insight into what the person wants to know. 
  • Past lives reading:  A psychic medium communicates with your past lives and the spirits of people who knew you in your past lives to help you learn more about who you are in the present. 
  • Tea Leaves Reading: This is an ancient art that goes back before the popular spiritual readings of today. A person drinks their tea, swirls the last bit of liquid, and tips the cup upside down. The reader discerns shapes and symbols from the tea leaves as they land on the sides and bottom of the cup to read the future of the person being read. 
  • Cartomancy: The art of psychic readings through ordinary playing cards. This form of spiritual reading evolved into the tarot card readings of today. The person being read touches the cards and transfers their energy while putting forth a query. The reader then     pulls cards from the deck and uses their messages to answer the person’s query. 
  • Rune Readings: This form of spiritual reading is similar to tarot readings but instead of cards, the reader uses stones or wood slices etched with symbols called “runes.” Each symbol has a meaning, most commonly derived from ancient Norse teachings. 
  • Palm Reading: The palm of every person’s hand is filled with an intricate pattern of lines, mounds, and valleys. A palm reader can use these patterns to tell the person being read about their life and what might happen to them. 

What All Psychic Readings Have in Common

Although there are a multitude of ways a person can get a psychic reading, there’s one thing any person looking for a reading about the future must know: the future changes. Once you learn about the future, even if it’s from one of the best psychics, things may not happen exactly as you believe they will. Some people believe in fate and others try to change it. What all spiritual readings do is give you a path to follow. It’s up to you what you do with that information. 

How Can Online Psychics Be Accurate?

Psychic readings can be a transcendent experience. There are people that talk about life changing readings or psychics that turn them on a path that lifts them out of a terrible situation. But how can a person read you properly if they can’t feel your energy?

Experienced psychics have the ability to read remotely. They can perform spiritual readings and connections from far away without ever meeting the person they’re reading. Phone psychics, chat psychics, and all kinds of online psychics have performed accurate readings for decades. Before the internet, you could call up a psychic from an infomercial and get a reading! 

Today, we have the internet and that provides all kinds of avenues for connection that online psychics can use. You might find a reading done as a printout sent to you after you ask a question, as an online chat in a messaging app, or as a video chat where you talk face to face on a screen. These avenues, along with free psychic readings, make it easier than ever to find a reading that suits your time and budget so that you can gain the insight you need to move forward with your life. 

Real psychics can get a read on you from a long distance. Because they can read energies once they focus on someone, they don’t need to be in the room with you to be accurate. Those that rely on communication via clairvoyance don’t need to be near you to make those communications.

Why Online Psychic Readings Are Worth It

A person may look for the help of a psychic for a number of reasons, the main one being for insight into some aspect of their life. But it’s not always about seeing the future or even communicating with spirits. The different types of psychic readings yield different things.

  • Specific question: this is the most common type of psychic reading. You ask a question and a real psychic gives you an answer based on the medium they use. This can be done by tarot cards, palm reading, rune reading, communication through clairvoyance, or any other kind of reading. Surely many people have a question which they don’t want unanswered. 
  • Spiritual counseling: this is similar to the specific question reading but is usually done with a person whose aim is to guide instead of simply to provide insight. You might not get detailed answers with this type of reading but you will find ways to work through it on your own. Also it is always you yourself who have to pave the road for your success. 
  • Gaining a sense of self: This is what past life readings are often about. Palm readings, runes, and tarot cards are most common for reading past lives. These mediums can also be used to gain a sense of self without reading past lives. Oracle card readings and energy readings are also part of this category. This kind of reading is good for someone who feels lost in their life. You can gain more details about who you are before deciding on a new path to take. Surely talking to someone shall help especially if they are Professionals. 
  • Psychic Healing: holistic and natural remedies incorporate energy healing like reiki, crystals, and other ways of manipulating energy to heal ailments. This is something that is used in psyching readings to provide clarity, cleanse energies, and help you discover what you might need to move forward or overcome trauma. Psychic healers may also work with holistic healers to provide relief for physical ailments. This includes meditative healing and restorative yoga. 
  • Psychic investigation: the act of using clairvoyant knowledge and skills to investigate problems. Psychics have been known to assist authorities, to work in the private investigation sector, and to help individuals find lost people and objects. Be aware that this isn’t the same as sensationalized “psychic detectives” you might read about in novels or see on television. 
  • Astrological planning: when a child is born, psychics might be asked to create an astrological chart that provides insight to the parents about who the child will be according to the exact placement of the planets at the date, time, and location of the child’s birth. The psychic will provide a reading based on this chart. Astrological readings can be even simpler, like a daily horoscope. But getting help from a Professional particularly for your case is always better than a daily horoscope. 

How to Tell the Difference Between Real Psychics and Scammers?

Ultimately, real psychics want to help. They need to pay their bills too, sure, but they are there to provide a service. The main difference between real psychics and scammers is that real psychics will be excited to get to your reading. 

When you look for a psychic reading online, it’s hard to trust someone new when you can’t meet them in person. Real psychics will likely be part of a website or platform. This helps you see that they’re accountable to someone and that you’re likely to get your money back for someone who isn’t adept. 

Online payments can also be scary to those who have never tried online psychic readings. you want to be sure that your payment information is secure. It’s easy to figure this out by noting a few details on the payment screen.

  1. Multiple payment methods: if a website can only accept one type of payment that requires you to use personal information to check out, that might be a red flag.
  1. A “secure” link: you can see at the address bar at the top of the page that there is a little icon that looks like a lock to show you that the website is secure. There should also be an indication on the screen itself that the information you give the website for payment will be kept encrypted.
  1. Escrow payments: some websites like PayPal offer escrow payment arrangements. This means that the money you pay will be held until after the service is performed and accepted. Then the payment will go to the service provider, in this case a psychic. It’s a sign that the site is not a scam because they’re holding the service provider accountable and they don’t get your money until after the service is performed.
  1. Clear contact information: If a business is legitimate, they will have clear ways to contact them in case of an issue. People who don’t want customers contacting them usually have a reason for that, like multiple claims against them for fraud or other issues. If they have an easy way to contact them, you can rest assured that they’re willing to work with you if you have a problem with your psychic reading.
  1. Customer reviews with responses: Some websites will post customer reviews but they only post the good ones. We all know that there’s always one person who is dissatisfied for some reason, even if it’s not the psychic’s fault. When those reviews are also displayed with responses from the psychic, it shows that they’re being transparent about working with dissatisfied customers. It also helps you see a level of professionalism with the psychic you’re looking to get a reading from.
  1. Fear mongering: even real psychics do this and it’s frowned upon in the world of psychic readings. Some people will tell you that not knowing could be detrimental to your life or even cause terrible things to befall you. They want you to pay them to find out what these terrible things might be so that you will get a reading.
  1. Secretive pricing: If a business is legitimate, they’ll be transparent about their pricing. They might try to get you to their site with a coupon code that doesn’t talk about the full price. That’s a normal practice. Secretive pricing is when the psychic won’t tell you the price of the reading before you agree to pay for it. Do not ever agree to pay for something without knowing exactly how much it will cost and how you can pay for it.
  1. Watch out for add on: While this isn’t indicative of a scam, it’s a common practice that can inflate the final cost of your psychic reading to far above what you were willing to pay for it. This might include a printout of your reading, extra insights, or signing up for an email list. There’s not actually anything wrong with these things on their own and you might even want them with your reading. But be careful of the added cost as you make your decisions.
  1. Credible websites: As you venture into the world of online psychic readings, you will be met with an overwhelming number of options! So how do you know which sites are ok? Thankfully, we’ve compiled a guide in this article that will help you decide.

Guide to the Best Psychic Reading Websites


This website has psychics available for readings all day, every day. You have a choice between a phone reading, a video call reading, or a text chat reading. There will be different prices depending on what you want to know and how intricate of a reading you’re looking to get. 

The site is easy to navigate, with search options that let you filter out what you want to look for and an attractive and easy to look at user interface. Seeing everything at once can be a little overwhelming for first time visitors so this search function should be utilized!

When you go to the website, you can try out the online process with a 5-minute free psychic reading. You also choose which psychic you want for your reading. Each person has their own ratings, pricing, and you can see their photo.

Their Website is divided into sub sections. One section clearly identifies the Team of Psychics and their particular set of skills along with the options on how you choose to connect with them. Horoscope is another section of this article where you can check how good your day is going to be and you can even subscribe to daily Horoscope by providing them your name, date of birth and email ID. 


  • Provide a broad range of categories
  • Multiple choices to start the reading
  • Hundreds of psychic available
  • A well-written and updated blog with deep knowledge
  • First 5 minutes are free


  • They don’t have a mobile app

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