Supervisors support SB616 to improve child safety in custody cases

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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion last week authored by Supervisor Kathryn Barger to support Senate Bill 616, by Sen. Susan Rubio, D-Baldwin Park, which would prioritize child safety during custody hearings in the family court system.  

“It is an honor to pledge support for this important law in remembrance of Piqui, an innocent child whose life was tragically cut short when he was murdered by his father during a custody dispute,” Barger said in a prepared statement. “I am hopeful that SB 616 will pass the state Legislature so that family law judges and staff can benefit from proposed resources and trainings that will help identify trauma to young children.” 

SB 616, known as “Piqui’s Law,” is based on the tragic murder of 5-year old “Piqui” by his father in 2017. If approved, this bill will help California receive critical federal funding to protect victims of child abuse and domestic violence by aligning the provisions of the Violence Against Women Act to provide services and programs to prevent similar tragedies from occurring. 

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