You can enjoy Tango in Buenos Aires in these places


If you are one of those people who love to travel and discover incredible places, then you can’t miss the extraordinary and magnificent city of Buenos Aires.  

Buenos Aires is the center and capital of Argentina and one of the most important touristic destinies of South America, and it always has its doors open to receive thousands of tourists from all over the world.  

This city has countless places to visit, such as museums, historical buildings, and fascinating monuments, depending on your time availability and needs. There are so many options available that you will never be bored!  

The people from Argentina, and especially from Buenos Aires, are known to be kind and charming, giving a unique touch to the culture and creating a warm social environment that you will never forget. 

The official language of Argentina is Spanish and if you dare to study it check out the best Spanish School in Buenos Aires.  

Expanish is a Spanish language School Buenos Aires that will help you in this adventure.  

Besides language, a very important aspect of the history and culture of Argentina is definitely the food. This country has numerous options to satisfy everyone’s palate! If you are looking for new flavors to taste, eating traditional dishes is an experience you will not regret.  

¿What is Tango? 

As if this were not enough, regarding art, something particular distinguishes Buenos Aires city from every part of the world: Tango. 

Born in Río de la Plata during the 1800s, Tango is a musical style full of passion, that results from a special mix between African and local culture, with the extra contribution of European immigrants. 

The dancing movement of this musical expression is characterized by its fervor and elegance, while the solemn melodies transmit a singular feeling of melancholy and delicacy. This creates a delightful and unique atmosphere. It is also very interesting to pay attention to the lyrics, which usually tell stories about people lives, including heartbreaks and political claims. 

Places to enjoy Tango in Buenos Aires. 

If you are a devoted music fan, going to a Tango show is a must, and there is no better place to do it than in Buenos Aires, known as the Tango capital of the world. 

Fortunately, this city has many places where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching a tango show. Here you have some of the best places: 

  • Café Tortoni 

During your journey, you have to visit Café Tortoni. Founded in 1858, this Café is one of the oldest all around the city. It is located on Avenida de Mayo street, representing a crucial gathering center for artists from every single part of the country.  

In the first half of the 19th century, a group of intellectuals called “La Peña del Tortoni” used to go to this place to disseminate Tango lyrics. 

  • Astor Piazzola Theater 

Known as one of the most prestigious cultural centers, Astor Piazzola Theater offers you not only the opportunity to dine while watching a fantastic spectacle but to take dancing classes too! It is possible to make an online reservation, and it has Tango shows every night. 

  • Milongas 

Dancing is an artistic activity that helps you express your feelings, and it is not necessary to be an expert to do it. If you don’t have enough time to take formal Tango classes but still want to give it a try, then Milongas are the right places to go. 

Milongas are dancing clubs where people go specially to dance Tango just for fun. Every person can go there, from professionals to amateurs, who can dance different styles depending on their knowledge and experience. Here, you can find some people that offer lessons too! 

Two of the most famous Milongas worth visiting are “La Catedral Club” and “La Viruta Club”.  

  • Esquina Carlos Gardel 

In Alagro neighborhood, you can find the Esquina Carlos Gardel, that is a restaurant whose name comes from the time when Carlos Gardel, the most iconic Tango singer of all times, used to gather there and sing with his friends. 

This place is an excellent option if you are planning to see a show while eating a traditional Argentinian meal. 

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires  

For those who would love to take their trip to the next level and have a more immersive experience, one thing you can do is to learn the language.  

Spanish is the second most popular language around the world after Chinese, with almost 500 million people that speak this language natively. Over the years, this number has been increasing due to more enthusiasts eager to learn the language. 

After taking a few lessons in a Spanish school in Buenos Aires, you can easily learn the basics of the language, and then the best thing you can do is go out and talk to the locals.  

This way guarantees you the possibility to learn faster, at the same time you meet new people and know their culture more deeply. What could be better than learning a language in a city full of native speakers?  

There are plenty of Spanish languages schools in Buenos Aires that offer you a great variety of courses according to your needs. You only need to take a look and choose the one that suits you perfectly. One of the most recommended is Expanish School, with excellent teachers and years of experience. 

According to some scientific research, learning a new language can have a lot of advantages for those who are fortunate enough to do it. One of them is that, during the learning process, you never stop training your brain, which decreases the chances of early deterioration.  

Also, it helps you open your mind to new cultures and gives you the opportunity to meet new people from different parts of the world. 

What are you waiting for? 

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