Letters to the Editor

Election Letters Deadline: Feb. 6

Editor’s note: In the interest of fairness to all candidates, the final letters to the editor related to the March 5 election will be published Feb. 20, two weeks before election

Tim Whyte

Tim Whyte | Just Listen to ‘Just a Deputy’

The letter is signed, “Just a Deputy.”  It’s gotten a bit of media attention since it started circulating in the law enforcement community about a week ago, not long after

Tim Whyte

Tim Whyte | Lessons in Fast Fooding

I pulled up to the squawk box on the drive-thru. I was thirsty, but I didn’t want the 55-gallon drum of diet soda. I was going to be on the

Tim Whyte

Tim Whyte | The Sisters and a Church Side Trip

I don’t consider myself especially religious — so, my objection to the honors being bestowed upon the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence by the L.A. Dodgers and the state Senate is not

Tim Whyte

Tim Whyte | Government’s Info Barriers

In addition to my “day job” here at The Signal, I teach journalism part-time at Cal State Northridge — a part-time gig I’ve had since 1998. Back then, I used

COC lolgo

COC affirms audit of bond spending

News release  The Santa Clarita Community College District’s Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee voted to accept the results of an independent audit confirming the district properly accounted for all bond

Tim Whyte

Tim Whyte | A Leaked DA Memo Might Look Like This…

From the Desk of George Gascón District Attorney, Los Angeles CountyDecember 17, 2022To: All Deputy District Attorneys and Staff Re: Another New Policy Directive Good morning and happy generic holidays to

City debuts new ‘Sammy Clarita’ book

News release  The city’s Sammy Clarita mascot has a new look and a new book, the fourth edition of Sammy Stories. In this coloring book, Sammy and his trusty sidekick