Movie lover? Here are 10 crypto movies you need to see


Digital finance has lived a sort of storied life since inception more than a decade ago. Many illustrations and descriptions have been used to describe the cryptocurrency space and have occurred as movies and books. When the movement of cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin, there were a lot of questions asked by a large percentage of the populace to understand the whole idea of digital currency.  

Apart from the internet, people turned to books and motion pictures that explain the digital currency concept. These sources might not explain the more difficult concept, but they have been the perfect go-to source for the nitty-gritty knowledge of cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to hit the market, and it is understandable that most of these cryptocurrency movies and documentaries are centered on it. Here are 10 crypto and blockchain motion pictures you can watch. Let’s play a game. We won’t mention the name of the movie. Rather, we will give a similar name, and you can try to guess the name. Up for it? Let’s hop in 

  1. ‘Bitcoin To the moon’ 

This is a short film that aims to educate anyone who is new to the concept of cryptocurrency. The 2014 film is a movie about Bitcoin directed by Nicholas Mross and runs for 96 minutes. The documentary takes us down memory lane of how the first crypto through its initial reception struggled to get enough attention and how people started believing in the novel system of money when big financial stakeholders started backing it.  

This movie is riddled with interviews of personalities who made Bitcoin and by extension, altcoins what they are today. 

  1. ‘Marriage and a new currency’ 

This is one of the better rated movies about Bitcoin with a rating of 7.6/10 on IMDb. It is directed by Travis Pitcher and focused on the lives of a couple. When the movie was released in 2014, it was barely 6years after the advent of Bitcoin and many people struggled to accept this newest concept of transaction.  

The couple in the movie challenged themselves to go through 100 days without using the traditional money system and also try to convince people around them to accept the cryptocurrency as a means of exchange. It is a humor-themed movie. 

  1. ‘Bitcoin will kill the dollar’ 

This film has been earmarked in various circles as one of the most enlightening cryptocurrency movies made. The directors of the movie, Thorsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis, took a detailed look at how Bitcoin has emerged as the leading cryptocurrency in the world. From its storied history to its constant challenges posed by the different governments of the world. 

It also educates viewers that printing more money would lead to inflation-sized problems. Featuring Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, this is one crypto movie to watch. 

  1. ‘Bitcoin and Wells Fargo’ 

This is another Bitcoin movie that outlines the story of cryptocurrency exchange aimed at ousting the more orthodox financial system. There have been so many disrupted systems since crypto gathered enough traction in our world today. The adoption of Bitcoin has been speedy in recent times because the more traditional systems of money have recently not been dependable.  

But a larger percentage of adopters know next to nothing about the digital currency, this movie educates viewers on the path Bitcoin is channeling and how it can be used. For novices to the industry, this is one crypto movie to watch.  

  1. ‘Trustless systems’ 

This is a 2018 blockchain documentary directed by Alex Winter. It is a trailblazing film in itself as most motion pictures are about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges like, hence making it a movie to watch. The cutting–edge technology has found its use outside of cryptocurrency and has been considered as one of the most secure mechanisms to engage transactions on.  

Viewers of this movie get to see how blockchain started, the various modifications it has undergone and various applications. There are various views from experts on blockchain technology. 

  1. ‘Web 3.0’ 

The director of ‘Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it’, Thorsten Hoffmann, centers his plot this time with a blockchain documentary on how the mechanism has evolved since it was widely first used in 2008.  

Despite its popular use in cryptocurrency, the documentary beams its spotlight on how blockchain technology can be used to shape the future of technology and everything we interact with. The movie is a timeline that straddles blockchain’s past, present and future. 

  1. crypto 

The major counterarguments cryptocurrency has experienced from various quarters is that it could be used for illegal transactions, having no means of being tracked because of its encryption. The 2019 thriller film directed by John Stalberg Jr. plots around crimes that can be committed using the digital currency.  

  1. ‘Bitcoin founder’ 

When the Bitcoin white paper was unveiled in 2008, a lot of curious minds were eager to know who was behind this brilliant mode of transaction. A little over a decade now, that is still left unanswered. Various fingers have been directed at some individuals and organizations, but no solid proof has backed it. This movie that spans 53minutes has tried as much as possible to do justice to everything about Satoshi and Bitcoin. 

  1. ‘Bitcoin and lab’ 

The major antagonists of Bitcoin have been governments who have not been a fan of a decentralized system which has gradually weakened the position of the more traditional financial systems. Despite these opposition, cryptocurrency has pierced the modern world and found its place in various sectors.  

This is the major plot of this Bitcoin-themed documentary. This can hardly be regarded as one of the best Bitcoin documentaries you would ever see, but it explains how Bitcoin has been adopted, especially in Scandinavia. 

  1. ‘Bitcoin will change the world’ 

Tim Delmastro, the director of the film, focuses on how Bitcoin has gained exponential rise and in our world top 10 Amazing Blockchain and Cryptocurrency-Related Movies to Watch 


How many names did you get? These documentaries and movies are very mundane ways of explaining what cryptocurrency is all about cutting through the complex crypto jargon. It is best prescribed for individuals interested in knowing the basics of digital currencies. 

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