How much money can you make on OnlyFans in 2022


OnlyFans works on a subscription system and resembles a private club with paid content. To become a subscriber and view posts, users need to pay a fixed amount every month. The authors themselves set the cost. 

The project gained particular popularity at the beginning of 2020 when well-known webcam models, adult movie stars and world-famous celebrities began to register on the platform. Interest was fueled by stories about girls who decided to try, and then quit their main job. Among them were students and homemakers who did not have experience in this area and did not have impeccable external data. However, even they managed to earn tens of thousands of dollars. 

Today we will tell you how the platform works in 2022 and  how much money can you make on OnlyFans  today.  

OnlyFans price list 

The platform offers several ways to earn money: 

  1. Monthly subscriptions. You can earn selling access to your work. 
  1. Tips. Create content that your subscribers like and get donations. 
  1. Paid publication. Post exclusive content for access to which users will pay separately. 
  1. Private messaging. Interact with your fans, communicate and sell unique content in private messages. 

OnlyFans price list starts at $5 for a monthly subscription. At the same time, the system takes 20% of the model’s earnings per month. Thus, by setting a minimum cost and increasing the audience to one hundred subscribers, you can earn $ 400 per month plus donations. 

Today, the content makers get over $200 million monthly. Top OnlyFans creators’ earnings start from $10,000 per month and there is no limit.

How can men make money on OnlyFans 

Female adult content creators make the majority of the content posted on the platform. It is hard for a guy to make a living on Onlyfans because of the competition. However, some of the male content creators managed to make money posting unique content on the platform. 

That’s how men can make money on OnlyFans: 

  • creating elite lifestyle content with videos with videos from huge parties, exotic travels and high-end venues; 
  • making content as a couple with your partner; 
  • creating gay-friendly or bisexual content; 
  • on sexual fitness tips with free advices and paid video lessons. 

Of course, there are many more options for earning money for guys. We have only listed the most common topics. 

OnlyFans troubles 

The main problem of OnlyFans is that it really has become an exclusive club. Today, only creators with an already established audience can quickly gain popularity and earn large sums on the site. 

This situation is also caused by the fact that the platform developers did not provide creators with promotion tools within the platform. The only way to attract new subscribers is to advertise your page on third-party sites. 

Thus, if you do not have an army of followers on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, it will be difficult for you to succeed on OnlyFans. Luckily, we have a solution!

Best OnlyFans alternative 

FriendsOnly  is a revolutionary social network made especially for content makers. 

We’ve mixed the best features of subscription based platforms with the convenience of social networks like TikTiok and Instagram. You will be able to earn in the same way as on the other subscription platforms, but also receive convenient promotion tools. 

Unlike OnlyFans, we help our authors to engage new audiences. Our main page is an endless video stream with free content published by our bloggers to attract new followers.  

Just make original content and our recommendation algorithms will show you work to every user of the platform. Promotion does not depend on the number of subscribers, but on the quality and uniqueness of the content. 

Join FriendsOnly — the platform that cares!

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