Remove Vocals from the Most Effective and Proven Ways with Wondershare UniConverter


Vocals removal is crucial for those who wish to use the audio to record their playback, improve their singing talents, pay homage to an artist, or perform at a karaoke bar. Regardless of the cause, you’ll need to remove the vocals from the track to separate the singer’s voice from the instruments and make your composition the most prominent. As a result, you can record your version of the song and use it on various platforms. There are many ways of doing something, but do you know how to accomplish it? Because of that, we’ve devoted an entire post to a detailed tutorial on swiftly and efficiently remove vocals from a song.

What is Wondershare UniConverter

The Wondershare UniConverter 14 has just been released by Wondershare Technology. To make it easier to use, the UI has been redesigned to be more user-friendly, and GPU acceleration has been improved to increase conversion speed by 200 per cent. The event also presented new advanced video editing capabilities, such as Smart Trimmer and Automatic Subtitles. “New features in the UniConverter 14 boost user productivity. They are now able to compress or convert video more quickly and at a higher quality, “explained Wondershare UniConverter’s Product Director, Allen Dai. The Smart Trim feature and the Automatic Subtitles tool are two features that we believe our customers will appreciate using.”

How to Remove Vocal with Wondershare UniConverter?

To remove vocals audacity from an audio file, you can use Wondershare UniConverter, a free (limited) web application. Using the program is simple, and it generates results quite quickly. Other than karaoke and acapella, Wondershare UniConverter gives you the option to have your audio in the form of karaoke, bass or piano.

Step 1: Choosing the Vocal Remover Option 

The first step is downloading and installing the UniConverter application on your computer. The ‘Tools’ option can be found on the left-side panel of the opening interface. Click on the ‘Vocal Remover’ button in the AI Lab section.

Step 2: Upload an audio or video file 

Click the Add File button to remove the vocals from any audio or video file, and then pick and upload the file. The tool’s UI allows you to drag and drop files from your computer’s directory.

Their vocals will be extracted automatically after the file upload process is complete.

Step 3: Save the Extracted Vocals in a File or Directory of Your Choice

A file without vocals can be saved by pressing the “Export” button next to an instrument file. You have the option to store the two files separately on your computer.

AI Audio Function is a New Feature.

A built-in audio feature of AI Removes unwanted background noise from your audio or video files with a single click of the button. Using this function, musicians can quickly remove vocals from their tracks. An AI-powered feature called Vocal Remover is available to remove vocals and instrumental tracks from a song.

Other New Features in UniConverter

Are the new audio features in Wondershare UniConverter 14 the only new ones? No! AI-powered audio editing capabilities in Wondershare UniConverter 14 enable the company to provide users with the best-in-class vocal removal tool. UniConverter 14’s video functions have undergone a major overhaul.

Convert a video to a different format

Using the tool, you can convert your audio and photos into more than 1000 formats. The new version promises to speed up the converting process by 50%. For 4K/8K HDR HD video resolution, UniConverter 14 will additionally offer full-process GPU acceleration. WebM and MP4 formats with alpha channel output are supported by the program, which is good news for video editors. Mac M1 acceleration support and HEVC (H.265) encoder support in the newest video converter version will also be included in the latest edition. AV1 and VP9 compatibility, multi-threaded GPU acceleration, and NVIDIA/AMD/Intel support will be included in the software.

Compress Video

Managing and editing movies necessitate using compressed video files, but this often results in the file’s quality being degraded. UniConverter 14 aids in the compression process by guaranteeing video files preserve their quality. UniConverter 14 may reduce a file’s size to one-ninth of its original size without sacrificing quality.

Play Video:

The most recent version will allow you to view videos separately in over 1000 different file formats. It is predicted that the video playback effect will be similar to that of the professional VLC player. The software will support 4K/8K HD video to provide smooth GPU playbacks.


Vocal removal has been a concern for a long time because of the difficulty of doing so. Wondershare UniConverter 14 now provides the most acceptable solution, even though there is still no perfect way to achieve this.

It provides a high-quality instrumental version of any song that can be utilized as background music for presentations, social media videos, karaoke, and practice sessions. If you want the best service, follow the instructions. Any audio discussed in this post that includes vocals can be edited to remove the songs.

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