Best Bad Credit Loans – Top Direct Lenders For Personal Loans For Bad Credit

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Are you in a financial emergency or dilemma which requires speedy monetary assistance? Or are you in need of money for treating a medical issue you or a family member may be suffering through? You can lose your worry through the companies listed below, which provide the best bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals! 

Having a bad credit position can be scary, especially over the past few years as the pandemic took over the globe. Many people have been affected financially over the past few years and have not been able to meet their financial needs and requirements. The companies on our list aim to provide a link between such borrowers and willing lenders. 

We made sure to consider many important details before we created this list, including the authenticity, credibility, and efficiency of the following businesses. You can rest assured that the companies on this list will provide you with safe and secure networks to connect you with your lenders. 

Let’s have a further look into companies that provide bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals! 

Top 5 Direct Lenders for Bad Credit Personal Loans

  1. BadCreditLoans: Most Popular Online Lenders for Minimum Credit Score
  2. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans On The Market, Editor’s Pick
  3. RadCred: Reputed Lending Platform Offering Loans for Bad Credit
  4. CashUSA: Well Known No Credit Check Loans with Instant Approval
  5. Personal Loans: Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit with Poor Credit Score

BadCreditLoans is the runner-up of our list of bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. This business has secured a grand position for itself in the loan market, and as the name suggests, it excels in providing loans to bad credit individuals. 

Having a bad credit score can be detrimental for a lot of people. Banks, financial institutions, and schools check credit scores before allowing students and individuals to take loans. If your credit score is deemed insufficient for these institutions, you will not be able to take a loan from them. 

BadCreditLoans and other companies rely on connecting lenders with borrowers instead of analyzing your credit score positions. In fact, they realize the hardships that come along with a bad credit score and aim to help you improve it. 

BadCreditLoans uses a simple form that requires you to input your personal details to start the process of acquiring a loan. After you provide BadCreditLoans with your details, your information will be passed on to lenders. 

This procedure is similar across all loaning companies. When a lender is willing to provide you with the amount you require, they will reach out to you with their own terms and conditions. This factor is also common across multiple companies since lenders are given authority to procure their own terms of service. 

You can communicate with your lender directly since BadCreditLoans will take a step back from the process after the connection is made. The benefit of this communication is that you can negotiate these terms with your lender, and often they are willing to consider your requests.

The interest rates and APR of BadCreditLoans are set between 5.99% to 35.99%. The lender will determine this value. Unfortunately, people with a low credit score usually receive a much higher interest rate than others. 

Another benefit of BadCreditLoans has provided its customers is the information and resource center. This center provides information regarding financial decisions, loan repayments, and other monetary factors which can influence your future. For people who are not used to making important financial decisions, this information center can prove to be very helpful. 


  • Easy application through the form 
  • Simple, easy communication between lenders and borrowers
  • Can accept or reject offers at will 
  • On the off chance that there are no lenders available, BadCreditLoans directs you to other loaning websites.


  • Extremely low credit scores may not be able to receive high amounts of payday loans, no matter the emergency.  
  • Low rating on the Better Business Bureau

Customer Reviews 

Customers have claimed to be pleased with the services of BadCreditLoans, but the business rating by Better Business Bureau suggests otherwise. There are some technical difficulties and issues with the forms, which users are often willing to overlook. This is because the users are provided with generous loans despite their bad credit, which ultimately benefits them. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#2. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Bad Credit Loans On The Market, Editor’s Pick

MoneyMutual has been the best loan provider in the market for quite some time. The company has helped millions of individuals stabilize their financial position and become better investors over time. Since 2010, the business has been helping people manage their finances in a safe and secure manner. 

 If you are in need of immediate financial help, then MoneyMutual will provide you with a loan, even if you have bad credit. MoneyMutual is set apart from its competitors because of multiple reasons, including its services, fast processing, and a large number of lenders. 

MoneyMutual does not serve as a sole provider of monetary assistance but is focused on connecting you with lenders who are willing and able to finance you. Once the company connects you with a lender, it will resign itself from the situation, letting you and your financer discuss the terms, interest rates, and APR, along with other important factors by yourselves. 

The procedure from acquiring bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals from MoneyMutual begins by filling out an easy form online. You will be asked for your personal details, such as your full name, address, etcetera. After you have filled out relevant details, you will be asked about your credit score and the amount you require a loan. The loan limit for MoneyMutual is $10000, but it can vary according to your gender, occupation, and credit scores. 

The details on your form will be sent out to lenders who can contact you if they are willing to provide you with a loan. You should keep in mind that the terms and conditions, along with the interest rate, are set by your lender and not the company itself. Most lenders usually charge a higher interest rate to poor credit score holders. 

In general, lenders are lenient and able to negotiate repayment deadlines for borrowers. If you are facing trouble with repayments, then you can inform your lender directly. Once you have agreed to the terms of service, you will be required to sign online, and the funds will be transferred to you in approximately 24 hours.


  • Excellent for people who have bad credit scores 
  • No extra fee charges 
  • Simple, easily processed loans
  • Over 60 lenders are available 
  • Funds are received quickly 


  • People without a regular source of income cannot apply 
  • Lenders are not responsible for any terms and conditions not met after the agreement is signed 
  • Eligibility criteria only apply to US residents 

Customer Reviews 

Customers have expressed immense satisfaction with MoneyMutual’s services and the fact that it does not have extra charges or fees of any kind. The business has been catering to customers for over ten years and has managed to help one of the highest numbers of borrowers in the nation.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#3. RadCred: Reputed Lending Platform Offering Loans for Bad Credit

Third, we have RadCred on our list for companies providing bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals. This company, much like its competitors, seeks to connect borrowers with lenders over the internet. You will not require any external help, and your procedure will be finished online only.

RadCred has not differentiated its procedures by a lot compared to its competitors. The form, communication, and terms of service are similar to its competitors, and it works in a successful and efficient manner. 

Your lender will be allowed to set the terms of service, but these will not be non-negotiable. Many lenders are willing to communicate and set conditions that satisfy both the borrower and the lender. Many lenders don’t even charge an extra fee for delayed payments! However, you must read through the terms and conditions clearly, so that there is no fault in the future. 

RadCred is one of the most secure websites to access loans from. It has associations with excellent security services such as TrustE and McAfee. RadCred is perhaps the best among its competitors in terms of security. 


  • Fast, easy loan processing 
  • Safe and secure website and lenders 
  • Affordable interest rates 
  • Online-only platform 


  • Loan amounts are low – up to $5000 only 

Customer Reviews 

Customers who have taken loans through RadCred services have remarked greatly on its services—especially those who have trouble with passing on their information due to security reasons. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA: Well Known No Credit Check Loans with Instant Approval

CashUSA has cemented itself as one of the more generous brands in terms of loan provision. It provides loans to customers of up to $10000 and provides an easy way to connect with willing lenders.

All you are required to do is fill out a form detailing the reason for your financing and personal information. We have elaborated more on the features of the business below, but overall, CashUSA is one of the best providers of loans in emergency or personal situations. 

Like the other brands on this list, CashUSA uses a simple form to help you fill out your details that will be forwarded to potential lenders. The information required on this form can prove to be extensive for many people, and some have commented that CashUSA requires more detail than other companies offering the same service. 

 According to your requirements, lenders will reach out to you with the funds you need. Alongside the form processing procedures, another similarity CashUSA shares with its competitors is that the lenders themselves set the terms and conditions of the loan.

 Lenders that are available on this platform are willing to overlook your credit score unless it is very poor. However, they do take great measures to understand your payment habits, so they can be assured that you will return their money. 

The interest rate for the company ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%, which is also standardized across the market. You will be required to wait until a lender contacts you, but the procedure is rather simple and straightforward after that. You will be asked to sign the terms of service, and the funds will be transferred to you within approximately 24 hours.


  • Easy to use website 
  • Safe and secure loan provisions 
  • A large number of lenders available 
  • Education center provides helpful information 
  • 70-month repayment periods (with installments)


  • The loan limit is $10,000
  • Extensive information is required in the form 

Customer Reviews 

CashUSA has proven itself as a useful loaning service during times of emergency for many customers. People have been very pleased with the repayment durations, which can range up to 70 months. This helps divide the payments into shorter amounts, making it beneficial for customers. 

The only complaints people have had for CashUSA involve the extensive detail asked for in the form. Apart from this, the services by CashUSA have been commendable and genuine, garnering good reviews from many of its users. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans: Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit with Poor Credit Score

Personal Loans is one of the most distinct loan provision companies in the market. While it functions similarly to others regarding procedures and borrower to lender communication, there are many features that set the company apart from its competitors. 

As the name suggests, online personal loans excel in providing loans to people for personal reasons, whether health-related or property-based. This company has one of the highest loan limits across the market – $35000, which makes it a preference for many borrowers. 

Much like its competitors, Personal Loans requires users to fill out a form listing their personal details. However, noticing how people are sometimes hesitant to provide information, Personal Loans gives reasoning for why the information is required. So, for every detail they take from you, they give an equally good reason why it is a requirement. 

After this procedure, the company forwards your details to lenders who can fulfill your financial requirements for up to $35000. These lenders are available quickly and easily on the platform, so you can contact them and set up terms and services appropriately. 

Once you have been connected with a lender successfully, you will receive the money that you can use for whatever reason you require. There is no specification to the loans provided by personal loans, so you can invest in your business or pay your medical bills with the money they provide you.

CashUSA also has a resource and information center for its customers so that they can improve upon their credit score over time and make better financial decisions. Financial health is extremely important, and CashUSA considered it their mandate to help yours become more stable in the future.  


  • Loans of up to $35000
  • There is reasoning provided for all information taken 
  • Fast and easy access to lenders 
  • Quick transfer of funds 
  • Flexible return payment schedules 
  • A return time period of up to 72 months 


  • People with extremely poor credit scores may not be eligible for loans 

Customer Reviews 

Personal Loans has some of the best reviews on the market. Its high loan limit and genuine customer service allow customers to feel more satisfied. It has a longer duration for repayment, making return payments easier for customers. However, while the company is focused on providing loans without credit score checks, people who have extremely low scores may not be eligible for applying. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

Factors to Consider Before Taking a Bad Credit Loan 

Now that you are aware of the brand details for companies that provide bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals, here are some factors you should consider before you decide to take one. 

  • Eligibility Criteria 

It is important that you consider the eligibility criteria for a bad credit loan company before you decide to apply. It would be a waste of time if you fill out the form and it does not process because you did meet a requirement. 

Bad credit loan companies do not consider your credit score a great deal, but it is still a requirement for processing. In many cases, if your credit score is extremely low, then companies may not consider you eligible for loan provision. 

Moreover, companies usually have restrictions on nationalities, age, and income requirements as well. US-based loan companies only provide bad credit loans to US citizens, and all companies have age restrictions of over 18-21. 

  • Interest Rates

Interest rates can vary across different companies, which is why it is an essential consideration. The effective range for most companies, especially the ones on our list, is 5.99% to 35.99%. The higher end of this range can be very difficult for borrowers to manage, but lenders are usually considerate enough not to charge such high-interest rates. 

You should also look into whether the interest rates are offered at a fixed rate according to index changes or if the company settles on its own range of interest rates. There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. 

You should be able to negotiate your interest rate if your lender is willing to do so. Otherwise, you will have to research the best and most convenient interest rates before deciding to take a bad credit loan. You should keep in mind that poor credit scores usually receive higher levels of interest rates across most companies. 

  • Extra Charges 

Extra charges refer to the delayed or processing fees that many companies charge their customers. You should always look into the extra charges and general fee structures of bad credit loan companies. Many of these companies do not charge external fees, such as MoneyMutual. 

If the company you prefer does charge extra charges, make sure you are able to afford them. 

  • Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of a bad credit loan are set up by the lenders on the company server and not the company itself. These terms are generally similar across most companies, but you should try your best to search for the best ones. 

Try to read through these terms and conditions as carefully as possible so that you do not face any unexpected situations in the future. Many companies allow for a great deal of flexibility in terms of service, which is why you will have more negotiating powers when you contact lenders on that platform. 


Different companies have different policies for interest rates and repayments. Some lenders are more flexible with their due dates, but others can prove to be more strict. 

In case you receive a strict lender who does allow any flexibility in repayments, having a backup ready is always a good option. You can keep assets aside to sell in case of emergency payments. Backup is also beneficial if the interest rate you are being charged changes according to the index rate or if you have been charged a really high-interest rate. 

Backups make the whole process of taking and repaying a loan much safer and hassle-free. You will always be less worried about your financial constraints if you have backups ready. 

Step by Step Guide For Bad Credit Loan Guaranteed Approval:

Are you still confused about the steps you should take to ensure guaranteed approval for your bad credit loan? Here is a step-by-step guide that will guarantee good results for your loan procedures!

  • Step 1: Assess your Credit Report 

Your credit report will be accessible to you on the annual credit report website. This report can keep track of your score, repayment history, and credit history. Credit scores are directly linked with your credit report and are an essential part of acquiring a loan, so you must keep track of your own. 

In case you have a poor credit score, you should work to improve it beforehand. Generally, three months prior to the time when you take a loan would be ideal for credit report assessment. With your credit report, you can have details on your accounts, and if there are any errors, you can address and fix them before you apply for a loan. 

Financial procedures and processes can be extremely daunting. It is understandable to be wary in such situations but keeping a healthy habit of checking your credit report every few months can prove to be extremely beneficial. 

  • Step 2: Plan and Set Targets 

Once you have analyzed your credit report, you should try to plan out proper procedures for the loan. The first thing you should do is calculate how much money you require for your emergency or personal assistance. Having a fair idea of this amount will help you plan repayments in the future as well. 

Setting targets is crucial to the process of acquiring a bad credit loan. If the targeted amount is too high, you may not be able to receive it, or you may have difficulty repaying it. On the other hand, if the targeted amount is too low, you may miss out on expenditures that are essential to your needs. 

Deciding on a specific number that is well within your range of consideration would be in your best interest. 

  • Step 3: Interest Rate Considerations 

Receiving financial assistance with bad credit is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. This task has become much easier through the companies mentioned in our list. Our next step to ensure that you can acquire a bad credit loan is to consider the interest rate offered by different companies. 

Some companies offer interest rates according to fixed index rates (pre-approvals). These companies do not consider a thorough credit check as a necessity, and you are more likely to receive loans on bad credit from them. However, repayment of fixed-rate loans can be difficult, especially if the rate rises above what other companies would have offered you. 

Other companies that offer interest rates within a specified range will have much more flexible terms of the agreement. Hence, you should always carefully consider the interest rate offers from different companies. 

  • Step 4: Scam Checks 

As we are well aware, the excessive usage of digital platforms for payments and communication has led to a great deal of scams and fraudulent activity. The demand for loans is quite high, considering many people are in need of large sums of money in a short amount of time. Since it is a financial market, it attracts more scams than normal. 

The websites and companies on our list are all authentic, but you should always consider a scam check if you choose some other brand. Inauthentic businesses are usually more invasive and concerned with monetary benefits. 

A well-established company will never ask for extensive details or ask continuous questions about advance fees or extra charges. Usually, these scam websites are obvious, as they offer great deals and extremely low-interest rates but do not meet up with the requirements. 

  • Step 5: Payment Planning 

After you have checked for scams and your loan has been processed and accepted, you will be required to pay back monthly or according to your lender’s requirements. You should pre-plan these payments so that the procedure runs smoothly over time. 

Ensuring backup and creating a payment schedule is a good way to plan your payments. Remember, timely payments and reporting can help improve your credit score generously! 

Alternatives to Receiving a Bad Credit Loan 

Although the companies on our list are accepting of bad credit scores, if you are unable to meet the eligibility criteria or find the interest rates on these sites unfeasible, here are some alternatives to taking a bad credit loan. 

  • Improvisation 

Usually, taking a loan seems like the next step forward for many people, but you may be able to avoid the hassle altogether if you have many illiquid assets stored away. Consider your other investments and analyze how profitable they can be. Turning them liquid and using the cash on hand for your emergencies can be incredibly beneficial. 

  • Employer Assistance 

If you require a small loan, or the reason for your loan is for an extremely urgent emergency, your employer may be willing to provide you with monetary assistance. Many employers make it easier for their employees by offering sufficient repayment durations as well. 

However, you should keep in mind that returning the amount you borrow from your employer is crucial because you could otherwise lose your job. Still, employers can be very considerate when it comes to helping their employees financially. 

  • Borrowing from Relatives or Friends 

Borrowing money from relatives or friends may have been the first step for many people. Taking an authorized loan with guaranteed approval may have become easier in recent years, but borrowing from people who know you removed a lot of the procedures and hassle in the process. 

Taking a loan from a friend is a very easy way to gain finances, but you should remember that it can cause a rift in your relationships if you are unable to pay them back. 

FAQs: Bad Credit Personal Loan Lenders

We have provided you with a step-by-step guide on taking a bad credit loan, alongside the factors you should consider beforehand. However, you may still be struggling with a few questions in regard to loan companies. We have tried our best to provide answers to all relevant questions. 

Q1. Where can I find out my credit score?

You can find out your credit score through the annual credit report website. This website contains information passed on from the three main credit bureaus. Therefore it has your credit history available. Your FICO score attached to your credit history will determine how good or bad your credit position is. 

Usually, a credit score above 600 is considered good, and below 600 means you need to work hard to improve it. 

Q2. How can I make improvements to my credit score?

Your credit score is changed according to your timely or untimely repayments of credit transactions. If you buy furniture on credit, you should pay back the amount as soon as possible to see a noticeable change in your credit score. 

Similarly, if you have a bad credit score and take a loan from one of the companies mentioned in our list, you can improve your credit score through regular reporting. When you send your lender the repayment for your loan, they report you to the credit bureaus, which affects your credit history. Setting up a timely payment habit will reflect positively on your credit score. 

Q3. What are the negative effects of a bad credit score?

There are quite a few negative effects of a bad credit score. Most of these consequences make transactions more financially difficult for people. Student loans, bank loans, credit card issuance, etcetera, are severely affected by a bad credit score. 

The issue with a bad credit score is that it reflects negatively on your payment habits. If a financial institution believes that you are not a reliable borrower, they will not be willing to give you monetary assistance. However, some companies, such as those mentioned above, are generous enough to look deeper into your payment habits rather than just acknowledging your credit score. 

Q4. Will I be able to receive a personal loan on bad credit?

Yes, you will be able to receive a personal loan on bad credit. In fact, you can contact any one of the companies mentioned on our list for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals, and rest assured that you will be provided monetary assistance. 

The only time there may be an issue with receiving a personal loan is if your credit score is extremely low or you are ineligible to apply for one. 

Q5. Is there any way to avoid a credit score check while taking a loan?

While most official financial institutions and companies will require a credit score check, you can avoid one altogether through a few different methods. Mortgage payments, auto title loans, and payday facilities are some of the easiest ways to avoid credit score checks. 

Through a mortgage payment, you will be required to put up some property or possession of yours as a mortgage. In case you are unable to repay the loan you take, the lender will be entitled to your possessions. Similar to mortgage payments, auto title loans will hold your vehicle or car as a mortgage. 

Payday facilities are another easy way to take a loan and are even offered by some of the companies on our list. However, the consequences of not repaying these can be severe. 

Q6. Is employment a requirement before taking a loan? 

Employment is not a necessary requirement before taking a loan. The companies mentioned in our list may have specifications or eligibility criteria that require proof of income, but it is not the case for many other companies. 

You may receive money through pensions, investments, government, student aid, etcetera. Most financial institutions and companies acknowledge this, which means you do not need to be employed before taking a loan.  

Q7. Can I receive a loan urgently, despite having bad credit?

Receiving an urgent loan on bad credit has been made ten times easier with the help of the companies on our list. These companies excel at providing urgent loans, and the process is extremely simple as well. 

You will be required to sign up for the loan and then wait a small period of time until you can find a lender who is willing and able to provide you with the best terms, conditions, and interest rates that are feasible to you. 

Q8. Will delaying loan repayments worsen my credit score?

Delaying repayments will not always worsen your credit score, but it truly depends on your lender. Most lenders who provide loans to bad credit customers are easy to negotiate with, therefore, you can ask them for extensions in repayments. Other lenders will also allow delays with a delayed payment fee. 

The key to avoiding a worse score in this situation is to communicate effectively and inform your lender of the reason for your delays. If you do not contact the lender, they may report you to the credit bureaus, which could effectively lower your credit score even more. 

Q9. What company is the best for receiving bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals?

While all the companies mentioned on our list have been providing stellar services to millions of customers across the nation, each of them has its own specialty. The overall judgment for ranking these businesses is according to many factors, such as fast processing, loan amounts, etcetera. Here are some of the ways in which each company excels: 

  • Best overall provider of bad credit loans – MoneyMutual 
  • Best bad credit loans in emergency situations – BadCreditLoans 
  • Easiest retrieval of loans – CashUSA 
  • Best bad credit loans for personal requirement – PersonalLoans 
  • Highest security in services for bad credit loans  – Credit Loan 

Conclusion: How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

You may now have sufficient knowledge required to receive and know about bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. The procedure is not as difficult, but the consideration you need to make beforehand is rather lengthy. 

While bad credit scores can have a negative effect on loan provisions for many people, you can fix your financial stress easily through the companies listed above. Not only are they beneficial for receiving loans, but they can also help you fix your bad credit score and provide you with more financial knowledge. 

We hope you are able to find a company that meets all your loan requirements! Good luck! 

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