4 Tips to Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone in the Family


Do you ever feel like the people in your life get harder to shop for as time goes on? When we’re young, giving and receiving gifts can be one of the most enjoyable parts of celebrating a holiday or special occasion. Shopping for kids’ gifts is fairly straightforward – after all, it’s not too difficult to excite them with anything that keeps them entertained, stimulates their curiosity, or amplifies their creativity. 

Giving gifts can be just as fun as an adult’s, but sometimes it can take a lot more time and energy to find the right fit for your loved ones. It can get even trickier when you consider how many opportunities for gift-giving there are throughout the year – if it’s not Christmas or Hanukkah, it’s someone’s birthday, Father’s Day, or an anniversary. 

Finding the perfect gift for a family member can be quite the quest, especially if you’re shopping for the type of person who insists they “don’t need anything” or buy anything they want for themselves. Whether you’ve known the person your entire life or just met them, there can be a lot of pressure to find a gift that matches their personality while still conveying the kind of personal touch that shows you care about them and want to make them happy. 

With all that in mind, what is the secret to finding the perfect gift for any occasion? Here are a few great gift ideas to consider the next time you’re browsing your favorite shop or clicking around online:

1. Find something that will make your loved one’s life easier

No matter your family member’s job, lifestyle, hobby, or living situation, you can count on one thing: they probably wish they had more hours in a day and fewer menial tasks to worry about daily. This is why getting them a gift that simplifies some aspect of their life is a perfect choice. 

For instance, who doesn’t get tired every once in a while of running to the store, planning meals for the week, and figuring out what recipes to try day after day? Purchasing a meal delivery service subscription is an incredibly thoughtful way to support your busy family member who may need a break from planning meals and making time in their day to shop for groceries themselves. This is an especially great gift for someone with a demanding job schedule, such as healthcare professionals, lawyers, or anyone else who may work long hours and may be too tired to plan meals but too cost- or health-conscious to order out every night. 

Any service that helps people take care of everyday tasks with minimal effort will be welcome. Other ideas include weekly laundry delivery services, a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime, or a Stamps.com membership for a family member who runs a small business or sends out mail regularly. 

2. Send them something that honors and supports their line of work

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated for their work and supported in their career journey? So if you’re looking for a great gift, start by thinking about your loved one’s job and whether there’s something you can find to help make their days easier, decompress after a long shift, or even dress to impress at the office. 

Your teacher family member, for example, would probably absolutely love a goodie basket of school supplies or things to decorate their classroom. Likewise, a family member who works an office job might love a new pair of shoes, a few knick-knacks for their desk, or even a subscription to a fashion delivery service like StitchFix that will allow them to find new outfits to strut around the office in. 

It’s also important to consider those in your life who may be veterans or actively serving in the military. A huge selection of military gifts is available online if you’d like to find a unique way to pay respect or honor their work and sacrifice. From battle mugs to clothing to shadow boxes and home office gifts, you can easily find something for anyone, no matter where, how, or how long ago they served. 

3. Help jumpstart their unique health and beauty journey

Nowadays, many products are on the market for those looking to amp up their health and beauty routine. So whether your family member is an aspiring skincare guru, is looking for new home workout options, or simply finds joy in finding new ways to care for their body, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to catering to their interests and needs. 

If you’re willing and able to help them invest in their workout routine, a Peloton bike remains one of the hottest gifts on the market. This is an excellent idea for not only someone who loves working out but who perhaps also doesn’t have the time to go to the gym or an in-person workout class every day. 

The beauty lover in your life will love something that freshens up their beauty routine and allow them to try new products. For instance, a selection of natural skin care products can be an excellent addition to their everyday beautification ritual. Ensure they don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients before giving them something like this. 

If your family member is a health nut who loves trying new supplements, recipes, or vitamins to help them manage their holistic well-being, consider looking for brands that create safe, accessible wellness products for them to incorporate into their diet. One example of a good gift in this category is a bottle of probiotics for gut health. Probiotics will benefit not only their digestive health but also their skin, brain, and hair. However, doctors advise getting medical guidance before beginning a new probiotic, so it’s essential only to purchase this gift if the person is already familiar with probiotics. 

4. Help them get away, near or far

It’s almost impossible to disappoint someone when your gift is helping them travel or treat themselves to a well-deserved getaway. While secretly booking an entire trip for them may require far too much planning, money, and effort, something like an airline gift card or an Airbnb gift card is the perfect gift to help them get a headstart planning it for themselves. 

With gas prices soaring and making the everyday routines of getting to work or running errands more expensive than ever, don’t underestimate the significance of giving someone a gift card to Lyft or Uber or even sending them a gas card to fill their tank for free at least once. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are the ones that make daily life a little sweeter, simpler, or more affordable. 

Ultimately, the best gifts show how much you appreciate your loved one and want to celebrate them for everything they are. It’s hard to go wrong when you give them something that truly comes from your heart. 

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