Folding Patio Doors: Everything You Need to Know


Folding doors differ from classic double-leaf models mainly in the way they open. The patio consists of two narrow canvases, which, when opened, move to the side perpendicular to the doorway and are pressed against each other. Each detail that is present on the door should fully comply with different criteria. 

Features of Folding Structures 

There are several distinctive features compared to classic hinged structures: 

  • The canvases do not open along a radius path, but along the guides, which does not require the installation of classic hinges. 
  • In the open position, such a door does not take up much space. This allows the owner of the premises to better organize the free space. 
  • The sash leaf is divided into 2 or more vertical stripes, fastened together with the help of movable hinges. 
  • The leaves are equipped with roller bearings on ball bearings, which, when opened, move along the skids installed in the upper or lower parts of the door. 
  • In the open position, folding doors form a structure of segments fixed perpendicular to the plane of the opening. 

Production Material 

All folding patio doors in Ottawa, presented in a wide range on the market of modern finishing materials, are made using various materials: 

  • Wood. The most expensive and high-quality products are considered to be products made from natural wood of valuable species — oak, ash, and larch. They are considered the most durable, they are supplied with a coating of different paint and varnish compositions. 
  • Veneer or eco-veneer. In both cases, the canvas or its sections are based on some inexpensive synthetic material, and the outer surface is covered on both sides with a thin layer of high-quality protective material. The difference between veneer is the use of a natural coating, while eco-veneer is made from environmentally friendly synthetic materials. 
  • Plastic. The material is widely used to create a lightweight construction of multisection doors. It features lightweight, easy operation, and low price, but poor sound insulation performance. 
  • Glass. It is widely used in both two-section and multisection structures. It can be made in the form of an insert with a frame made of solid or veneered material. Glass is often used as a one-piece structure for modern interior design. Such products have an increased mass and are made in the form of a triplex. 
  • Metal. It is used less often, but in ultra-modern interiors, it is often combined with plastic, glass and other materials, as a spectacular insert or frame. It is occasionally used as an independent material for interior design in an industrial style. 

There are other exotic materials available on the market, such as bamboo, which are suitable for expressive Japanese or Chinese-style designs. 


The folding opening mechanism includes two types of elements: 

  • rail — due to the attachment to it, the canvases are shifted; 
  • end hinges — provide folding of the wings. 

You should carefully choose other accessories. Handles with a recess are specially designed for book doors. They are most convenient for this door design, but only if you do not need to lock it from the inside. 

Asymmetrical Folding Patio Doors 

The canvases from which the folding door is assembled can be different in size: on the side where the canvas moves away, closer to the door jamb, you can install a sash, which is one-third narrower than the main one. Such a model is called asymmetric. It is much more convenient in business — a classic lock is installed. However, there are also disadvantages: 

  • a narrow canvas can only be deaf; 
  • not all manufacturers make such narrow sashes. 

As a rule, folding patio doors are rarely found on sale in a standard version and are delivered to customers on order. In addition to the dimensions, many other design requirements are imposed on the doors, and it is almost impossible to manufacture a standard product. When choosing such a door, you should take into account the number and size of each section, the material from which they are made, the style of execution, as well as the presence of glass. To give expressiveness to the doors, you can choose a unique pattern or interesting photo printing, which will be combined with the overall style of the interior. 

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