Top 5 kids’ party theme ideas 2022


Deciding the right theme is essential to your kid’s party. However, deciding what theme to go for can be quite confusing at times. You have to keep a lot of factors in mind, from decor to setup and choosing the right party rental in kendall. It can be quite a challenge to execute the theme since you shall have so much to plan from. 

To make things easy for yourself, let’s discuss below some of the best themes you can base your kid’s party around. 

1: Superhero theme party

Kids love superheroes. Every kid wants to grow up and be one. Having a party with a superhero theme is just a dream come true for some kids. Just tell your kid to dress up like a superhero, and they will just waltz into the costume and run around all day.

However, to make your superhero theme party a success, you shall need to have a proper setup. To save yourself from the hassle, you contact party rental in kendall to arrange the perfect location and set up for you.

2: Creative theme party

Kids are extremely creative and looking for chances to express their creativity. They also love to paint and play around with colors. Set a theme around creativity and allow those tiny artists to unleash their talents. Deco. Rate the walls around with creative paintings and drawing sheets. You can also arrange creative games amongst them and reward the winner. 

This shall create an environment of healthy competition, making the party much more enjoyable.

3: Stranger things theme party

With its season 4 being recently released, the hype of this show is through the roof right now. The most important thing is that kids love it since the show is based on a couple of kids and their adventures. Who doesn’t want to visit Hawkins? 

So give your kids an experience of the upside-down in their very own stranger things theme party. The good thing for you is that costumes and decor shall be easily available due to the show’s popularity.

4: Lego theme party

Breaking down things and building them up is 2nd nature. Having a lego theme party is like giving your kids a taste of their heaven. You can set up the arrangement with large-sized lego blocks and lego games. 

You can also have lego shaped slides and rides in place so kids can play around them. The clothing of kids also gets interesting, and no one will run out of ideas of what to wear. 

5: Save the earth theme party

Children pick on what they are taught earlier on in their life. Climate change is an important topic, and children should be educated on the matter from an early age. 

Having an earth theme party shall allow kids not only to have fun but also educate them on an important topic. You can decorate with posters elaborating save the earth campaigns and ask children to wear earth costumes. 


Having the right theme for your kids’ party shall set the tone and shall make their day. Be sure to ask your kid about their preferences and choose the theme which best suits them. To choose from a variety of party setups and locations to make your kids’ party stand out, be sure to visit party rental in kendall.

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