Radio Caca (RACA) Metaverse, Which is Infinite Possibilities


I see a future where the Metaverse is infinite in scale and filled with endless opportunities, and Radio Caca (RACA) can make this future a reality by developing plans to sell land on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Today, Radio Caca (RACA) announced the migration to Ethereum to sell USM Metaverse Land. As a geeky trader and crypto holder, I am excited at the possibilities that this strategic move creates for us. We are boldly endeavoring in a direction that few blockchain games dare to go. The only kind of blockchain games that might be sustainable are the land-based ones such as Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA). 

Let’s take Sandbox as an example. Sandbox doesn’t make the games but instead it offers a set of simple tools for developers to build games on their own. This idea was borrowed from earlier web games: Second Life is one such example, which empowered people to earn millions in US dollars over a decade ago. 

Frankly, SandBox runs their business much differently when compared to other crypto games. While other games require you to buy an NFT or go mining, SAND was selling land. They were doing this while other crypto games were exploding and the concept of the Metaverse was roaring this July. At the time, neither Decentraland (MANA) nor Sandbox (SAND) had a big pump because players thought their models were not “play-to-earn”. Players thought that they needed bigger “cash” incentives, for example, recouping their investment within 10 or even as little as 3 days. 

Until now, previous top 4 crypto games are either gone or irrecoverably crippled. 

Things are different now in Radio Caca (RA. Players are discovering what infinity means within the metaverse. Once you buy land you can develop a game or build infrastructure on your land. By doing this you are, in fact, making money with your initial investment and infinite creativity. 

Technically, as long as you keep building and updating, you can always earn a lot more. Land itself offers infinite possibilities. 

Let’s revisit SAND real quick. Just because it is not exactly a play-to-earn game, SAND is not as concerned that players would mine and dump their assets on the ecosystem. On the other hand, one needs to pay a tax when trading on SAND’s land – part of the tax is burned while another part is kept by SAND’s dev team as profit. 

Don’t forget that land sales themselves are a lucrative business with millions to earn.SAND doesn’t need to take care of players’ recouping problem since their focus is on land sales or rentals– players’ money-makers. It is worry-free, and can be once and for all. 

A deal is a deal: once a player buys one land, he or she needs to think how to manage it, not Sandbox (SAND). 

This way, you couldn’t possibly see the usual “pump and dump” in SAND, as can be seen in other popular crypto games nowadays. 

The Radio Caca (RACA) team is sharp: the Radio Caca (RACA) team is the mastermind of gaming and it must have a top operation team. Each time Radio Caca (RACA) makes an adjustment, it plays a new ace. 


Radio Caca (RACA) has begun to embrace OEC and ETH while it reaps the massive benefits of BSC. Radio Caca (RACA) makes each day count and Radio Caca (RACA) constantly does its best to prepare for future expansions. In a word, I believe that Radio Caca (RACA) will continue to make strategic moves to grow its footprint. 

Sharp investors have spotted golden opportunities in the USM – the RACA Metaverse’s New California land sales have enjoyed another whopping success: within 24 hours, it has raked in over 50 million USD in sales revenue. Wise players and holders choose to stake 2 million RACA for 3 months to earn a parcel of land because they see  a bright future in Radio Caca (RACA), as always. 

While the Sandbox (SAND) reports a total of 77,669 Holders as of 12/12/21, Radio Caca (RACA)  only in the BSC network reports 401,044 Holders on the same day, that is even 5.1 times more holders than Decentraland (DAND). 

Time to take a look at the metaverse land and start investing. Radio Caca (RACA) can be your best bet. 

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