Why Directorii is the new roofing marketplace homeowners can’t keep quiet about


What is a marketplace? 

The term “marketplace” repeatedly comes up when we’re looking to buy something. Indeed, it’s a physical or online central location where buyers can access and evaluate numerous sellers marketing the same product or service category. It represents a compelling alternative versus trying to find viable solutions to a problem randomly across the entire internet in a hit-or-miss fashion. Congregating like-vendors in a trade fair setting or on a single website: 

  • Creates focus 
  • Saves potential customers time by presenting a range of similar seller propositions. 

However, not all marketplaces provide equal due diligence and backup if the brand selected fails to meet the pre-purchase hype. So, cutting to the chase, this article is about a unique roofing marketplace that meets the critical benchmarks customers expect to see when hiring a roofing contractor with confidence. 

In the narrative below, you’ll see why local, licensed, and insured contractors are vital ingredients of every successful roofing project. Next, learn how a line-up of roofers fully vetted on financial standing and experience connect with you instantly. Finally, we’ll show you some massive benefits the marketplace’s sponsor - Directorii - offers alongside its standard agreement. The latter stands out for three things: 

  1. Transparency with no catches hidden in the small print. 
  1. Guaranteeing you the best manufacturers’ brands in the US 
  1. Extraordinary backup warranties, tying everything together. 

It all converges on delivering a positive and memorable customer experience. Appreciating the value of Directorii has a lot more to it than meets the eye of anyone needing a new construction roof, replacement, or repair. So, it requires a deep look into why an effective roofing marketplace contains meaningful advantages in 2022 and long-term into the future. 

The current hot real estate market is a game-changer 

We’re in one countrywide, with average home prices rising by 20% year-on-year in most states and over 30% in many. The Covid pandemic that closed homeowner families off from socializing for months on end brought us to the realization that our residence is a valuable asset. Nothing beats growing your wealth while you enjoy a fully or semi-remote work lifestyle with family around you in a community that welcomes you. 

However, investments in wood, concrete, and shingle constructions baking in the hot sun day in and day out, pounded by wind and rain, and contracting in the bitter cold of winter need tender love and care. Repairs and maintenance, two items we generally only give a passing thought to, are front and center of our thinking today. The surging remodeling and renovation trend has spurred the demand for designers, builders, and contractors. Escalating property values go hand in hand with home improvements to support ongoing capital growth. 

Defective roofing can spoil the party 

One of the prominent aspects of any residence is the roof, especially if it’s touching 20 years or more. Or perhaps you live in Florida’s hurricane alley, where category three winds are enough to rattle the sturdiest underlayments and roof supports. Nothing detracts more from market appeal than a shoddy-looking roof or one that’s leaking water into your attic and beyond. Unfortunately, unwelcome water in the home’s system grows dangerous mold, rots wood, soaks electricals, gets into the drywall, and worse. 

For businesses as well 

Then there are commercial office buildings, factories, warehouses, and retail structures where protecting employees, equipment, assets, and inventory is a priority. The problem frequently begins with one severe weather event. Unfortunately, the disaster doesn’t land in your lap most times until a second or third one hits. Strange smells from the air conditioning or damp spots on the walls and ceilings are telltale signs, but they are hardly professional methods you can rely on. Regular roof inspections with the latest technology tools can pay huge dividends by detecting splits and fractures before they have a chance to spread mayhem. 

Let’s get real when it comes to roofing 

Every homeowner, landlord, or property manager will likely face a roofing problem, minor to severe, over the lifetime of their stay in a property. Theoretically, roofs should serve real estate owners well for twenty to fifty years, with some notable exceptions: 

  • Mother nature invariably kicks these predictions to the curb in the middle of climate change. 
  • A shoddy initial installation rears its ugly head when you least expect it. 
  • What about overhanging trees dropping their branches, often creating substantial damage? 
  • Then there’s defective guttering, pooling water (on flat roofs), and critters burrowing through openings into your attic. 

The above are common roofing issues we seldom consider. Yet, when we want to make an insurance claim, searching for a roofing remedy starts in earnest. It shouldn’t be that way. 

Finding a competent roofer when you need one – that’s the problem 

Yes, it’s a complaint heard over and over. But, unfortunately, roofing disturbances don’t arrive in a neat package when you most expect them. Instead, nine times out of ten, it’s a mess you have to clean up quickly to stem further damage at the most inconvenient time. 

Many customer experiences in the search process are not exactly inspiring. For example: 

  • Severe storms, sometimes with hail, hit entire communities, not just a house. Thus, there’s a mad scramble to get hold of a local expert, competing with all the neighbors. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get left with the short end of the stick in such a situation. 
  • Price gouging under pressured circumstances is prolific – especially from a predatory roofer category known as “storm chasers.” So what can you do about it, even if you know you’re on that bandwagon? You’re desperate to get things fixed, so generally you close your eyes and sign. 
  • Buyers find there’s no reliable way to verify roofers’ financial standing, access their genuine reviews, or substantiate that the candidates they’re considering are competent. 
  • Misrepresentation comes easily to bad actors in the roofing industry. Roofers say they’re licensed and insured, but how do you check these things? You’re not even sure why those two compliances are essential. 
  • Also, the damage appears to warrant an insurance claim. However, the dividing line between natural depreciation and insurable loss is murky. You may assume that professional roofers also help you present a convincing argument, but do they? Occasionally, but frequently they leave you to your own devices. 

New construction and replacement roofs run into thousands of dollars. Even repair jobs that involve detailed leak detection, patching, and sealing can be expensive. If the job goes wrong, it can turn into a monetary calamity. Did you know that hiring an uninsured contractor makes you liable for injuries its employees incur on your premises? Saying that the contractor said he was insured isn’t a strong defense. 

Moreover, unlicensed companies in the local jurisdiction will create severe problems securing permits and passing municipality inspections. So, if any roofer urges you to agree to a discounted, undocumented cash arrangement, thus dodging the protocols that traditionally come with written roofing agreements, run a mile. It’s the first sign of big trouble ahead. 

Directorii is a roofing marketplace that erases all customer pain points. 

The Directorii team consists of roofing professionals headed by a well-known entrepreneur in the field, Dimitry Lipinskiy, who wasted no time in compiling a marketplace proposition that’s second to none. As a result, homeowners and landlords can access candidates from the Directorii recommended lists with the utmost peace of mind. The latter offers an integrated solution that addresses every small concern and obstacle that traditionally creates buyer hesitation. 

The marketplace covers most US states and Canadian provinces and provides roofing companies for each customer inquiry. Consider the following benefits when you connect with Directorii directly or online: 

  • The company has vetted every recommended roofer for sound financial standing and relevant insurance cover. 
  • One hundred percent of the submitted candidates operate in your area with a physical office address you can visit. Moreover, they comply with all the local licensing requirements to avoid unnecessary inspection delays down the line. 
  • The reviews you see are honest and written by identified past customers. The Directorii team is pedantic about substantiating details like that. 
  • The proposed contractors for you to interview have the verified know-how and experience to perform the multiple tasks involved in sustainable roofing solutions. 
  • Customers can take it as a given that the Directorii candidate roofers are end-to-end experts. The latter competently deploys the latest leak detection technologies and offers you a choice of modern manufacturer-guaranteed materials. Also, they only install with state-of-the-art methods after meticulous preparation. 
  • Although applying for permits and coordinating inspections is the customer’s responsibility, your Directorii roofer takes those hassles off your shoulders. 
  • Motivating and compiling insurance claims under professional contractor guidance comes with the Directorii straightforward signed agreement. 
  • A narrow price thread connects all the quotes for your consideration, complying with strict industry standards and guidelines. 

A peace-of-mind package 

You have to admit the peace-of-mind package presented above is everything a roofing service customer could ask for. It saves one the considerable aggravation of going it alone in evaluating roofer reviews, unearthing credit history, and locating all the relevant industry certificates. Indeed, it’s too much overload to take on while the roof buckles and water pours in, damaging the property interior. In short, Directorii closes the gaps left in the wake of even the most motivated self-due-diligence that frequently fails to connect all the dots in a significantly arduous process. 

Still, one massive piece of the roofing jigsaw puzzle is missing. It begs the question: What happens if, despite everything Directorii represents, the project falls short of expectations and the customer has valid complaints? Never fear; this marketplace has thought of that as well. 

The Directorii $20,000 insurance cover – What it means 

There are very few entities in the marketplace space that offer a monetary parachute as a safety precaution for securing job completion under any circumstances. Angi and Homeadvisor provide it in the general home improvement arena. Now, Directorii focuses on everything roofing and puts money behind their recommendations. Like any compensatory guarantees, there are terms and conditions you should read carefully. Nonetheless, giving customers significant coverage (i.e., up to $20,000) for unsatisfactory contractor-centric results takes the customer experience to another level. 

  • First, it dispels worries about scheduling glitches that drag the project far beyond the agreed deadline. 
  • Second, it conclusively removes concerns of not getting the right materials and skills when you need them because the contractor has a shallow bank account and insufficient resources. 
  • Third, you can depend on the marketplace’s guarantees to address the black holes if or when they appear. 


The Directorii team represents all the resources, financial backing, and industry connections you need for any project – shingles, flat roofing, or metal. In addition, the company ensures you get what you expect when entering the roofing service arena. They know it’s a business with many moving parts. The Directorii formula, curated over the years, works better than anyone’s. So much so that the marketplace has expanded into offering window, siding, gutter, and HVAC contractor recommendations on the same platform. So, if you have projects in these categories that call for insights on the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing materials, extending to manufacturer extended warranties (aside from the $20,000 marketplace insurance), contact Directorii. 

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