How To Use a White Noise Machine for Privacy


Offices and homes can often be very noisy places where it can get hard to stay focused on work. Whether you want to sleep or work at your office, a silent space is much needed. How can you achieve a quiet area when everything around you is such a mess? Well, a white sound machine can be an excellent option for maintaining privacy in your workplace or even at home. How can you use a white noise machine? We have the answer for you.

Why Do You Need a White Noise Machine?

If you’re working at the office and can’t focus because of the constant noise around you, a white noise machine can be a great option. In an open office or a metropolitan city, noise can distract you from work and sleep. White noise machines are great devices designed to remove outdoor distractions to help you focus and relax in a better manner.

If you use organic bamboo sheets on the bed that cannot give you a good night’s sleep, a white noise machine can come to the rescue. Similarly, a white noise machine can reduce distractions in an office setting where you need to stay focused.

Using a white noise machine

If you want to use a white noise machine, note a few things about its usage.

1.   Where to Place a White Noise Machine?

Experts recommend that your white noise machine be placed some feet away from yourself, 3 feet being the idea to give complete room coverage. For achieving the best results, it is suggested to keep it where the noise is entering your room. If it is placed too far away from you, you may need to keep the volume higher. Also, it should be placed some feet above the floor.

As noise machines are placed higher from the ground, the ideal places include tables, desktops, nightstands, chairs, small shelves, etc. 

2.   How Many Noise Machines Would I Need?

Well, if your room is big, you may need more than one white noise machine. If you’re using one in your office, you’d need around 2 or 3 of them being placed in the hallway or the room. For a smaller space, one noise machine would be more than enough.

3.   How Loud Should the Machine be?

The volume of the noise machine depends on how loud the noise is that you want to block out. 80dB is the most recommended volume in most cases. While 60dB to 70dB works sometimes, you’d need to get to a higher volume if the outside noise is too much.


So, white noise machines can be great devices to block noise, stay focused, and sound asleep. Using a noise machine means knowing where to keep it, what volume to set, how far it should place, and how many machines you need. We hope you now know how to use a white noise machine to derive maximum benefits. 

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