TVShareMax Reviews: Is TV ShareMax Legit Or A Scam Smart TV Device?


Can you just stop stressing your eyes while watching YouTube videos, playing games or even streaming anything with your smartphone and turn it into a big screen by using TVShareMax to play everything directly on your TV no matter the model of your TV? I think most of you do not know about this great device. Not only smart television that you can enjoy your smartphone with by connecting it directly to your smart TV. 

I know that not everyone can afford the price of smart television and the big question is what will these groups of people do as they cannot afford the price of smart televisions. There are even some people that have plasmas in their houses but they are not using it to enjoy all the benefits of what smart televisions can give. These people always use cables which many times are so disappointing. Let the truth be told, we are no longer in the age of cables again where you struggle to search for channels that can just give the best streaming experience. 

I do not advise people to use more cables these days because they will never get the full enjoyment as they would when they use something like TV ShareMax. TV Share Max will turn your normal television into a smart TV so that with just a simple connection you will enjoy a smart life using TVShareMax. I know a lot of people do not know this secret and that is why I have decided to bring this secret to you in this article so that you too can enjoy smart living using TVShareMax. In this article, I am going to show you everything you need to know about TV Share Max and why you need to get your own now.


What is TVShareMax?

TV Share Max has made it easy for everyone to enjoy a smart life without using a smart TV. TVShareMax is the new innovative device which is plugged into your television before the user can connect to it through WiFi for the projection of your device screen on your television. TVShareMax is a portable tiny plug and play device that brings unlimited digital media to your TV. What this means is that you can turn your TV into a smart TV with the use of TV ShareMax. 

A lot of people have been looking for devices of this nature which can help them play everything on their phones, tablet, macbook and even computer directly on their TV simply because maybe their current TV is not a smart TV that could connect with their smartphone, tablet or any other device. This can be very disappointing especially if you are in the category of people who cannot comfortably go for a smart TV due to how expensive they are. Even if you have a smart TV, sometimes you do not trust their connectivity as they tend to misbehave many times. This is why TV Share Max was introduced so that everyone can live a smart life.

TVShareMax offers a high display quality at 1080p of full HD. This means that watching or streaming video will be more fun when you buy TvShareMax. Sometimes you will not understand how powerful a device is until it. When I was informed about TVShareMax, I did not know that it is such a useful device until I got one just to make a try to know if I should recommend it to people or not. TVShareMax is compatible with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify and many others. 

It is as saying that TVShareMax is compatible with anything using military grade technology, to utilise a discreet circular modern design, making it the most reliable and technologically advanced addition to your Home Theater without breaking the bank. I know a lot of people are already tired of watching shows on their phone or laptop but there is no need to worry about anything again, you can now mirror the screen of any device you connect to TVShareMax. It is that simple, the most unique device everybody has been waiting for.


What Are The Features Of TVShareMax?

You are just a few steps away from turning your TV into a smart TV by getting your TVShareMax now. There is no need to keep using cable TV, all you have to do is to get TVShareMax and you will save yourself from the headache of cable TV and other other antennas that do not give you the video experience. TVShareMax comes with a lot of features that make it unique from every other screen sharer device you can ever get in the market. See the features below;

  • Full HD quality: Enjoy full HD quality videos when you use TVShareMax. This device will give you high display quality at 1080p which is more reason why a lot of people like it. Enjoy crystal clear video and audio with your TvShareMax. The video quality is so perfect that you will feel like you should have gotten yours since. Of course that was my experience when I started using my TVShareMax, I was thinking that I should have gotten mine since. TVShareMax can stream Full HD content to your TV without lag and up to 60fps making it ideal for gaming from your smartphone and tablet to your TV. When playing games with your phone by using TVShareMax, you will see how clear and perfect it is. 
  • High quality materials: TVShareMax is made from a high quality materials which make it more durable and more unique than any other screen sharer device you can ever think of in the market. TVShareMax is made of high quality military grade technology. TVShareMax utilises a discreet circular modern design, making it the most reliable and technologically advanced addition to your Home Theater.
  • Wi-Fi connection: TVShareMax uses Wi-Fi connection which you can simply do without needing help from anyone. The WiFi connection is very fast and does not take much time. When you are done connecting your WiFi, you do not need to repeat the process again the next time. This is simply because it will connect the next time automatically when the Wi-Fi is turned on. It is that simple. There is not need to start thinking about how you can start the process afresh again when next you want to use it.


  • Easy to use: TVShareMax is very easy to use as it does not require any special skill to use it. Anyone can use TvShareMax including your kids when they want to play games. This is because there is nothing much required for anyone to use TVShareMax. All you have to do is to just plug it to your TV, press the power button and wait for a few seconds. It connects quickly to your wifi network and allows you to stream anything from your device on your TV. It is that simple and that’s why I said even your kids can use TVShareMax.
  • Portable and lightweight: TVShareMax is a portable tiny device that is plugged into your TV for streaming of anything through your phone to your TV. TVShareMax is highly portable and lightweight and that is why you can use it any place you like be it at home or in your office. The size is very convenient and that is why it is very convenient for you to take it with you wherever you go. 
  • Compatible: TVShareMax is compatible with any streaming channels or sites which means you do not have to worry about it not being able to stream any of your favorite shows. TVShareMax is compatible with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify and many more. Because TVShareMax uses military grade technology, it utilises a discreet circular modern design, making it the most reliable and technologically advanced addition to your Home Theater without you spending much money.
  • Compact design and durable: TVShareMax features a compact design which makes an ideal device that everyone should go for. The compact design gives it a perfect shape that you can count on when going out. TVShareMax is made to last longer. It is as saying that TvShareMax is made to last forever because once you buy TVShareMax there will not be any need for any other streaming device in your home again as it will handle all of them for you.
  • Support for any device: TVShareMax has support for any device. You can use TVShareMax with your phone, tablet or PC to stream anything on your TV or monitor. It’s compatible with all Android and iOS devices. There is no installation of any special software that is required. Just get TVShareMax, plug it in your TV and turn it on and you are ready to connect any device with it. It is that simple.


How Do I Install TVShareMax?

TVShareMax is very easy to install. There is nothing that is required of you to install TVShareMax. Anyone can install TVShareMax successfully without any help from anyone. All you have to do is to use the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website. Make sure you fill your address correctly while making your orders. Then wait until you receive your package. The delivery period does not take much time depending on your country. When you receive your package, then simply follow the simple steps below;

  • Plug your TVShareMax into your TV. 
  • You can then connect to your WiFi. Remember that once you have connected to your WiFi, when next you want to use it, it will not require any connection from you again as it will connect automatically anytime you turn on your WiFi.
  • Then, play anything you like from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It is that simple!

How Does TV Share Max Work?

TVShareMax offers a high quality display where you can enjoy full HD display quality. I know a lot of people may be thinking that since you are connecting it to your phone or laptop, it might not give you a full HD quality display. This is not true. In fact, when you use TV Share Max you will even discover that the display quality is better than any TV display quality you can ever think of. For instance, if the video on your phone comes in high display quality, there is no need for you to worry about it losing its high display quality, no it will not lose its display quality. 

The quality will even be more bright depending on the display quality of your TV. This is one of the beautiful qualities of TV ShareMax. This is made possible so that you will be disappointed when watching or streaming any video online. By this, I am promising you high display from what I myself have witnessed in this period I have used TVShareMax. For me I do not think there is any screen sharer that is better than TV Share Max. You will not understand how good this device is until you make your orders.

What Makes TVShareMax Special?

There are a lot of things that make TVShareMax so unique than any other means of streaming from your phone directly to your TV. TVShareMax is made of high quality military grade technology. TVShareMax utilises a discreet circular modern design, making it the most reliable and technologically advanced addition to your Home Theater.

TVShareMax does not require any professional to set it up for you. It is very easy to set and anyone can set it. 

TVShareMax can play video at 1080p display quality. TVShareMax can broadcast your favorite content in full HD video quality with no lag at all. 

TVShareMax can turn any ordinary TV into a smart TV at a fraction of the cost. You will save up a lot of money by buying a TVShareMax, while still getting all the functionalities of a smart TV. 

You can enjoy family photos or videos in full detail on your big television screen or let your kids play mobile games on the TV instead of hurting their eyes with a smartphone, tablets or even laptop.

What Are The Benefits Of TV Share Max?

Before you start talking about enjoying the benefits of TVShareMax, you have to first make your orders directly from the official website by using the link on this article. See the benefits you are going to enjoy when get your TVShareMax below;

  • Enjoy full HD quality videos: Stream your favorite channels or shows at full HD quality. TVShareMax offers a full HD display at 1080p. All you have to do is to get your TVShareMax and you will begin to enjoy this high quality video.
  • Best gaming experience: Stop stressing your eyes on a small screen and connect your phone directly to your TV by using TV Share Max and then enjoy the best gaming experience.
  • Turn your TV into a smart TV: With TVShareMax, every TV is a smart TV. You will enjoy all the qualities of smart TV even more when you use TVShareMax.
  • Compatible with any device: Enjoy compatibility without any restrictions. It can work with any device be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop or anything. Just connect your TVShareMax and you are ready to go.
  • Stream anything: Whether Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify and many others you can ever think of.
  • Portable and lightweight: Enjoy the portability of TVShareMax as you can comfortably take it with you to any place.
  • Very affordable: One good thing about TVShareMax is that you can get it at a very affordable price.
  • 3 years warranty: Quality is assured and that is why it comes with 3 years warranty.

Why Is TVShareMax Better Than ChromeCast? 

Gone are the days when you would only need a smart TV before you could connect your smartphone, tablet, macbook, computer, or any other device with your TV. TV Share Max is designed to help you play the screen of your phone or any other device on your television. A lot of people do not know about this device and that is why most of them are still using cable TV which is already losing its battle on online screening. There is no need for you to use cable TV any longer because you will not enjoy the beauty of streaming at high quality video. This is what a lot of people do not know about. 

You should never wait until you get a smart TV before you can stream your favorite channels on a large screen. In fact by getting TVShareMax it is as if you just got a new smart TV, this is because you will be able to do all the things you would do with your smart TV the same way with your other TV when you plug your TV Share Max in. By plugging your TV ShareMax in your TV, you can share the screen of your phone, tablet, macbook and other computers to your TV for a bigger and better screen display.


Is TV ShareMax Effective? 

TVShareMax can be used on any TV so far there is a USB connection where you can plug it in and then connect it with your phone WiFi. TV Share Max will make it very easy for you. Instead of you beginning to think on how you can get a new smart TV, you can just turn your TV into a smart TV where you can enjoy all the features you would have enjoyed with your smart TV. 

While connecting your TV ShareMax with your phone or computer, you can see everything on your TV where you will be watching everything on a large screen instead of your phone or laptop small screen. This is the beauty of TV Share Max. It is designed so that you can see the screen of your phone or laptop directly on the screen of your TV. You can use TV to replace any other thing like antennas because your phone can act as a decoder you would have gone for.

TV Share Max is compatible with any television which means no matter the version of your television, TVShareMax will always play with it. TVFix ShareMax is a revolutionary, small and portable USB device which is plugged into your TV, that can turn your TV into a fully functional home cinema. With TVCaster Share Max, you can enjoy your favorite streaming service on the large screen instead of staring at a tiny smartphone, tablet or laptop display for hours which you will not enjoy. 

For most of the screen share devices I have come across, TVShareMax is the only one I have found working perfectly more than others. This is simply because I tried using most of them just to compare their quality, I found out that TVShareMax offers a more unique quality display than all of them. That is why I decided to bring to people that have been looking for the best TV screen share device they could go for.

Where Do I Buy My TVShareMax?

TVShareMax is not available in the market, it is only available on the official website. People have been asking why TV Share Max is not available in any physical store. There is a reason for that. There are many devices in the market and people tend to go for the wrong product and that is why instead of you buying the wrong product in the market thinking that you bought TVFix Share Max, the company decided to make it to be only on their official website that anyone can buy TVFix Share Max for safety reasons. The good thing is that the company is running a huge discount on prices where you will get TVFix Share Max at 50 percent discount. All you have to do is to use the link on this article to make your orders. 

Why Buy TVFix Share Max? 

TVCaster Share Max is the best device that enables you to share your screen to your TV. For those who like playing games, this is the best device they can ever need as they will enjoy their games even more perfectly on a bigger screen instead of staring at a small screen. What about those who are using their tablets, smartphones or laptops to read. They can use TVShareMax to enjoy reading on a bigger screen that will improve their energy instead of reading on small screens. TV Share Max has a lot of benefits that anyone can enjoy when you get it. TVShareMax is not only used at home, this device is the best device anyone can buy and keep in his or her office. This will help in many things than you can ever think. You can carry most of your office work with the use of TVFix Share Max. There are people that have most of the things they are doing in their offices on their phones and by using TVCaster ShareMax, it will help you to do everything on your phone and then see it directly on the screen of your TV. Even those who are using smart TV can still use TVShareMax in case of any emergency, maybe in a situation whereby their smart TV develops any fault. This can happen most of the time, I have experienced it myself on many occasions in my office. TVShareMax can help in this kind of situation.

What Is The Price Of TVShareMax?

TV ShareMax is currently at 50 percent discount, you will enjoy this discount when you use the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website. See the prices below:

  • 1x TV Share Max goes for $59 only.
  • 2x TV Share Max goes for $89 with each set costing $45 each.
  • 3x TVShareMax goes for $149 


Pros And Cons Of TV Share Max

Pros: (TV ShareMax Reviews) 

  • High definition output
  • Share on any TV and monitor
  • Easy to use and simple setup
  • Small Form Factor, 
  • Super portable and lightweight
  • On Default Screen Setup Instructions
  • Compatible with Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Very affordable.

Cons: (TVShareMax Reviews) 

Not available in any physical store.

Only available on the official website.

Limited stocks available.

Frequently Asked Questions About TV ShareMax Review

What are the technical facts?

  • Model: TVShareMax.
  • Display quality: 1080p Full HD.
  • Compactibility: Android, iOS, Window.
  • HDMI
  • AV
  • Power: 5V/1A
  • Mode switch: Miracast and Airplane/DLNA.

Can I use my iPhone with my TV ShareMax?

Yes, TV Share Max is compatible with all Apple products.

What is the display quality of TV Share Max?

The display quality is 1080p full HD.

Final thoughts On TV Share Max Reviews

I know how annoying it can be especially when you do not have smart television and the only option is for you to just keep watching everything on your small screen smartphone. Not everyone that has smart television and when you look at how annoying it can be when you cannot stream your best channels on your big screen TV you will understand why it is important that you look for every means possible to upgrade your your plasma into a smart television by using TVShareMax which will give you everything that other smart televisions can give you and even more by simply connecting it with your smartphone.

TVShareMax is the device everyone is waiting for. I have been using it myself and I can tell you from my experience that it is the best I have ever come across. It offers a high quality display, full HD quality display. It is compatible with any operating system, Android, iOS and Windows. It is very affordable. It turns your TV into a smart TV. I highly recommend TV ShareMax for everyone. Enjoy.

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