5 tips from Funchatt to deal with people who talk too much


Funchatt is a worldwide communication platform which allows you to interact with people from different countries. If you are a talker and there is not enough communication around, Funchatt is your space to find people who are fun and ready to chat.  

Each person has their qualities and unique features both in online communication spaces and in real life. However, sometimes we come across chronic talkers — chatterbox people, who are not ready to listen to others, but are totally ready to let you hover in their endless word flood. It seems like impulsive speakers can never keep quiet even if they want to. Without listening to others, their constant murmuring becomes a headache to others. Conversations with chronic talkers are one-sided affairs, where they continuously want to hog the limelight.  

Communication is an equal exchange of thoughts. But when you are not getting a chance to speak, it becomes a reason for your time wastage and drained energy. We have 5 tips for you to take control of the situation smartly. 

Here are the 5 tips to help you better deal with chronic talkers: 

1) Set up a strict time frame 

Funchatt is a great platform to have meaningful conversations, but conversations with people who talk too much are one-sided, annoying and unending. Setting up time boundaries beforehand will not hurt the talkative person, as they tend to understand the time limits. For example, you can begin by saying, “I have five minutes before my cab arrives” or “Let’s catch up during the lunch break.” 

If the talker gets hold of you impromptu, and you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, put your thoughts politely forward. You can stream that you will need to meet at some other convenient time and resume the conversation later. You can say, “Hey, it was nice talking to you. I am getting late. Let’s meet later during the evening.” In this way, you can let the talker know that it’s not a good time to have a lengthy talk. On communication platforms like Funchatt, you can always resume the conversation from where you left. 

2) Engage in a conversation 

After setting a limited time frame for the conversation, be actively involved in a conversation to let the talker know that you are listening and ready to share your thoughts. Don’t try to ignore the talker, it can lead them to talk even more. Instead, engage in meaningful conversation by asking questions, making recommendations, and exchanging opinions in the set time frame. You shouldn’t be shy to interrupt the person and express your thoughts with confidence at a deliberate pace. It may also foster a good relationship, as you become better at handling the talker. Employing these tricks, utilizing platforms like Funchatt for practice becomes more fun in real life conversations. 

3) Set your boundaries 

While interacting with a talkative person, it becomes so overwhelming that your boundaries may drop. Talkers don’t know where to stop, and you out of politeness get lost in a whirlwind of useless information. To avoid such situations, set your boundaries! Your time is your asset, don’t give more than you can. If while conversing you feel like the other person is not valuing your time and effort, and you step beyond your comfort zone, it is okay to set boundaries in a more strict tone. You don’t need to be intimidated by setting a time limit for yourself and interrupt the talker to inform them you need to go NOW. 

4) Take time off to rejuvenate 

If the talker is your close friend or colleague with whom you interact daily and cannot get away from them, it is essential to spend quality time alone, replenishing your calm. Our minds have some limits of information processing, and sometimes it gets way too cluttered. In such times, spend some time without people who talk too much. It’s good to rejuvenate yourself with sports, meditation, and hiking in nature. These kinds of activities will keep your mind peaceful and help you relax. Calm mind helps you better deal with others.  

Another way to rejuvenate yourself is to talk with like-minded people who are fun to chat with on Funchatt. Here you can attempt to bid goodbye to loneliness and boredom, joining a community of people who seek joyful interactions in their lives. 

5) Be kind  

Kindness is the virtue of a strong and intelligent person. Persistent talkers have this quality that they rather can’t or don’t know yet how to deal with. With kindness and solid boundaries, you can deal with talkers without getting irritated much. Talkativeness can appear due to many reasons like depression, loneliness or boredom. Kindness will help you find patience to deal with excessive talkers. Being kind costs you nothing, but it goes a long way in building successful relationships over time.  

Let’s learn to deal with diverse people on Funchatt! 

On the communication platform Funchatt you have an opportunity to meet diverse people coming together from different cultures, belief systems, and backgrounds. It is essential to know how to deal with them differently to utilize the benefits of the platform to its fullest.  

Dealing with excessive talkers is not as difficult as it seems to be. The person with this trait cannot resist talking, because they formed a habit of talking overtly. However, keeping the above pointers in check, you can successfully deal with any talker and get a better communicator over time.  

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