Bolivia 6 – 1 Argentina


Argentina has one of the most powerful national football teams in the world. By visiting – one of popular betting sites, it is possible to take advantage of multiple wagering chances on the squad. 

On the other hand, Bolivia is among the weakest teams in South America. So far, they have only qualified to the FIFA World Cup on a single occasion, which was in 1994. 

However, Bolivia can also be a tough team to face, especially when they play as the home team. When doing that, most of the time those games are played in the Hernando Siles stadium, which is located in the city of La Paz, at almost 4,000 meters of altitude. In one of the most popular betting sites, which is 1xBet, punters can find lots of wagering options on the Bolivian side. 

A huge Argentinian catastrophe 

Back then, Diego Armando Maradona was the coach of the Argentinian team. Now we need to go back to the 1st of April 2009. The last match days of the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers were being played. Argentina arrived in Bolivia to play against the home team. The best live betting on sports – 1xBet, which has all the matches of the Bolivian side. 

The Argentinians knew that this match was going to be difficult. Due to the altitude, most visitors to this Bolivian venue struggle to get a good result. However, neither the most optimist of the Bolivians, nor the most pessimistic of the Argentinians, imagined what was going to take place. 

The Bolivians won 6-1. The goals were scored by: 

  • Marcelo Moreno Martins; 
  • Joaquín Botero; 
  • Álex da Rosa; 
  • Didi Torrico; 
  • and Lucho González. 

This was a complete humiliation for the Argentinians. In fact, despite conceding six goals, Argentinian goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo was one of the best players in the match. He wasn’t responsible for any of the goals, and made some crucial saves to avoid an even higher score. The 1xBet website has the best sports live betting options, which can be used on Argentina, Bolivia, and many other teams. 

Maradona’s suffering 

Maradona’s spell in front of the Argentinian team was far from perfect. By visiting 1xBet – all football betting online on the Argentinian team is available. In fact, Maradona said that every Bolivian goal was a “stab on his heart”. 

While any other Argentinian coach would have come under intense pressure after a result like this, fans and players continued supporting Maradona as coach. He secured the qualification to the 2010 FIFA World Cup with the team, and resigned shortly after the participation of his squad in the competition ended. Whenever a football competition of this kind is being played, make sure to visit 1xBet, as all its football matches are featured, with countless online betting options. 

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