Tactical X Drone Reviews – Top Rated Lightweight Camera Drone

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Tactical X Drone is a dual 4K camera drone one at front and the other one at the bottom. The drone is foldable and is very portable and can be carried anywhere. The device has a very professional level altitude hold. Plus, it also helps with video transmission. 

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Many people are now trying to explore the venture of vlogging, content making, streaming, making YouTube Videos, making video content, short films, and a lot of amateurs and beginners in videography are trying to find new ways to make exemplary videos and content. Many of them are trying to make a living out of videography and are trying to make content that is authentic and has realness to it that is captured in such a way that it captivates the one watching it. The videography, and vlogging, especially travel vlogs and vacation vlogs need very important videography skills, camera tricks and tactics too. To make that authentic shot even more beautiful than it. It is important to have a device that helps capture such a shot. A device that can capture the perfect angles and such shots that give video life. There are many times a need of shots for such a content that needs different angles and views along with scenes that give a perspective of what the content is really about for that special equipment is needed. For ariel shots and shots taken from up above most people use drones for a footage of a conference or for making videos with professional cinematography etc. for this purpose many people use drones. it is not only used in small scale content making ventures but it also works for large scale film making. Instead of using helicopters for aerial shots. They use drones for such aerial shots that are very elegant and exquisite. Drones should have a very steady range of motion. It shouldn’t shake or bug while making movies. This gives them precedence over the standard video making process. A good drone should have a good quality camera and should have impeccable control for better quality video. The good drone also has lenses with better and wide angles. Those lenses are for panorama shots mostly. It also has a better battery life so that it can work all day long on a single charge. The body of the drone should be sturdy and should have a better body. The drone should also have a better camera too; that takes a very clear, sharp and brighter image but with the correct ratio and precision. 

The drones should also have a better connectivity range with their devices that controls them and with the mobile phone it is linked with. Some drones also render live video transmission feature that allows drone to live stream the content it is recording. This feature is very unique and needs good quality transmitters for better frequency and signal range. Now most of the drone being sold that have all the good features are very expensive and cannot be bought by normal people trying to start new. There are some drones that have no good camera or some drones that don’t have good angles because the controls are very weak and have no features that stand out the drone. It would be great to have an affordable option that has all the good features and can ascend standard drones. Well, there might be something in the market for people looking for such a drone that is affordable, and has a lot of features, like good camera, better control, better hold and has more to give in terms of built, body and the working of the drone. let’s get into the Tactical X Drone. 

Tactical X Drone Reviews 

Tactical X Drone as the name indicates is a drone that has a lot of unique features in it. This drone can be used by vloggers for making very unique video content for their viewers. It can be used by many online streaming apps like twitch or discord. It can also be used for other feeds too like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube and video making content this drone can also help with making videos for YouTube. People trying to make a living out of YouTube and want to pursue YouTube as a career can also benefit from the Tactical X Drone. It can be used by independent artists, and filmmakers for aerial shots so that they can make good quality content. Tactical X Drone, also has not one but two 4K cameras and a 120° wide angle lens that can capture a whole lot of content in a wide scene. This can help people who are independent artists, film makers, directors and also amateur videographers. This can be used in photography and videography businesses for wedding shots, or for other photography and videography ventures. The drone has two cameras for providing better angles and shots. The quality of the camera’s is 4K. Which means it records videos in 4K which is like the best quality resolution available on any camera. The controls on the Tactical X Drone are remarkable and it holds so steady. It has a professional level altitude hold. It also has better connectivity with the remote and the mobile phone it is linked with. This connectivity helps serve another purpose. This allows the drone to record live scenes and transmit live data for live transmission of the content it is recording on the drone camera. Which can be used by many streaming platforms as mentioned. The drone has some very unique features that make this drone a remarkable drone. It has a very good build and has better blades for spinning that have better streamline flow which gives the drone the thrust to uplift itself. The drone is very compact and has a small but useful size. The propellers of the drone fold inward and are folding propellers. 

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How is it different than other drones? 

There is a plethora of drones and related products available in the market. But the Tactical X Drone is kind of a unique device that has unique features and good quality parts it also has two cameras which is not available in many drones that are available in the market. The Tactical X Drone is very compact in terms of its shape which is a feature that is unavailable in a lot of drones and those drones have a bigger body which creates a problem in their control and holding as well as in capturing better video that is unshaken. Tactical X Drone also has very better control for a drone and has good connectivity with mobile phone and the remote. Whereas the other drones do not have better control with regard to their controller due to weak transmission and receiving frequency from the remote. The Tactical X Drone has a solid build which helps the device stay safe from damages and the quality of the material with which it has been made is good quality. Due to the usage of better-quality parts and materials the Tactical X Drone is also foldable to complement its compactness, but also gives it; its functionality as a drone which the drones need. The drone due to its compactness is very light which allows it to fly easier. The lesser the weight the better it flies. The other drones are rather heavy and have a very shaky flight going up due to the weight. These little things add up to the overall working of the drone. Tactical X Drone has kept the idea of simplicity and functionality in mind while making the Tactical X Drone which is why it is very different and works better than other devices.  

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Features and Specifications of Tactical X Drone  

  • It has a main body which has 2 cameras both record the video in 4K Resolution that helps in giving that unbelievably realistic video recordings.  
  • The camera on the bottom can be used for making aerial shots for the content whereas the front 120° lens renders an ultra-wide view, helping capture larger fields of range in the open. Like a stadium match and a crowd of people etc.  
  • It has a better gesture control for recording videos and snapping pictures. This helps record each and everything so that nothing goes missing while recording the videos. 
  • Tactical X Drone has a compact and foldable body which means that it is small, and the parts can be folded in, making it a lightweight device, that helps it with better flight and thrust.  
  • Tactical X Drone helps in live video transmission that is being recorded on the cameras now.  
  • Tactical X Drone has a relatively longer battery for helping transmit those live videos. 
  • Tactical X Drone can be linked to the smartphone or a tablet so the drone user can access the footage or videos that they recorded.  
  • It is black in color and has a black color.  
  • It has a mirror adjustment Remote Control.  
  • The batteries are also available with the Tactical X Drone 
  • It also has Wireless communication technology access which is the Wi-Fi. 
  • The battery cells on the Tactical X Drone are Li-ion Batteries.  
  • The remote for Tactical X Drone comes in the packaging.  
  • It is pre-assembled. 
  • It has 4 propellers and 8 blades for the flight.  
  • It has professional level altitude hold.  

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Benefits of Tactical X Drone  

  • It helps capture beautiful videos in 4K Resolution. Which is one of the best resolutions on display screen right now. 
  • It has live video transmission that helps with live footage recording 
  • Two cameras broaden the field of perspective of the individual capturing the videos. 
  • It helps capture better quality videos due to steadiness and better control. 
  • It is foldable and compact which makes it very portable and lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.  

Price of Tactical X Drone 

Tactical X Drone comes in 4 discount packages with a 50% discount already applied on the purchase for early users. Tactical X Drone is only available on the website for Tactical X Drone. It has no other online attributes and it isn’t sold physically on any store. The payment mode is also online. The payment methods are through Apple Pay or credit card by Visa or MasterCard. Enter relevant information on the credentials for personal information and add name, and then enter contact information which is the phone number after that add email address. Select the package before adding the information. Then enter delivery address information country, state, city, town, area and street. After selecting the mode of payment. Select whether one wants 3-year paid warranty for $ $19.80 and whether one needs fast express delivery for $ 9.39 or free delivery The packages are: 

  • 1 Tactical X Drone is priced at $99 
  • 2 Tactical X Drone are priced at $197  
  • 3 Tactical X Drone plus one free are priced at $297  

Proceed with payment and checkout.  

Customer Support 

You can access the customer support team at: 

(888) 958-4484 

Attn: Return Center 
77 Searing Ave 
Mineola, NY 11501 

9am – 5pm EST 


[email protected] 

Refund policy 

The refund policy is quite detailed, but the refund should be made in 30 days after the purchase and shipment fee and 15% of the product fee will be deducted from refund. The delivery will be made to the website in 3 business days and in 14 days the website will get back to the individual. If there’s any dissatisfaction in product working or doesn’t live up to mark return it it will be refunded. 

Final Thoughts 

Tactical X Drone is seemingly a device that has a potential to be a premium drone as it has many premium features in it which makes it a very high-end drone, but with a smaller price tag it is even better. It can be of helpful for so many amateur content makers. It can help a lot of vloggers and YouTubers who are beginners and are ambitious to pursue their work as content makers in videography and video content making.  

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