Justin Halladay’s Career Growth and Achievements


There’s little doubt that Justin Halladay has had a strong career that’s held numerous successes. The first portion of that was spent working hard to climb the corporate ladder. While this part of his career has taught him a great deal and paved the way for new opportunities, he’s well on his way to achieving even more in the second phase of his professional life

A Look at Justin Halladay’s Past 

Justin Halladay spent 15 years in business development in the education space. He spent most of his time growing national sales and customer support teams to reach successful levels during that time. He worked for small businesses with under 500 employees but also worked alongside companies with tens of thousands of employees around the globe.  

Halladay’s work took him to various states, from New York to Colorado and numerous areas in between. Halladay spent 6 years working at the World Trade Center for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. He later spent 5 years working for a software development company in Jacksonville Beach before going all the way to Denver to work for a large corporation as their global rollout manager. 

It’s been a busy career path with lots of moves. Justin Halladay is still making moves today, too. Here’s an interview where he answers several questions.  

What Do You Do on a Typical Day? What Keeps You Busy? 

My days are always divided by my faith, family, and my business. Right now, I have three young children at home that keep me pretty busy, and we homeschool, so that keeps things interesting as well. Still, our family starts our day with our Christian devotional time, reflecting on Jesus’s work for us. 

After that, I’m usually behind the computer with Zoom calls, development team management, working on new projects, connecting with partners, and creating new roadmaps. It all sounds so basic and boring, but there’s a lot of excitement and interest.  

What I love about being an entrepreneur isn’t just the success or the opportunities, but also I can be done around 2 each day, so I can spend some time with the family. That flexibility is essential for quality of life.  

How Do You Develop Ideas and Create New Opportunities? 

I base all of my decisions on my skills and interests. That changes over time. When I have new ideas or goals, I turn to my network of partners and colleagues to flesh out those ideas. From the start, I’ve worked hard to have mentors who were smarter than me surrounding me so that they could see what I could not.  

I have ideas all of the time, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good ones. What I do have is a set of friends, partners, and others who are sure to tell me when my ideas are good ones or when they may not be. I then work to evolve those ideas into workable plans and ultimately into the products and services offered. 

What Habits Do You Have That Help Make You Successful? 

Entrepreneurship isn’t a straight line, but I have found that there is no better habit than being consistent in anything you do. I believe that if you want to accomplish a goal, no matter how big that goal is or what it takes, you have to constantly work at it. If you do not put in enough work or fail to work on the problem or project regularly, you don’t achieve success.  

It doesn’t have to be just about business, either. It includes everything from dieting to the relationships you have. It’s really not possible to reach the best results in any facet of life if you do not have consistency in what you are doing.  

What Do You Do as a Business Leader That You Think Everyone Else Should Do? 

Aside from consistency, it’s also important to write down your goals. Everyone has goals – or should have them – but that doesn’t mean they are written down. Write them down. Put them where you will see them every single day. When you see them, you think about them, you focus on them, which creates results. It puts your brain to work to create those goals. It’s one of the keys to building wealth.  

What’s Your Goal That No One Says You Can Do? 

I don’t believe there are any goals you can’t accomplish. One thing that some people tell me is that I won’t earn a billion dollars. Some say they believe it, but most don’t actually believe it’s possible. It’s my goal, though.  

What Failures Have You Had? What Did You Do? 

I think my biggest failure wasn’t completing college. That’s a big one, but I know what it’s created for me. That is, I have used this as motivation. I worked hard to educate myself and put in the hard work to learn what I needed to through experience and reading. My passion allows me to outperform people who have an IT degree.  

What Are You Most Excited About in Your Career and in the World Itself? 

I’m passionate about technology, including how it changes at such a rapid pace. I have over 15 years of experience in technology in the corporate world, and it has changed so much in that time frame, from my first positions at the World Trade Center until today. Tech creates world class solutions and solves real world problems.  

In fact, I am continuously drawn to how much it can help me on a daily basis. I recently purchased some new productivity software that’s fantastic. It’s helping me to do more with my time, helping me to earn without taking time away from my kids to do so. 

What’s Your Current Favorite Technology? 

Recently, I’ve been using Note Everything. It has helped me to set goals and take notes on projects. I love that it is totally flexible, and I can use it to accomplish such a wide range of tasks. I also use it to create reminders to avoid forgetting important tasks. It’s super easy to use but so efficient. As business grows, it’s essential to have tools to help boost productivity so you can get more done with your time.  

What’s Your Business Strategy? What’s Your Secret to Success? 

It’s pretty simple. My business strategy is consistency mixed with tenacity. By that, I mean that you have to work consistently at your business goals and opportunities, but at the same time, you need to be aggressive, intuitive and dedicated to making them come true. What’s going to get you where you want to be? There’s no doubt it takes hard work, but that hard work needs to come from a place of growth and innovation.  

What Book Do You Think Everyone in the Business World Needs to Read? 

I really find that the best place to start is with the Bible. No matter what your beliefs are or what your business goals are, the foundations of success are built in the Bible and the words provided there. There is no doubt that some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have read and continue to read the Bible.  

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