Home Services Marketing Tools That Should Be On Your Radar This Year


The home Service industry has been in the mainstream lately.  This year, many industries have taken a hit, but home services have grown largely. After the pandemic trauma wore off, people have realized the importance of improvising their homes. Corona made people stay inside, and home businesses began to invest in online marketing. As 2022 began, the tactics continued to evolve, and new marketing trends launched. The sudden surge restraining a significant position in the top list made staying in touch with the latest marketing trends. Like a carpenter needs a saw to build a house, a marketer needs various tools to drive traffic. The world of marketing is quite big, and it is not an easy job to pick the right tools, trends, tips, and tricks just like that.  In this article, we will review the latest marketing tools that you must be aware of in 2022:

#1 Email marketing tools 

Stripo- It is a drag & drop email template tool which helps you customize emails beautifully and professionally. The tool ensures that your emails will look stunning with its amazing design skills.  Stripo offers two types of editors; one is made for digital marketers, and the other one is for HTML code editors. Make sure you choose the suitable one for your next email campaign.  Stripo offers 300+ email templates with add-ons for embedding, interactivity, and smart features. 

Mailchimp– The all-in-one marketing tool allows you to create email marketing campaigns. You can draft professional emails and get more results with excellent pre-designed email templates and drag & drop functionality. In addition to that, you can manage and track multiple email campaigns at the same time. The tool is easy to use and comes with a complete package of building emails with images, GIFs, personalized fonts, and A/B testing. What’s greater than free marketing tools that can be used for any business?  MailChimp allows up to 2K contacts, one audience dashboard, basic email templates, and reporting. 

#2 Video marketing tools 

Adobe Creative Cloud– Video marketing industry is on hype these days. You must take advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud as it’s the most trending tool used for home services marketing. Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition can do wonders for your business. Basically, it is a staple video editing software that is versatile and affordable with a plenitude of features. Upload your footage, curt, and rearrange scenes however you want them to. Adobe After Effects is used for video production. You can also add audio, transitions, and colors a bit. Just export your video from anywhere, and you are already. Its friendly interface makes the animation process much easier and quicker. In Adobe Audition, you can restore and enhance the capability of audio as it supports both noise reduction and sound removal. 

Soundstripe- The tool offers more than 70.000 professional stock videos for every industry and is useful for home services marketing. All the videos are available in popular formats like SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 5K, 6K, and 8K. Its easy-to-use interface is really great at playlist curation, which helps you choose according to your pace and genre. In addition, there are different parameters for how long the video needs to be, and if you are looking for a specific duration, you can do this with a simple search. 

#3 SEO marketing tools 

SEMrush– It is known as an all-in-one SEO tool. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert in the marketing world, this tool is great for you. Use SEMrush for your keyword research and track if your site is working correctly. In addition, the tool allows you to check your rankings, analyze backlinks, and review your direct competitors. So, track the position of your keywords and explore new keywords just in one click here. Moreover, you can seek plenty of keyword suggestions and ideas for your landing pages and blogs.  

MOZ- Second most used SEO tool for home services marketing is MOZ. With this tool, you can monitor your site, do keyword research, check keywords and your site’s domain authority as well. Another great aspect is its free extension which you can use on Google Chrome. If you just have optimized a page, use this tool to see your score from 1 to 100. MOZ determines which pages must be optimized and the relevant keywords to target those pages. It’s definitely a complete SEO tool with a roadmap that shows what you need to do and results.  

#4 Social media marketing tools 

 Later- This social media scheduling tool includes amazing features that are suitable for every social media platform. Marketers use Later to schedule their posts on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, the tool is designed especially for Instagram. It offers other wonderful features like hashtags and keywords for better content research. Plan your content calendar and save everything in the asset library. You can add notes, labels, and stars to them, which is a great way to filter your content.  

Sprout Social- Organize your content calendar in one place with Sprout Social. You can now publish and schedule posts across multiple platforms according to the time when your followers are most active. In addition, the tool allows you to collaborate with clients. They have a Smart Inbox to respond on all social media platforms timely. Sprout Social comes with a full suite of social analytics that identifies your top-performing posts and most successful campaigns. Uncover trending and great opportunities to engage with your visitors.  

#5 Digital marketing tools 

Google Analytics– It is one of the best tools that you can use for home services marketing in 2022. It just takes a few seconds to add the Analytics code to your website; it’s that simple! The tool helps you track every action of your visitors. You’ll know who is browsing your website, from where, and which page is visited the most. Set up your goals and track conversions to understand your user engagement better. Make sure you install this incredible tool today to capture the best results.  

Google Campaign URL Builder- Every marketer wants their ad campaign to perform great. So it’s high time for you to choose Google Campaign URL Builder today. This free advertising tool tracks the performance of your campaign and determines if they are effective or not.   All you need to do is add a tracking code to your URL, and this way, you can identify how your users are getting to your website. This code is a combination of campaign parameters and URLs. But before getting started, set up your goals in Google Analytics. 


In this modern and technological world, everything is continuously evolving. It’s crucial to use innovative home services marketing tools to make sure your business grows. Transform your potential leads into premium customers by using these tools this year.  This is a shortlist, and there are other useful tools that you must give a try. Keep in mind that every business is different; what works for others might not work for you. But you can count on these top tools to suit your business needs. Would you add some other tools to this list? Are you using any of them already? 

Comment down for any suggestions and queries. 

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