Image Alt Tags – Why They Are So Important in SEO

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Did you realize that uploading photos without considering the value of Alt text might have a detrimental influence on your website’s SEO? This is because search engines that include Google and Bing crawl website pages and are unable to read picture files unless they have an alt tag. As a consequence, alt text is critical for search engines to properly appreciate a website and present users while searching online. 

What is Alt Text? 

ALT text is also referred to as an ALT attribute and is a snippet of highly detailed information which describes the things which are shown in an image. ALT tags work by ensuring that your website images can be fully appreciated and also ensures that Google and other search engines can acknowledge those images whenever a search is carried out. 

How Alt text impacts SEO 

Alt tags give context to what an image is showing, telling search engine crawlers and helping them to properly index the image. However, not only would alt tags benefit Google crawlers, but failing to use alt tags for your photos can hurt your website’s ranking. When browsers are still unable to show a website properly, indicating the images are not displayed, alt text can help. The site will rather return the alt attributes, which describe what picture should be displayed, in place of images. If no alt attributes are set, the users will not know the picture that should be displayed. This may result in a substantially inferior user experience. 

How to Write Good Alt Tags 

When composing alt tags, stop writing them exclusively for SEO, since this will detract from the genuine purpose of alt tags. Remember why alt text was created in the first place: to assist the blind and visually handicapped in understanding what is going on in an image. This indicates that your top goal should be to convey what’s going on in the image in a manner that search engines can understand and make it render necessary results when a search is done. 

Ensure that your image contains an ALT text 

Every time that you are uploading an image, it makes sense if you ensure that it contains an ALT tag. You should make this a habit because having an ALT tag in your image helps to tell the search engines the image that should be shown to the viewers whenever a search is done. 

If you have not been using ALT tags for your images that you posted online already, you should go back and rectify this mistake so that your images are properly optimized for the search engines. Add a relevant descriptive ALT tag and you can make it easy for the search engines to serve the image to the users when they are searching. 

How an SEO agency can help 

An SEO agency can help you add alt tags to your images and ensure that they are properly optimized for SEO The SEO Agency Sydney understands what needs to be done and will always position your images properly in the search engines. 

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