11 Tips to Prevent Car Accidents


Before getting a driving license for any 2/4 wheeler, apart from the driving skills, we are also tested on our knowledge of how well acquainted we are regarding the basic road safety guidelines. Here are a few safety tips to prevent car accidents while on the road. 

Wear Seat Belt 

Wearing a seat belt prevents severe damage if and when an accident occurs. Not wearing a seat belt would jerk the passenger forward towards the car’s stirring wheel or dashboard and cause severe brain, lungs, or ribcage injuries. 

Do not ignore Caution Signs 

Caution signs indicate any danger that might appear ahead of the road you are traveling. Caution signs are usually put up in accident-prone areas and zones. It is important to look out for caution signs on the road and speed down your vehicle in addition to driving more carefully on such roads.  

Avoid using mobile phones 

Using your mobile phone while driving has led to the maximum number of road accidents today. Using a mobile phone distracts the mind and makes you keep your eyes off the road. It is necessary to keep your hands off the mobile phone while driving. Any emergency messages or calls are advised to be attended to by pulling the car over the side of the road. 

Speed Limit 

Many states and countries have enforced traffic rules regarding the average speeding limit of vehicles. Crossing the average speed limit leads to speed ticketing. But many do not follow those rules. Over speeding vehicles make it difficult to halt even after breaks are pushed hard, thus leading to car crashes or throwing the car off a cliff in narrow turning on hilly roads.    

Traffic Lights 

The traffic lamp’s specification of red, yellow, and green lights must be strictly abided by. The traffic lights are made keeping in mind the necessity to minimize heavy traffic and give pedestrians enough time to cross the roads on foot.   


The need to reach a destination faster, especially when running late for work, in when we necessarily tailgate, forgetting our safety. There needs to be a proper gap in distance between two cars. You never know when the car in front of you will suddenly break or stop. They can lead to you having it make a split-second course correction that could potentially lead to an accident. 

Keep your eyes on the road. 

You will find hoardings and flyers saying, ‘Always keep your eyes on the road.’ Distracting yourself and keeping your eyes off the road might not be scary for you, but you never know when the time is bad and you will meet with an accident. If something is up, like an important conversation with fellow passengers or an emergency phone call, park your car on the roadside and complete it before taking off the car on the road again. 

New Drivers 

Be it nervous driving for the first time or not being able to cope with the twists and turns of the road. Also, daylight and night play a major role for newcomers in trying to figure out how to drive in varying light intensities. New drivers are not well acquainted with the traffic rules, and many have a problem understanding the spacing they need to keep between one car and another. These reasons often lead to accidents.  

Statistically, new drivers meet with the most number of accidents. One way to avoid accidents by new drivers is to learn from a professional and practice riding on all kinds of terrains and spaces.  

Rain, Ice & Snow 

Rain, ice, and snow can make driving a very tricky business. Not only does it challenge the safety protocols, but also it is advised not to drive on such occasions. These natural causes are inevitable, so one has to live by them but can avoid taking the road to avoid any accident. Rain makes the road slippery, ice is difficult to see and prevent, and snow becomes sloshy when mixed with water. In these situations, even for elite drivers, it is difficult to handle the car.  

Ways to prevent accidents, in this case, are to keep the speed limit to the lowest possible, use the brakes with the utmost caution, and not hit on the brake paddle at all if you hit on an ice block.  

Drowsy Driving 

Drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous states of driving. The driver must be tired due to overworking or lack of sleep. Most drowsy driving accidents are caused late at night or midnight. In such a condition where the driver is extremely tired and sleepy, the best thing to do is to pull over and get some sleep, or even a power nap would be sufficient for short distances. 

Drunk Driving 

Drunk driving is a punishable offense. But even though, mostly the youth tend to drive home after getting drunk at a party or a bar. Drinking decreases the ability of an individual to think and focus. Hence it is extremely disastrous and fearful to drive when drunk. Drunk driving is the reason for the maximum number of car accidents worldwide. After an alcohol-fuelled party, it is smart to take a cab home or ride with someone who is not under alcohol.Also, if you get pulled over by the cops while driving under the influence, you’ll have to deal with very complicated situations. As such, it is always advisable to know how much alcohol percentage level is permissible while driving.  

“There are two basic ways that a driver can be guilty of DUI: First, if the driver is operating a motor vehicle on a public way while under the influence (defined as “impaired to any degree”) of alcohol, a controlled drug, a prescription drug, an over the counter drug, or any other substance; Second if the driver’s blood alcohol content is .08 or greater (.02 or greater if the driver is under the age of 21),” says Cohen & Winters, a firm of DUI lawyers in New Hampshire.  


Car accidents are not foreseen, and nor are they inevitable. As a driver or a passenger, all we can do is take proper precautions and follow the road safety guidelines to prevent any possibility of an accident from happening. Meeting with a car accident might take a huge toll on our families and financial condition. Make sure to get insurance for your vehicle and your life to cover the maximum possible charges in case of an accident. Till then, drive safe and follow traffic rules. 

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