Can I Play Video Games Without Installation?


Increased popularity of online video games is one of the main features, which characterize today’s gaming industry. More and more gamers among experienced users and newbies prefer online games to classic ones, which require installation. 

Online video games, which are often called browser ones, are games that could be played without a necessary installation on your device. Such games are available on online gaming platforms like Game Karma. To start enjoying a game all you need to do is to go to the gaming website, register a personal account, and select a game. 

Online games do not differ from typical video games, which need to be installed on the gadgets. What is different is the preparation for the playing and the gaming process itself. Thus, you do not need to download a game, just make sure you have a good Internet connection.  

How to Start Playing Online Games on Gaming Platforms? 

To be able to enjoy exciting video games offered by online platforms it is necessary to sign up. Most gaming websites provide simple and fast registration procedures, which are quite similar to each other on different websites. 

All you need to do is to: 

  • Go to the main page of the platform  
  • Click the Sign Up/Register button 
  • Fill out the registration form (email, password, nickname) 
  • Confirm the signing up  

The necessity of the users’ registration assures the safety of the platform and gamers. In addition, it is convenient for gamers, inasmuch as the platform gets your email and can send you games collection update announcements.     

Why Choose Online Video Gaming?  

Main benefits of the online video gaming: 

  • No more installation 
  • Forget about the disappointment from the wrong choice  
  • Great selection of games 
  • Possibility to entertain with friends 

No More Installation  

Traditionally to get a possibility to start playing it is necessary to provide an installation process and then wait. Experienced gamers know how long and irritating can be the downloading.  

What is more, it is complicated to get all games you want. Inasmuch as the device storage has its limits. So, every new install will require the removal of something. 

When it comes to online games, you just open the site and start playing. No waiting and additional actions.  

Forget about the Disappointment from the Wrong Choice  

When you choose an installed game, you have no chance to try it to understand, if you like this game or not. So, it is quite easy to waste time and money on the game, which you will delete after the first session. However, with online gaming, this problem does not exist anymore.  

Great Selection of Games 

Online gaming platforms offer a great variety of game genres and add novelties on a regular basis. So, you do not need to waste time on the search. 

Possibility to Entertain with Friends 

It is possible to play online games by yourself or with friends. Moreover, you can get together with your company offline as well as online.  

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