Top 12+ Mobile App Developers & Best App Development Companies in the USA


Are you seeking the best American companies that develop mobile apps for iOS, Android, and iPhone? The United States of America is one of the biggest nations in the world, and it has the most advanced and forward-thinking business sectors and populations. The USA is presently the largest hub for app developers worldwide. Among other locations, Washington, Clinton, and Franklin are home to some of the top mobile application development firms.  

The new-generation storefronts for businesses everywhere are mobile applications. With consistently increasing download and generated page traffic counts, they have successfully promoted sales and market visibility for companies worldwide. Their functions are becoming increasingly useful due to technology like geo-location tagging, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality that supports them. 

“According to Financial Buzz, with a penetration rate of approximately 127%, mobile subscriber growth in the US is still robust.” 

High growth in mobile data usage, backed by enhanced networks based on LTE technology, makes up for declining voice service income. As a result, the US mobile market is saturated, making it difficult and unpleasant to discover trustworthy app development companies in this sector. Businesses will save time and effort by using this list of the top app development companies in the USA, replete with information on their locations, areas of expertise, and experience.  

Offering maximum results with the least expenditure is one of the most important factors when selecting top mobile application development companies to outsource your mobile app project. Smartphones are a truly remarkable development in the IT industry, and as a result, there is a surge in demand for the best mobile app development services. However, companies must select the best app development firm to create a flawless, responsive, and feature-rich app. For that reason, this article will discuss the top 12 mobile app development companies in the USA

1. Saffron Tech 

Saffron Tech is a reputable business that offers IT solutions and development services to clients worldwide. Saffron Tech has perfected digital transformation and growth acquisition strategies over the past 13+ years by utilizing its distinctive data-driven culture and technological solutions. Their company has successfully finished more than 2000 projects for customers. Saffron Tech has surpassed clients’ expectations in terms of performance, increasing trust among our 200+ worldwide clients. Their Microsoft Gold certification has aided the company in offering better services to its clients. 

Because of this, certain well-known and reputable brands have faith in their marketers. Many startups, SMBs, and large enterprises have profited from the variety of solutions provided by Saffron Tech’s digital capabilities and have seen strong growth. 

Saffron Tech stands out when it comes to providing award-winning quality and innovation at a price accessible to small startups or established businesses testing the market and developing mobile applications.  

They are recognized by the best: 

  • Ascended to the rank of official Nasscom member 
  • Positioned as Amazon Web Services’ authorized partner 
  • Recognized as the top web and mobile app development business by Clutch 
  • Recognized as a legitimate participant in the India Software Development Park 

2. Consagous Technologies 

Consagous Technologies is a company specializing in app development and has a strong reputation. The Texas-based company has created some of the most well-known apps in various industries over the course of its more than a decade history.  

Consagous is a renowned IT company with an outstanding lineup of software products and IT consulting services. Australia, Mexico, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and India host their offices and serve their international customers. They enable companies and organizations to tackle issues head-on and improve. Consagous puts in much effort to assist its clients in reaching the highest level possible in their specialized industries. 

3. Seasia Infotech 

Seasia was established in 2000 as the leading provider of IT services for US State & Local Government entities, the offshore development center for Hewlett-Packard State & Local Government Division. They produced ground-breaking work for US Government agencies throughout the ensuing years and successfully carried out significant, multi-year programs for them. Seasia incorporated the fundamental tenets of structured delivery processes, data security, and intellectual property rights into its corporate DNA through this body of work. 

In addition, it became an independent company in 2009 and began offering its services to companies worldwide. Building on their process advantages, they obtained a CMMi Level 3 accreditation in 2007 and a CMMi Level 5 certification in 2013. 

4. Messapps  

Messapps is a full-service app development firm offering consultation, design, and development services. They produce the best appreneurs worldwide by creating, developing, and promoting cutting-edge apps. To turn your concept into a one-of-a-kind product, they will assist you in diving into your industry, brainstorming, and mind mapping. 

Messapps’s designers know that a successful product has a distinctive, logical, and appealing design. Because of this, they develop the top engagement methods and apply them to every app, using the newest design trends. They create the architecture of your app after designing it, integrating the greatest technologies with the iOS and Android platforms. 

5. Zco Corporation  

Zco Corporation has been at the forefront of software development for over 25 years and is the market leader in custom software development. Their organization is an exceptional combination of senior management, sales experts, and highly skilled software engineers. 

One of the best companies in the USA for app creation is Zco Corporation, renowned for its swift response times, dependability, and wide range of services. You can rely on Zco Corporation to provide unmatched support because they specialize in hybrid and native apps. 

6. Willow Tree 

With offices in Charlottesville, VA, NC, Durham, Brooklyn, Columbus, NY, and OH, WillowTree, LLC was founded in 2007. It has worked with Fortune 500 clients. They aid clients in exploiting the possibilities of quickly evolving mobile technologies, from building a mobile strategy to releasing mobile goods. They can handle the greatest strategic level of client issues and guarantee that all solutions consider actual project costs and timelines. 

This app development company has quickly risen to the top ranks of digital marketing companies. Based in Virginia, Willow Tree has one of the most devoted teams of professionals prepared to help clients of any size and industry. 

7. 21Twelve Interactive 

One of the top companies for application development, 21Twelve Interactive has a large capacity to create Android applications that are better suited to the requirements of small businesses. This US mobile application development company uses a very efficient blend of global technical resources. Thanks to the adopted approaches that allowed the development of top-notch mobile applications for businesses, it has quickly become successful. 

An enthusiastic team of top application developers, strategists, and designers is always searching the app stores for the newest, most innovative mobile applications for startup companies and enterprise clients. Applications are created by 21Twelve Interactive, as are the types of applications that are frequently discussed and used. 

8. ScienceSoft 

IT consulting and software development services provider ScienceSoft was founded in 1989. Before 2002, they had a small AI product company before converting to an IT services company. Since then, they have helped non-IT enterprises and software product makers improve business performance and quickly attract new customers. 

Everything you want for app creation is available here in one location. ScienceSoft can handle both service-based and product-based app development. Because of the professional team’s unwavering quest for excellence with the associated business, this organization is extraordinary. 

9. Appedology 

Appedology is a digital services company established in the US. It is a well-known mobile app development company that offers clients worldwide top-notch applications and various online solutions. They also provide consistent and valuable digital marketing experiences to help your organization draw in certain clientele. 

They believe that fusing technology, creativity, and strategy with all renowned clients influences capabilities. Their digital marketing services include social media marketing, SEO, video animation, web design, graphic design, digital content creation, and game development, while their application development services include the creation of iOS, Android, and virtual reality applications. 

10. Exadel  

Exadel has provided enterprise and custom software solutions and digital transformation services for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. Exadel addresses the most complex engineering challenges using Agile approaches and has over 20 locations and delivery centers throughout the US and Europe.  

Exadel offers a scalable and talented combination of multi-shore personnel at the most affordable pricing in the market. Exadel’s solutions and services for digital transformation help create fresh approaches for the evolving digital business landscape that are founded on original research, cutting-edge conception, and technology innovation. 

11. Peerbits 

Peerbits is a global provider of IT solutions that provides clients worldwide with advanced IT consulting, web development, and mobile application development services. All projects, from (medium-sized) portals to the intricate development of mobile applications and customized mobility solutions, will be completed quickly, expertly, and competently. They want to build lifelong relationships while offering services with the utmost integrity and customer satisfaction. 

12. Fueled 

Several Fortune 500 corporations, international brands, and unicorn startups are served by the top digital transformation agency Fueled. They plan, design, and create user-friendly technology that succeeds in the market. Fueled creates distinctively inventive solutions that delight consumers and generate value for clients with the resources of a global agency and the mentality of a startup. Their crew comprises the types of rule-breakers and hackers typically found at startups rather than working for agencies, design studios, and development shops. 

13. Simpalm 

Simpalm was founded in 2010 and is a multi-award-winning digital product development business. Their staff is skilled in backend engineering, mobile app development, UI/UX design, and web development. They have provided web and mobile solutions for businesses, startups, nonprofit organizations, and the government. 

They provide nationwide client service from offices in Chicago and Washington, DC. Their clearly defined agile approach aids in the timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality software solutions. 

14. Savvy Apps 

From 2009 through 2020, Savvy, an award-winning creative agency, assisted businesses with design, development, and growth for Android, iOS, and the web. With offices in Washington, San Francisco, D.C., Chicago, Raleigh, Philadelphia, and Seattle, they are regarded as the best team in the sector. They are a bunch of passionate, meticulous, and knowledgeable people. Savvy is a team of product managers, designers, developers, growth strategists, and content strategists (including social and video). 

15. Folio3 

Folio3 is a California-based software development firm that offers offshore application development and support to entrepreneurs and major corporations to help them create cutting-edge, top-notch software solutions. They focus on developing social media platforms and applications, mobile apps and games, websites, and enterprise applications. 

Folio3 has been providing unmatched app development services for over ten years, and they have a wealth of expertise working with companies across different industries. In the past ten years, they have completed more than 500 projects with a team of more than 200 designers. 

Final Thoughts! 

You have many options if you are looking for a mobile app development company in the USA. But before choosing the top iOS/Android app development company in the USA, it is crucial to conduct research. First and foremost, the business must have a strong reputation. Then, it is best to recognize the company’s size and primary objective. Third, if they had any notable clientele in the past, it would be great to know who they were.  

Investigate the company’s hourly prices and client feedback, and that’s not all, as this might show what kind of developers they are. Additionally, think about speaking with your prospective service provider; this could be the most important aspect. Nevertheless, good luck with your search! 

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