What jobs can I get with an OSHA 30 card?

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Many companies require their employees to obtain an OSHA card. The OSHA Outreach Training Program (OTP) requires all employees to have a  30-hour course.

The increase in fraudulent activity relating to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in particular, has prompted some organizations to investigate how these companies can be more secure and offer students better protection.

FACT: Safety and training professionals in the construction industry must be certified in order to provide instruction. Only OSHA-approved instructors and administrators can provide on-site training.

What Is OSHA Certification?

 OSHA 30 certification standards are widely used in the construction industry. It is common for employers to require workers be OSHA-certified in order to secure jobs.

Many people are surprised to find out that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t actually provide an OSHA 30 certification. You don’t have to worry about being tricked or set impossible job requirements.

What Is Covered in OSHA 30 Training?

Training programs such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 30-hour course train workers how to recognize and avoid common job-related hazards. The programs also explain employer responsibilities, workers’ rights under OSHA and how to file a complaint.

The more intensive OSHA 30 training is designed for supervisors and workers who have the ability to make decisions about safety. Industry-specific Outreach courses are available, including 30-hour versions tailored to construction and general industry.

OSHA Certification vs. Certificates

OSHA views certifications and certificates differently. For example, when you complete a course such as OSHA 10 for the construction industry, you will receive a temporary certificate of completion until your official DOL card arrives.

To earn a course certificate or DOL card is not the same as being certified. According to the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, certification programs “recognize professionals who meet established knowledge, skills or competencies.” Certifications are meant to certify a professional’s mastery of an advanced topic.

OSHA Outreach is an assessment-based certificate program.

Graduates of the course earn a certificate and a DOL card when they pass an exam on key learning objectives. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) doesn’t consider these credentials to be an 30-hour training course, so it does not consider workers who complete the program to be OSHA-certified.

What Education and Skills Do I Require for Jobs Requiring OSHA 30 Certification?

Most job listings will include a requirement for safety and health certifications. OSHA 30 certification is one of the most popular certifications for construction workers and safety supervisors.

While OSHA clearly states that the Outreach course is not a certification program, job postings may suggest that it is. If you’re not sure which OSHA training course you need, it’s always a good idea to ask for clarification.

Make sure your resume includes any safety training classes you’ve completed that are relevant to the work. Safety training is essential, especially when working with large machinery, power tools, or other potential risks.


Head of People

We expect this role be very hands on in the day-to-day needs of HR, including benefits administration, audits, open enrollment, onboarding, offboarding,…

Assistant Superintendent

In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing, coordinating and managing project trade partners as well as supervising employees and contractors. newTraveling Laborer Within 90 days of hiring, provide training for OSHA 30 hours of basic safety.


An established company in the water and wastewater field is in need of a Senior Pump Technician. Must have experience with building Water and Wastewater plants.

Safety Manager

 30 Construction OSHA 30 Hour Certification (Required). OSHA 30 Hour Construction Certification must have been obtained within the last 5 years. Pay will be determined by experience.

Can I Add OSHA Certification to My Resume?

Even though OSHA does not consider 10- or 30-Hour Outreach training to be a certification, employers and hiring managers may look for these courses in the certifications section of your resume.

Instead of writing “OSHA Certified” in your qualifications section, include the full titles of the training courses you’ve completed and any other certifications, cards, or credentials you have earned.

OSHA Certificate Programs

OSHA Certification programs may also refer to certificate programs that OSHA provides in partnership with colleges and universities across the country.

OSHA’s online educational resources are available for anyone. For safety professionals with many years of experience, there are certificate programs that are comprehensive, in-depth and range from 70 to 100 hours in length.

OSHA has some interesting programs available for workers that want to improve their safety and health.  And, the other programs can also help protect your health and safety!

Mastering certification is a great way to gain recognition and advance your career. There are several levels of certification offered including general industry, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

The Beginner’s Guide to OSHA Training

What is OSHA 30-Hour?

OSHA’s 30-hour training can help supervisors make safety-conscious decisions based on the knowledge and experience they already have.

How Long Is the Training Program?

OSHA mandates that workers are trained for 30 full hours, including breaks and travel. Some training methods, like online courses, allow students to take more time to complete their training if they need to.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) limits training to a maximum of 7.5 student contact hours per day, with at least 8 hours between long sessions. That means the 30-Hour course has to be spread over at least 4 days.

What Topics are Covered?

Each of the outreach programs has its own set of topics requirements but the same basic topics apply to all programs. These topics include the following mandatory topics:

The exact subjects vary. Every program requires an introduction and a few hours on managerial responsibilities. Then the rest of the time goes towards essential safety topics. OSHA sets a minimum number of hours for each.

Elective Topics: This course has more elective topics than the 10-hour course because there is more focus on the specific requirements and needs of OSHA. It is a great course for anyone in the medical field, in which case it’s not just medical technicians that need to take it.

A course outline that devotes at least an hour of teaching time for each topic. Optional topics, such as a course safety manual, can also be included.

How Do You Pass?

While OSHA has no minimum time requirement to take its courses, many programs provide an exam at the end of their course. If you want to make sure you’ve learned the content, consider taking a practice exam with your instructor or fellow students.

In some cases, passing a test is simply not enough. This might happen, for example, if your grade depends on the instructor’s personal preference rather than standardized test scores.

Bottom Line

OSHA training courses are offered online or in classrooms. However, they’re only considered valid if they are OSHA-authorized.

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