Rykka Care Centre’s Arbour Creek Care Centre


Rykka ‘Care Centre’s Arbour Creek Care Centre is a privately owned care centre with trained and experienced staff. It provides quality care within its community and serves as the hub for many groups, such as families, seniors, and children. There are 128 beds available for residents’ stay. The centre provides trained nursing care, rehabilitative therapies, and state-of-the-art technology. 

Rykka Care Centre is the parent company of Arbour Creek Care Centre. Its goal is to provide you with peace of mind when you need it most. It provides services, such as private accommodations, 24/7 nursing care, rehabilitation, and more with experienced care staff. 

Arbour Creek Care Centre prides itself on meeting your expectations for quality care for any age. With its consistently sized spacious rooms and common areas, you can know that the staff will take care of your loved one in every way possible. 

The care centre helps seniors to enjoy life to the fullest. It provides many programs and services it designs to meet your needs as an individual or group. Its caring staff, home-like setting, and convenient location all work together to ensure you feel at home while receiving quality care. 

You can count on Rykka Care Centre to take care of your loved ones with dignity and compassion. Its focus is on seniors who need support in their day-to-day activities. 

Its residents enjoy the privacy of the terraced, outdoor garden balconies surrounding the building. Enjoy the natural beauty of the escarpment while enjoying the residents’ beautiful gardens with views of Lake Ontario. The staff of Arbour Creek Care Centre looks forward to welcoming you and your family into its care centre. 

Vision, Mission, and Values – Rykka Care Centres 

Vision: Arbour Creek Care Centre believes everyone deserves a better quality of life and helps those living with health conditions through various programs. 

Mission: The care centre helps improve quality of life and care for people who might not have the resources for care. 


  • A personal touch: Its friendly team knows how important it is to connect with you in a meaningful way. 
  • Home-like care: The care centre offers privacy, peace, and comfort. 
  • Quality care: Personalized, high-quality care without compromising the cost of its services. 
  • Friendly staff: Its caring staff strives to make you feel welcome and respected every time. 


Arbour Creek Care Centre makes it easy for residents by providing a range of amenities, including rooms with ensuite washrooms and having furniture, such as beds, night tables, and dressers. It ensures that residents are always comfortable. The centre encourages residents to furnish rooms with their personal items. It allows patients and families to maintain a sense of autonomy while still ensuring they have the same quality of life. 

Rykka Care Centre’s Arbour Creek Care Centre provides short-stay accommodation. 

Long-term accommodations at Arbour Creek include private and basic stays. Private accommodations are for those who need a lot of personal care, while basic accommodations are for those who require less care service. 

It offers an interim bed program that allows residents to stay. Arbour Creek Care Centre provides an interim bed service for patients admitted to the hospital. After a short stay, they will transition to long-term care in the care centre. The residents can stay up to 120 days. 

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides long-term care. The ministry regulates the co-pay amount paid by residents in a long-term care home. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care oversees the rates for pathology and audiology services in the province. These rates are regularly reviewed, with an updated breakdown available on the website. 

Personal Care Services – Rykka Care Centres  

Arbour Creek Care Centre recognizes the needs of each resident and provides care that fosters individuals’ autonomy, diversity, and choice. The staff values the strengths and wisdom of each resident and works closely with each individual to develop a plan that best suits their needs. 

The care services of the centre include dental care, psychological, social counseling, physiotherapy, and speech therapy. It offers both individual and group programs for residents with special needs. It provides weekly physician visits, 24-hour registered nursing care, diagnostic imaging, lab services, pharmacy, and infection control. 

Arbour Creek Care Centre offers support, discussion groups, and advocacy. It is open seven days a week and provides laundry service and housekeeping. In-home clinics are available. The clinic offers other services, such as psychiatry, dental/dentures, dermatology, and advanced foot care. 

About Rykka Care Centre’s Arbour Creek Care 

Arbour Creek Care Centre provides its residents with the best-in-class care and treatment. It understands the importance of your care from the moment you arrive. It offers you a tour of your home, orientation sessions with our team, information about its services and amenities, and opportunities to meet people who share your interests to make your transition as easy as possible. 

The staff of Rykka Care Centre is fully committed to the well-being of its residents. It provides dignity and independence to each resident and maintains an atmosphere of comfort and kindness. The staff regularly interacts with residents and family members to better understand what is happening in their daily lives. 

As well as providing quality day-to-day care, Arbour Creek Care Centre also offers guests a choice of accommodation that includes hospitality services such as breakfast and dinner, personalized service and transportation, and free Wi-Fi and room service. 

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