Perfume boxes design – 5 tips from professionals


Are you in need of perfume boxes design ideas and inspiration for your products? In this article, you will get some essential tips on how to design box packaging for fragrances and what things you need to have in mind to make your items more attractive.  

Sustainability in the cosmetics industry 

Every reputable cosmetic brand is on the road to sustainability. Not only because of the reputational benefits or the immense demand from retailers and clients. But also because shifting from polyethylene and plastics to eco-friendly materials is socially responsible and actually makes a difference when it comes to environmental problems.  

Using natural biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials sourced ethically is a great way to lower a brand’s eco-footprint. Moreover, that lowers pollution levels, decreases packaging waste, preserves nature, protects wildlife, and saves non-renewable resources, water, and energy.  

5 tips for perfume boxes design  

Use reusable materials 

There is no formula for the perfect perfume box design. But there is something that is very on-trend, environmentally friendly, and highly demanded by the consumers – reusable materials. By reusable we mean packaging materials that can be repurposed or recycled.  

Educating your clients on what to do with the perfume packaging after its opening or after the fragrance runs out inevitably helps people and brands support the circular economy movement. 

Experiment with custom design  

For a better understanding of good marketing practices and design concepts, identify the target audience before developing your perfume packaging. That way, you can fully explore all the ways you can convey your message, capture the attention and make clients relate to you as a brand. 

In the cosmetics field, the best strategy is to strive for a more subtle, elegant, and feminine appeal in the custom design. Avoid heavy fonts and dark colors, as well as edgy and bright pictures and elements. Think about clean and neat element placement, minimalistic fonts in bold or cursive, and neutral colors. 

But most importantly, try to fit in the expectations of customers without visually blending in with the competitors. Your goal should be to put out perfume packaging that is different in its own way and stands out from other similar products and fragrances. 

Sell a story, not just a product 

Attractive packaging that tells a story is way more enticing than dull traditional perfume boxes. As a fragrance brand, you need to make sure people know that there is more to your product than its content.  

Give your brand a personality, show your values, and tell your clients more about the perfume. Use the colors, typography, and visuals on your packaging to tell your story and align it with your company mission or a good cause.  

Use natural colors 

Earthy colors, neutral hues, and muted pastel shades are very feminine, delicate, and unpretentious. Their elegant simplicity works extremely well with perfume packaging, as it evokes a sense of being at peace and feeling close to nature. Such calmness and subtlety give off just the right type of energy that most perfume lovers are initially looking for in fragrance packaging.  

Labeling is very important  

After designing perfume packaging that speaks to your target audience, it’s time to pay attention to the labeling of your fragrances. It’s crucial to ensure that the perfume label is properly applied and that you do label quality control. 

Here are a few labeling tips from packaging professionals that will make you look like a serious perfume brand: 

  • Make sure your labels are not crooked or inclined to the side 
  • Design your packaging to look decent to display 
  • Label details should be compliant with local regulations 
  • Labels should clearly communicate essential information about product safety, contents, quality, certification, and product origin  
  • Each label should be properly attached 
  • Use materials that are durable and harder to peel 
  • Add a seal to protect the perfume from tampering (e.g: being sampled, contaminated, or damaged) 

If you need further help with your perfume boxes design or are unsure about what type of custom packaging would work best for your products, get in touch with the sustainable packaging suppliers from Packlion.  

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