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Explore the top CBD edibles gummies to manage sore bodies 

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire 
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You know those mornings when you remember last night’s dream clearly? You wake up in Santa Clarita Valley thinking about how you were able to defend earth from those outer space bullies, only to realize that while in your dream you might be a superhero but, in reality, you just woke up with a stiff back. How are you going to make it through a day at the office like this? In real life, the superhero just might be those magical CBD Gummies that can help make your pain vanish as quickly as that dream. Not only are CBD infused edibles a great tool to deal with painful body parts, they can also help you feel calm and cool, making your workday a breeze. 

I am here to explain to you the benefits and the wonders of CBD infused gummies. They are an excellent addition to your daily routine that can ease those aches and pains we all experience as we age. At the same time, they can mellow you out and help you get that quality sleep that is so important to one’s wellbeing.  

Looking to compare and contrast products in one place?  I already did the research to make your buying process easier and give you a more balanced life. Let’s examine 5 of my favorite websites to buy CBD Gummies for pain in California. 

1  Just CBD Gummies 

Manufactured: United States 

Lab Certificates: Available online 

Cost: $45.00 per 1000 mg jar 

Things We Like: Always adding new products, best flavor selection 

Things We Don’t Like: So many to choose from, it is difficult to know which to buy first  

Florida based JustCBD is one of the top shops to purchase hemp-derived gummies online. Their store contains one of the largest selections of gummies that you will find to help ease what pains you. Maybe last year you tried your friend’s cannabis gummies, and you did like the taste. Don’t worry, JustCBD solved that. Their very popular 1000mg jar comes in 12 different flavors, including watermelon rings, gummy cherries, sour worms, and classic multicolored CBD gummy bears.  They even carry sugar free and vegan options. Not sure what size to start with? They have you covered there as well. Various products come in sizes ranging from 250mg to 3000mg mega packs. For those that are looking for something a little stronger, JustCBD offers jars of CBD + THC ribbons and even CBD + THC sour gummies.  Looking for the cannabidiol gummies with a bit more kick?  Their sister company, JustDelta offers Delta 8 watermelon and peach gummies. This CBD store is truly a wonderland that will ease away your pain, release your daily anxiety and even give your sleepless nights nowhere to hide.

2  The Brothers Apothecary Edibles 

Manufactured: United States 

Lab Certificates: Available online 

Cost: From $15 various products 

Things We Like: Unique selection and one of a kind selection 

Things We Don’t Like: Difficult to compare CBD dosage 

The Brothers Apothecary started off back in 2015 when two brothers (Shane & Jesse) began searching for a delicious, healthy way to consume cannabis. You will not find gummies or oils here as they specialize in making cannabidiol “edibles” in the form of CBD teas, daily superfoods and body creams. Their tea selection is quite interesting with over twelve different flavors, each containing around 60mg of CBD per serving. The tea comes in singles, as sets of three, or a bag of twenty. Along with the tea they also have CBD Hot Chocolate Mix, CBD Latte and Cocoa with CBD. If you keep digging through their store you can find a variety of CBD infused capsules that were created to aid specific issues. Examples include one called Mental Clarity. The capsules consist of CBD + Ginkgo leaf, Shatavari, Rhodiola & Ashwagandha. Each capsule contains 8 mg of CBD. The bottles are sold in sizes of 21 capsules or 84 capsules. Other capsule formulas are Supreme Vitality (CBD + Wild Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, and seven magic mushrooms), Digest Well (CBD + Licorice, Ginger and Peppermint) and Cleanse (CBD + Charcoal, Dandelion and Chaga). The Brothers Apothecary is truly one of a kind shop where you will find very specialized and unique ways to add CBD to your daily routine.

3  Moonwlkr CBD: CBG Pain Relief Gummies  

Manufactured: United States 

Lab Certificates: Available online 

Cost: $40.00 per 1000 mg jar 

Things We Like: CBN and CBG Offerings 

Things We Don’t Like: Small flavor selection 

MoonWlkr is a Nevada based CBD business who was born out of the curiosity to push the boundaries of what is possible with hemp. They create their own products to explore new dimensions of taste, balance for all cannabinoids. One of those products is specifically made to deal with your body pain. A popular CBD edible that is new to the product line is Moonwlkr CBD + CBG Pain gummies. We have already talked about CBD but what is CBG? CBG is another one of the cannabinoids that is present in the help plant but in much smaller quantities. Each gummy is packed with 25mg of CBD and 10mg of CBG. Actually a 2017 study, CBG gas has more potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties than THC.”  They also added a gummy that mixes CBD with Ashwagandha to specifically target anxiety.  With both of these hemp derived gummies only come in one flavor, mixed berry.

4  Fab CBD Gummies 

Manufactured: United States 

Lab Certificates: Available online 

Cost: $59.00 per 750 mg jar 

Things We Like: Wide selection including CBD for dogs. 

Things We Don’t Like: Highest priced  

Fab CBD was founded back in 2017 and is based in Milwaukee, WI. The founding principle was to build a product line for the everyday person to feel comfortable supplementing with hemp. Their “anytime” CBD gummy is gluten free, non-GMO, fruit flavored and vegan friendly. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD isolate and is meant for taking as your post-workout recovery supplement.  The 30 servings per bottle will run you $59. The also offer a “nighttime” formula that includes 12.5mg of melatonin, CBD, 5-HTP, Ashwagandha and GABA to help you sleep. Find something that you like? Fab CBD also offers a “Discount Club” that is basically a subscription that offers reduced prices, as well as monthly giveaways and the opportunity to try their newest products first. The item that really caught my attention was the CBD Dog Treats. These snacks come in a “Crunchy Calm & Cool” flavor which actually is apple and peanut butter flavor. They are free of corn, wheat, soy and dairy. If we are going to treat ourselves to a better life, why not our best friend as well?

5  AndOtherBrands 

AndOtherBrands website is such a help! It is the most comprehensive side by side CBD comparison tool that I have been able to find online.  They take product selections from various CBD retailers across the internet, and you are able to compare them side by side.  If that wasn’t enough reason they also have a database of CBD companies and have put together a report on each of them. There is no more guessing if a particular retailer is selling genuine items or how long another site has been serving customers.  If you spend a few minutes looking around you will also find a very handy section that contains essays explaining the many benefits of CBD and their exact ways they assist conditions such as constipation or even heart disease.  This website is the one that helped me the most when I was first learning about CBD and its benefits.

I know that there is a lot of information for you to sort through and sometimes it can be a little too much to follow. Below you will find a helpful selection of the most frequently asked questions I come across.  


How many CBD Gummies should I eat? 

While most of the companies will give you suggested servings, every person is different.  There are many factors that come into play to determine the right dosage for hemp gummies for you.  Dr. Gary Mendelow advises that each new user should start with a smaller dosage to see how the edible affects you. After you get an idea then you can feel confident in adding to your dose. It is important to note that companies put varying amounts of CBD concentration in each gummy.  

Additionally, your metabolism rate can change based on the last time you ate, your weight and how active your lifestyle is.  Best recommendation is through trial.  Try one gummy your time and two the next day. Only you can tell how you feel and go along with what your body is telling you.  This is the same for any CBD that might have an additional additive like CBD for sleep which contains melatonin. Once you know the right mg of melatonin per night works for you then you can start to look for another product that might match the level you need. 

How are CBD Gummies made? 

The popular edibles are made the same way as regular gummies, but they infuse the CBD extract directly into the gelatin (or pectin for vegan formulas).  The CBD extraction process is used to extract cannabidiol from the hemp plant.  This is where you see the difference in full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate extracts. 

Where do I buy CBD Gummies near me? 

The best place to purchase CBD edibles to help with your pain is definitely online. There are many places for you to shop but some of the best places are the ones that I outlined for you above.  Some sellers have coupon codes right on their main page that offer a percentage savings or even free shipping, and some even give you a discount if you sign up for automatic ordering every so often. If you are going to bring CBD into your daily routine, it is advisable to find your savings where you can.  Why wait to feel like your old self again.  Review the sites above and compare the products for yourself and see what will work best for you. I would suggest trying several types and flavors to start you off.  After all, variety is the spice of life.   

Are CBD Gummies safe? 

Absolutely. The CBD is a natural ingredient. It is derived from the hemp plant. When you are taking cannabidiol gummies to help with pain, you are taking a natural product that is often organic and each batch has been lab tested.  Quality manager and manufacturing expert Anthony Cianfrani explains, “It is critical when purchasing any type of item you are ingesting to order from a transparent company who has their lab report easily available to inspect. This is the sign of a quality company and ensures you that you are getting what you paid for.” 

If you need help sleeping, usually that edible product that has been infused with melatonin.  Melatonin is a hormone that your body naturally produces to help regulate your sleep. There are many reasons why your body could be lacking the production as the body produces less as you age, or you could be simply stressed. By adding hemp derived gummies that are infused with synthetic melatonin to your bedtime regimen it can put you back into a regular sleep pattern. Your body needs sleep. It is the body’s time to heal and rejuvenate so you are at your peak the next day. Better sleep also means less inflammation for your body and less pain. Beloved CBD Gummies are the perfect additive for your daily intake. There is no risk of addiction or overdosing.

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