COVID-19 graphic snapshot: Updated Oct. 18

The following graphics are regularly updated to provide a visual representation of the coronavirus trends and impacts in Los Angeles County and the Santa Clarita

Tim Whyte | Up Court’s Creek Without a Bat

You’re a Little League team. Playing against the New York Yankees.  Without a bat. That’s how one deputy district attorney described the plight of prosecutors

Tim Whyte | Nickname from a Toddler

When I was a toddler, just learning to talk, I couldn’t enunciate my aunt’s name. “Mary Lou” is a mouthful when you’re just mastering one-syllable

Tim Whyte | SCV: In Memoriam, 2020 Edition

UPDATED Sunday, Jan. 3, to include omissions and recent developments: “Hi Tim, this is Allan Cameron.” It was an unmistakable baritone voice, and he drew