Top 10 Mature Women Dating Sites: Free Dating Apps for Older Women


Dating is meant for people to find someone who matches their interests. It doesn’t matter what your age is. You can always find a date. The problem with many of the regular dating websites is that they are frequented by youngsters. Finding a date could be an issue on such websites. 

This is why we suggest you use the services of mature women dating sites. These websites have been specifically designed keeping you in mind. The website allows older women to find an ideal partner easily. This is a great way for you to find love and companionship. Most such sites are easy to use, and you can quickly find matches. 

Whether you want a younger man or an older one, you can find them easily on these dating apps and sites. Share your detailed profile and get matches from the website. All that remains is to select the right match and fix a date, it is that easy. 

To help you get started, we have a compilation of the 10 best dating sites and apps meant for mature women. Check out these sites and get started on your dating journey today. 

For the skimmers amongst us who just want a quick summary of what our opinion is on the best dating sites out there, here are our top 5. You can read on to learn more about each of them. 

  1. Senior match  
  1. Millionaire match  
  1. Eharmony 
  1. Older women dating   
  1. Elite singles   

1. Senior match

This dating website for seniors has more than 1 million members who have signed up and are using it. The website is projected as a dating website for people over the age of 50. The site claims 36,000 success stories with more than 1.6 million conversations every month. 

Whether you are looking for relationship, companionship, travel mates, or activity partners, Senior match can help find the perfect match. Since the site is restricted to people over the age of 50, the site is convenient for mature women to use. As can be seen, the site is not merely a dating site. Even if you want to find someone of you age to travel with or for any activity, you can find a match here. 

The site is very clear that people below the age of 50 will not be allowed to register. This makes the site convenient for seniors to find someone of their age and interests. The site for mature members would be very helpful for women who long for companionship or relationship. You may be planning a trip and looking for someone to be with you. That person could be a member of this site. 

 SeniorMatch is created by professionals who have worked in this field for 21+ years. They use their expertise to help you get a perfect match. Registration is simple and can be done within minutes. 

You can create a profile and respond to queries once you register. You can choose to be a premium member and get advanced tools to help you find a perfect match. The site also offers valuable dating tips and advice for seniors. If this sounds interesting to you, you can click here to register for Senior Match

2. Millionaire Match

As the name suggests, this is a dating site meant for millionaires. It is a site for wealthy people to find a partner who is as wealthy as them. This site is strictly not a seniors dating site but is a site for millionaires. 

If you are a millionaire and want to find a date or partner who earns as much as you, this site will be helpful. The site right now restricts its operations to developed countries. The criteria to join this site is that you need to be earning $200,000 per year. There are more than 5 million members registered on this site. 

The site caters mainly to CEOs, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, and other professionals. The site makes it clear that it is not to find sugar daddies or any other such similar relationships. This is a dating site for high quality singles. The site has dating advice, safety tips, and even offers a luxury lifestyle blog for its members. 

The free version of the site has limitations, and you would be encouraged to become a premium member. Free members cannot send messages to others. This ensures you are forced to become a premium member to use all the features of the site. The site has an interesting feature Spark that displays the photo of potential matches. They also have a concierge VIP service that functions offline enabling members to find the perfect match. If this sounds interesting to you, you can click here to register for Millionaire Match

3. Eharmony 

Eharmony claims to be the No. 1 trusted website. The dating website operates in different niche areas, including seniors. If you are a mature woman looking for a date, then this is a great site to use. If you are an older woman and looking for a younger man, you will find this site very helpful. The site is mainly used by women looking for serious relationships and not for a casual fling. 

You have two options to get on to the platform. One is to create your profile using the free registration. This can be a cumbersome process. The free membership also has some limitations. If you want to start using the site quickly, then you can choose the paid subscription service. 

They have an excellent matching system that will help you find the perfect match. Eharmony keeps updating its algorithm frequently. This ensures they stand a notch above others when it comes to matchmaking. Their successful operations have helped them to win many awards for the years. 

Using their premium service is a great way to be able to find the right match. A downside of the app is that the premium service is expensive. Some users have expressed unhappiness over the results. Opting for a trial is a good way to test the site’s features before you sign up. The site offers dating advice for members with useful articles. You can also read the success stories of the site before you sign up and start using it. If you are interested, you can click here to register for eHarmony

4. Older women dating  

This is a niche website that is meant for older women who are looking for a date or a relationship. The site specifically focused on older women who want younger man. It is by no means a new site, but has been operational since 2004. While the site has experience, the design of the site is old, which is a downside. 

You can sign up to be a part of this site fairly quickly. It will take you hardly 5 minutes. The site has an option where you can use your Facebook credentials to login, which is faster. You need to verify your profile after which you can start looking for matches. 

Like most other sites, the free version only allows you to see members. You cannot message them without being a paid member. If you pay a subscription to be a paid member, there are many advanced features that you will be able to use. Premium members can use all the site features, so it makes it easy to find a match. 

Once you find a match, you can start interacting. You can then decide to share photos. Using the private album is a good way to share photos only with the person of your choice. These photos cannot be seen by anyone else. The app on the site works on both the iOS and Android platforms making it convenient to use. An interesting thing about this site is that it has more men than women. This is actually good for you since you have a wide selection to choose from. If this sounds interesting to you, you can click here to register of

5. Elite singles 

Elite Singles is one of the well-known dating sites. The site serves different niches including professionals, Christians, and those over 60. Using this site is the perfect way older women can find men. The website is known for being one of the fast-growing dating communities. Registering on their website will help you find the partner you always dreamt of finding. 

The website pays a lot of information to verification of members. This ensures that the match you find is legitimate. The website does online verification of members. They also do manual verification. This ensures there is no scope of the misuse of the site. You can trust the website to find the right match for you. 

An interesting feature on this site is the personality test. It may seem odd to do a personality test but it helps the site to understand you clearly, so they can suggest the best match. A problem users have with this feature is that the personality test may take up to 45 minutes, which is too lengthy. But going through this test will help you find the best match. 

The high success rate of this website is one of the reasons why you should use it. Every month 2000 couples are added in more than 20 countries. The intelligent matchmaking system would assure you of being able to find the person you always wanted to meet. You can click here if you interested in registering with Elite Singles

6. Silver singles

This site would be ideal for mature women since it focuses on people above 50. The site being exclusive for older people make it ideal for senior women to find a match. The site has undergone many changes over the years, including name changes. The new site is now perfect for older women to meet younger men. The site has more than 800,000 users joining each month. This is a testament to the site’s popularity. 

Registering on this website is pretty easy. The quick registration process can be followed by a search to find a match. Even with a free account, you can view profiles of matches for free. The biggest benefit of this website is that you can use the free account to even send photos and chat with other members. An interesting feature is that the site insists the profile should be short. This brief profile would be easy for members to peruse making it easy for people to find you. 

The website strongly believes that the most important criteria for finding a match is compatibility. You may be surprised if you find a match far away from you. This is because the site believes finding a compatible partner is more important than other factors. The filters on the website make it easy to search for matches. The site has a customer support option that will help you get your queries answered. If Silver Singles sounds like a website you’d like to try out, you can register by clicking here.  

7. Cougar Life

The name of this website tells you that this website is meant for cougars. If you didn’t know the meaning of cougar, it refers to an older woman looking for a younger man. This site is perfect for older women to use, since it helps them find the perfect match. Like all other sites, this site has both free and paid options. The free option can help you find matches, but the paid option gives you more features. 

The paid subscription allows you access to all the features of the website. You can exchange photos with members once you get access to the paid subscription. The website has an easy registration allowing you to quickly start finding matches. There is also an app that makes it convenient for you to access the platform using your mobile phone. Using the app helps you get notifications whenever you find a match or get a message. 

Another interesting option enabled by the site is being able to send gifts. Once you find a match and are impressed, you can send a gift to the member. The website comes with various filters that you can use to find the perfect match. Cougar life has a good algorithm that has helped the site match many couples. 

The site has a blog that would be very useful. It has many articles that give you advice on how to find a match. There are also other general articles related to dating and relationships. You can even find advice on how to take a sexy selfie. The site has comprehensive resources for cougars to help them find the best match. You can click here to registre for Cougar Life

8. Adult Friend Finder 

Among the various websites for seniors, Adult friend finder is one of the well-known platforms. This site is known for advertising extensively. You would have probably seen their ads or information about them in many places. This popular website not only helps you find a match but offers interesting content that can be entertaining. This is an old site that has been operational from 1996. Over the years, the website has helped older women find matches. This has led to the site’s popularity making it famous not only in the US but also in other countries. 

The site has more than 8 million users with thousands of users signing up every hour. The team at Adult Friend Finder ensures that using the site offers a seamless experience. The site is one of the largest dating sites in the world. This makes it easy for you to find a match. You will easily find matches thanks to the sheer numbers on this site. 

The site is flexible and allows you different options depending on your need. If you are looking for a casual relationship, you can find it easily on this website. The site does not object to any kind of relationships. If you want companionship or a serious relationship, you can still find matches on this site. The site is more suited for those looking for non-traditional dating. 

Joining this site is easy. Registration hardly takes 10 minutes to complete. You can immediately start searching for a match. The free option will allow you to find matches, but you cannot get the full advantages of the site. When you take a paid membership, you get access to messaging and chat. This allows you to start engaging with people you meet, so you can start the dating game. If Adult Friend Finder sounds good to you, you can register by clicking here

9. Mature Dating

Mature Dating is a website meant for mature people looking for a date. The site has a restriction where it does not allow people more than 40 years of age to register. When you join this site, you can find a match easily. You could either find a man the same age as you or you could even look for someone younger. The site gives you many options to find a match of your choice. 

The site has plenty of useful features to help you find a match. You can search for members based on various criteria. You can search based on age. This will help you find a person who is the same age as yours, younger, or older. Location of the member is another criterion that you can use to find a match. If you want to unlock all the features of the website, you need a paid membership. 

The site is an established one and has been operational for more than 18 years. You can register for the site easily. Just 5 minutes is all you need to sign up. The site has a validation process to verify members, so only authentic members use the site. Once you are validated, you can start finding matches. The validation process would be completed within 24 hours of submitting your profile. 

There are more than 2 million members registered on this website. This ensures you will easily find a person who matches your profile. If you want to get the best out of this site, you can get the premium membership. This site is active mainly in the US and Canada. You can click here to register for

10. Age match 

The unique aspect of this website is that it calls itself an ‘age gap dating platform’. This is an important requirement in the dating market. There are many people who would like to date those younger than them or even older. The age gap can pose a problem while using dating platforms. Age match factors in this age gap while finding a match. This helps older women find someone younger easily. There are more than 800,000 US members on this website. 

The platform has a website to access its features. They also have an app you can use on the mobile phone. It uses the swiping option to help find matches. This is how it works. Sign up for the website and submit your profile. Start going through profiles that match your requirements. Start swiping through profiles to find the one best suited. 

The site has a feature that offers a perfect match where it finds one. The site algorithm ensures that if there is someone who perfectly matches your requirements, their details are immediately displayed. Else, swipe through the profiles until you find one who you like. During the registration, there are fun questions included. The answers to the questions make it easy for the site algorithm to find a match for you. 

Once you find a profile, send a wink to show interest. Add the profile to your favorite list, so it is saved. If you want to access all the features of this website, then you can choose the premium or paid subscription. With the paid subscription, you can start sending private messages and even photos. Start chatting and once you like the profile, plan a date to take things ahead. If you Age Match sounds like your preferred option, you can click here to register.  

Conclusion – Find A Match 

Now that you know the best sites for senior dating, it is time to pick the best site for you.  

Go through the features of the site as mentioned and choose the one you find suits your requirements the best. Register on the site and start finding matches.  

Most sites offer a host of features. The free membership would allow you access to many features. However, paying for membership will allow you to get the best of the site.  

The site’s algorithm will help you find matches. Start chatting and interacting with your matches, so you get to know about them better. Once you are happy with your choice, plan a date to take things forward. Good luck. 

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