What Is Oral Health? How Does It Affect Our Well-being?


Like every other organ of our body, our oral health also plays a crucial role in someone’s overall well-being. Now, what exactly is oral health? Oral health is a common term used to define the health of teeth, gum, and mouth. Oral health is something that determines factors like our smiles to the way we chew our foods. 

Even though keeping your oral system healthy might not seem important to many, know that poor oral health can affect your health in many ways. Just think about it. Our oral system is like a tunnel to our respiratory tract, and our oral organs also play a major role in our digestion process. Aside from the effect the oral system has on other body systems, we also need to take care of it for its own health. Well, having a decayed tooth, experiencing toothache regularly, or having bad breath can be very irritating and annoying. So the only way to ensure that you do not experience any of these issues is to keep your oral system healthy. 

Usually, people have a wrong notion that only children are prone to gum and teeth diseases and it is not an adult disease. But recent statistics tell a different story. According to recent studies on Prodentim reviews, more than 40% of Americans suffer from some kind of oral health disease. It is also said that in the coming years, about 80% of our people will experience tooth cavities in the early 30s. This clearly indicates that mouth and gum issues are no longer children’s problems.  

So have you ever given thought to why the number of people suffering from oral health diseases has reached over 40% in the past few years? The reasons for such a spike in the number are many. The first and obvious reason for poor oral health is our unhealthy eating habits. Regular consumption of foods that is high in sugar content can make your teeth and gum more vulnerable to decay and diseases. Additionally, most of us presently follow a poor diet that doesn’t give our teeth and gums enough nutrition to stay healthy. The next reason for poor oral health is not having proper oral hygiene.  

We are currently in a state where no one has time to spare for their health, let alone oral health. Not taking proper care of our mouth and teeth can make our oral system weak and will damage them. These two are a few of the common reasons behind poor oral health and other reasons like plaque formation, usage of tobacco, and not having enough good bacteria in your mouth can also affect the health of your oral system. 

Now that we have discussed oral health and the main reasons behind having poor oral health, let’s discuss some of the common oral health diseases that we experience. Cavities, or tooth decay is one of the most common oral health diseases. Cavities happen when your tooth enamel is broken down by consuming large amounts of food filled with sugar and carbohydrates.  

The next common oral disease that people often suffer from is gum disease. Gum diseases are caused by inflammation of the gums and poor oral hygiene. Toothache is also a result of poor oral health. Apart from common oral health diseases, poor oral health can also cause other illnesses like oral cancer, respiratory illnesses, heart disease, weakened immune systems, and more. 

So now you know why keeping your oral system healthy and hygienic is important. Most oral diseases can be prevented by taking proper care of your oral system and bearing in mind that prevention is always better than cure.  

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