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Who among us does not want to improve their physical appearance? One of the areas of the body that is gaining in popularity is the buttocks.

Small and flat butts have been a cause of concern for a lot of men and women all across the world. In a world where shaped and curvy butts are regarded as one of the top beauty features, small butts can make people feel insecure and affect their self-esteem. One of the top ways to enhance the size of your butts is by getting Brazilian butt lift surgery. It is a butt enhancement surgery where fat is transferred from your own body to the butt. 

Brazilian Butt Lift - BBL Surgery

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If you are thinking of getting a Brazilian lift, read on to find out the most frequently asked questions about this surgery and whether this surgery is a good option for you?

Most asked questions about Brazilian butt lifts

  1. Should I opt for this surgery?

Getting Brazilian lift surgery is your personal choice. If you are unhappy with the shape of your buttocks, this surgery could be a good choice for you. 

  1. What are the risks involved?

Brazilian lift surgery is considered to be a relatively safe procedure with few risks. Some of the common risks are:

  1. Infection
  2. Risk of too much fat getting removed
  3. Lumpiness
  4. Blood clot
  5. Persistent pain
  6. Asymmetry of buttocks
  7. Loss of sensation in the buttocks area
  8. Swelling
  1. What is a Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Brazilian butt lift surgery, also known as gluteoplasty, not only helps to improve the size but also the shape of the buttocks. It is done by removing fat from the patient’s body through liposuction, usually from the belly, the thigh, or back, and then inserting this fat into the patient’s buttocks.

  1. What is the total amount of fat removed?

The quantity of fat removed for the Brazilian butt lift varies for different patients. However, safety protocols state that in an outpatient environment, a surgeon cannot remove more than 5 liters of fat. On average, around 3 to 4 liters of fat is usually removed from the patient’s body.

If you are very lean or don’t have enough fat storage, your plastic surgeon could recommend buttock implants. This is a more invasive procedure that requires a longer recovery.

  1. What is the procedure for the Brazilian butt lift?

After providing the patient with general anesthesia, liposuction is performed. Low suction pressure is used so that the fat extracted is viable for transfer. This fat is then processed so that any dead or unfit cells are removed. The filtered fat is then inserted into the buttocks with the help of a small cannula. The entire process can take around 4 to 5 hours.

  1. What can I expect from the healing process?

Just after the surgery, one can expect bruising, discomfort, and swelling near the surgery area. One should be on bed rest for at least 2 weeks from the time of surgery. Also, avoid sitting and sleeping on your back for a few weeks after the surgery. Sleeping on your side and stomach is recommended to ensure that the healing is done properly. 

You may also find that your buttocks look abnormally large just after the surgery. However, this is fairly common, and it will get better with time. Some of the fat injected gets reabsorbed by the body; thus, surgeons usually overfill the fat initially. 

  1. How long will the results of the surgery usually last?

The results of Brazilian lift surgery can last for a long time. You can expect the results to last for 10 years or more. However, as you gain or lose weight, the shape of your buttocks will also change accordingly.

  1. Will this surgery leave scars?

Yes, typically Brazilian lift surgery does scars where incisions are made. Although, the scars are not visible, and, with time they disappear, providing your buttocks with a more natural look.

  1. Are the results of the surgery visible instantly?

While some results can be noticed just right after the surgery, the full result can be achieved once the swelling goes down. 

  1. Is it a safe surgery to have?

Since your fat is inserted into your buttocks, there is no risk of your body rejecting the fat or any risk of adverse reaction. Brazilian butt lift is considered safer than other butt augmentation surgeries like butt implants. there are, however, some risks involved, which have been discussed above.

It’s very to choose an experienced licensed cosmetic surgeon who runs a legitimate medical clinic. Look for someone who is educated in the latest procedures and committed to your safety.

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