5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

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Digital marketing can be a tricky beast. There are so many different strategies; it can be hard to know which ones work. However, to succeed, you need to know strategies that will allow your business to reach its desired height.  

No matter your business’ size, you need some digital marketing strategies to keep it afloat. In this blog post, we’ll share five digital marketing strategies that have proven successful for our clients. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic or boost your social media following, these tips will help you get started.  


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This refers to the way you can gather organic traffic to your website. You have successfully practiced SEO if you either make the top list or the first page of the search engine results pages.  

It would help if you carried out a long-term strategy for SEO to work as it takes time to yield results. However, you can always ask for help from professionals. For example, Figment Agency helps its clients rank higher on search engine results pages. The company’s team of experts deeply understands how search engines work and what factors they use to determine rankings. As a result, Figment Agency is able to tailor its approach to each client’s individual needs, helping them achieve sustained success in the highly competitive world of online search. 

When you use SEO, your business gains maximum visibility and, thus, more revenue. In addition, this marketing strategy helps owners to build trust with prospective customers and search engines.  

With SEO, you begin to rank higher in search results. Then, more customers and search engines begin to trust your business. Markedly, SEO helps generate free traffic to your website. The generation of traffic further intensifies if the business owner posts consistent blogs. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is another digital marketing strategy for growing businesses. From its name, it’s evident that this strategy focuses on making people gain awareness about a particular product. Then, by making people know about the product, the owner gains revenue from the covered leads.  

To use social media marketing, you should consider your target audience and their preferred platform. Some popular platforms are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Markedly, this marketing strategy does not only focus on marketing but advertising as well. 

Social Media Marketing is vital for businesses as it helps to build brand awareness and improve the company’s reputation. We implore business owners to grasp this digital marketing strategy as it provides a vast opportunity for people who invest in it.  

Fewer companies use this medium for marketing, and many internet users spend more time on social media. In addition, over 70% of shoppers use social media when deciding what to purchase. They trust digital word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Email Marketing 

Another effective digital marketing strategy is email marketing. This strategy is more straightforward and cost-effective than its traditional counterpart. You don’t have to worry about papers or postage fees when using this strategy.  

Email marketing is vital for the growth of your business as it makes it easy for you to track the emails you send. You know who received it, a static email address, and users unsubscribed to your emails. Furthermore, you can know the email that received more engagement from your list and know if your efforts are yielding desired results. 

Email marketing has a variety of advantages for your business. You can send out marketing mail at once to millions of people. Then again, it is easy to direct people to your marketing funnel if you carry out this strategy correctly. When you offer giveaways and discount codes, you generate more leads to your funnel.  

PPC Advertising 

PPC advertising means Pay-per-click advertising. This form of digital marketing strategy uses an auction-based system. When you use PPC advertising, you make bids on keywords that you want your ads to show up for.  

PPC advertising works with transactional queries from searchers. For this reason, when these people click on this advert, they will be directed to your landing page. Then they will either buy the product or perform another action. We recommend you use PPC advertising as your digital marketing strategy because it is an advertising strategy that propels your website to the top of the chart. 

Influencer Marketing 

As its name implies, influencer marketing involves using influencers to advertise one’s business. When you want to use influencer marketing, you collaborate with an online influencer.  

Unlike the thoughts of most people, influencers do not necessarily mean celebrities. They are people that have the power to affect others’ purchasing decisions because they have the authority and knowledge.  

To successfully use Influencer marketing to boost your business, you need to choose someone who can generate leads to your website through his posts. Overall, influencer marketing is an advanced and simple way to generate more revenue for one’s business. 

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