Tips to ensure your indoor cat is happy and healthy


Pet owners want the best for their furry family members. Keeping a cat indoors ensures its safety and lowers the chances of illness and injury. However, that doesn’t completely eliminate all the health risks your cat may be exposed to. For instance, boredom and lack of exercise can cause physical and emotional stress.

Although cats are cuddly and cute, caring for them can be challenging. But with the proper steps, you can ensure your cat’s health and happiness. Here are our tips for caring for your indoor cat:

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Feed your cat healthy meals

For cats living in the wild, staying active is easy, as they get regular exercise when searching for water and food. However, indoor cats have a sedentary lifestyle. Unlike outdoor pets, they don’t have to put in so much effort to get food. They also have too many calories and don’t get enough exercise, which can lead to obesity and increase the risk of diabetes.

You should feed your indoor cat canned food to include protein and moisture in its diet. Also, make sure there’s always fresh water for your pet.

Ensure your cat gets enough exercise

As mentioned before, indoor cats usually have a sedentary lifestyle, so encouraging them to exercise is crucial. You can do this by placing scratching posts around your house. You can use horizontal and vertical posts, as well as posts consisting of materials like cardboard or sisal rope. Make sure to place these posts near busy home areas to increase the chances of your cat using them.

Cats are curious pets that enjoy looking at their surroundings from afar. Sturdy bookcases and several perches on windows can promote movement during the day.

Take your cat to the vet

Supposing you’ve just got a cat, you should take it to the vet right after bringing them home. This is imperative because your cat may need some vaccines depending on its historical background.

Plus, a vet can also give health tips for your cat, and it’s someone you should trust to ask any questions related to the subject. In fact, vets are a fantastic resource for both big and small issues. 

Also, you should consider getting insurance for your cat, as it can be very helpful if your pet gets sick. You can check out Bivvy reviews to learn more about the benefits of pet insurance from your fellow pet parents and how it can contribute to keeping your cat healthy and happy. Like with all purchases, read up on what is and isn’t covered before you sign up.

Provide a comfortable sleeping area

Cats need a comfortable, quiet and safe place to sleep. Also, cats generally like sleeping on their own, curled up in a cat bed. Sometimes they also enjoy sleeping in a basket or box.

What’s more, cats’ sleep and wake cycles fluctuate regularly. Cats in the wild hunt several times during the day and take naps to maintain their energy levels high. It’s essential to accommodate your cat’s sleeping needs as much as you can, so make sure to provide several cozy napping spots in your home to keep your pet happy.

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