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How to Feel Like Your Best Self During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a tough thing to go through. It’s one of the most serious and complex medical conditions that human beings can experience, and it requires a lot of nurturing, a lot of love and a lot of preparedness to make sure the person carrying the baby is not just comfortable but thriving! There’s no reason being pregnant means you have to sacrifice all the comforts of living your best life. Living your best life may look a little different while pregnant, but it’s still to take care of both your body and mind during this special but intense time. You might be wondering what kinds of products are out there for pregnant women, and which ones are the best ones to look at to make your life a little bit more comfortable. If this is a question you or someone pregnant in your life has been asking, then look no further! We put together a list of some helpful things to consider if you’ve just begun your journey in pregnancy, or if you’re approaching your due date. Wherever you are in your term, there’s bound to be something here to help you live your best life during pregnancy. Keep reading for more! 

Eat Well 

The most important thing to remember when experiencing pregnancy is to pay close attention to your diet. You’re eating for the appetite and nutrition for two people, so food is going to be an extra important expenditure during your pregnancy. However, making multiple trips to the store a week can get expensive and disrupt your routine. Getting healthy meals prepared and delivered for you can make a huge difference both in your health and ease the stress of meal planning throughout the week. Especially if you’re the primary cook in the house, it’s likely that you’ll want a substantial break from that once you get towards the middle and end of your pregnancy. With meal delivery, you can choose options that work best for your diet and nutrition plan. Make sure you consult your doctor before changing your diet! 

Healthy Hair 

Your hair may be the last thing on your mind on a day to day basis while undergoing pregnancy, but it’s an important part of feeling like ourselves when we get ready for the day. Probiotics for hair growth can help your hair grow healthy and strong, even when you’re going through your worst days. As always, when taking anything while pregnant, make sure that you consult with your physician beforehand. You never know what could adversely affect your pregnancy, especially early on, so it’s better to be safe and confident that you’re taking something your body can handle. 

IV Therapy 

You’ve probably heard of IV therapy to help with hangovers, but did you know they can be a really helpful way to get nutrients into your body? If you’re finding that your diet isn’t quite cutting it, and you live in the nyc area, check IV therapy NYC for some great detox treatments and nutrient regimes that will give you the energy you need each day. Pregnancy takes a lot out of you, and IV therapy is a great, luxurious way to get the nutrients you and your baby need. This could also be a useful therapy to take advantage of prior to pregnancy to flush your body of any unwanted toxins or chemicals. Talk to your doctor and see if IV therapy is something you can manage during your pregnancy! 

Compression Socks 

During pregnancy, there are a multitude of changes that occur in the body. Many pregnant women find that they’re feet and legs are particularly sore. This is in part due to the obvious factor of carrying extra weight, but it’s also due to changes in circulation. This can cause poor blood flow to the limbs and one product that has helped hundreds of women deal with these uncomfortable symptoms are compression socks by Bomba! Compression socks help encourage blood to flow back up from the legs, alleviating some of the aches and pains you may feel in the extremities. Compression socks are the number one thing every pregnant woman needs, especially in their second and third trimester when feet swelling is particularly prominent. 

Gift Boxes for Pregnancy 

If you’re not sure what kinds of self care products you want to try but you know you want to try some, then consider taking advantage of Bump Boxes! These curated gift boxes come with pregnancy safe care products delivered straight to your door. They are available on a subscription basis, so you can get fun new products delivered every day catered to your delivery date. These boxes are filled with everything you need from prenatal vitamins to pregnancy essential skin care products to keep you looking fresh and rested up until your due date. This is a great way to get a handful of products that will keep you comfortable without having to worry about figuring out what those products are on your own. Take the stress out of pregnancy and help promote a healthy three trimesters with bump boxes. 


Being pregnant is tough. It’s one of the toughest things a person can go through, and that’s all the more reason to feel like your best self during the process. There’s no reason you can’t be living a fulfilled life that includes taking care of yourself and your needs to feel whole while you’re carrying your child. Self care during pregnancy isn’t just something nice to do for yourself, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure your body is getting all it needs because every bit of positive care you take for yourself will affect your child in a positive way. Remember, you’re taking care of two people so adapt a self care routine that reflects both of your needs. These products will get you prepared if you’re expecting to become pregnant soon, if you’re already there or if you’re planning ahead for a future pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy this special time!

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