How many types of gemstones are there?


There are over 2,000 identified natural minerals. Of them, less than 100 are considered gemstones, and, of those, only 16 have any perceived importance or value. We’re going through some of our favorites to make sure you know what you want when you’re looking for your next piece of jewelry, perhaps a nice engagement ring? Read on to see the features of each of these gemstones. 


The diamond is the most common gemstone in terms of how many people are buying them, and therefore they are endued with a lot of mythical relevance. Even in modern times, they are a girl’s best friend. They are forever; they shine bright; but they are also a symbol of commitment, in that they are the most common engagement ring choice. They are the hardest diamond and are extremely rare. Therefore, they are very valuable. Its cut and beauty have meant that it is endued with representations of faithfulness, purity, and innocence, which probably ties into its choice as an engagement ring. 


The sapphire is a deep blue but clear gemstone that is very common in valuable jewelry. It’s also a common choice for engagement rings when the wearer wants a pop of color, but its true reputation comes from being synonymous with royalty. Due to its perceived health benefits for eyes, Mary Queen of Scots carried one to rub against her eyes, and today, the most famous sapphire is that of Princess Diana’s, which is currently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Diana’s eldest son. Perhaps due to this association, the stone has come to be known to represent abundance, blessings, and gifts. 


Jade is a gem for those who don’t like anything too perfect. It comes in many forms as a much less clear gemstone, giving an ombre effect in and out of the brightness of its turquoise-like shade. It’s not quite blue, not quite green, making it appealing to those who like the idea of uniqueness. It is also deeply connected to the idea of peace and serenity, somewhat brought on by its calm, swirling appearance when molded into items like jewelry stones to decorative items like homeware. 


The opal has been known to be ‘seductive’, representing love and passion but also desire and lust. Its most commonly white, cloudy appearance could be compared to a pearl. These two things together make it a popular choice for wedding day wearing and gifting. However, opals come in a variety of colors, mostly reflected in their signature speckles and reflections in the light, like fire opals, blue opals, violet opals, etc. 


Turquoise is a gemstone that is deeply connected to nature. It is a mineral deposited from circulating waters and primarily comes to environments as volcanic rocks, making white the blend of water, fire and earth. 

Turquoise has been strongly associated with peace, luck and protection, which is seen as early as the Ancient Egyptians, who believed that if the turquoise in their necklaces changed color, it meant doom was coming. The Egyptians’ love of the gemstone is shown in its use in decorating Tutankhamun’s famous burial mask. Its bright blue appearance

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