Which Month Is The Best For Desert Safari In Dubai?


BurjKhalifa, the golden deserts, and Dubai come to mind when you think of the city. And kebabs, of course. Even if these are only the tip of the iceberg, the city of Dubai has much more to offer. Be careful to research the best time of year to visit Dubai before purchasing your tickets. 

Consult our Dubai Travel Guide to learn the best times to visit. Before arranging a vacation to Dubai, research the best time of year to visit. Dubai is a year-round destination. When Is the Best Time to Visit Dubai and to explore the best desert safari

Dubai’s Best Time of Year: 

Be Prepared Before You Begin Your Journey November through February are the most incredible months to visit Dubai. You can take advantage of all the city offers, from the desert to outdoor activities to thrilling festivals. It’s best to see Dubai in March, April, September, and October for a peaceful holiday without many people. 

  • It’s the best time to visit Dubai: Everyone who wants to go on a trip 
  • When is the best time of year to spend time outside in Dubai: When comes from November through April 
  • Time to go for a swim: A month in each of the following months: 
  • Best times to go on a honeymoon: November, December, and January 
  • Traveling on a tight budget: May, June, and July 
  • For those who like shopping, this is the best moment: January and July 

Beginning in November and lasting until April, Dubai has its peak season. In contrast to the bleak and frigid weather in most other regions, the season is marked by pleasant temperatures and dazzling winter sun. In Dubai, the holiday season has here. Concerts, live performances, shopping fairs, and thrilling excursions like dhow cruises and safaris in the desert break up the monotony. It is the time of year when more overseas visitors arrive, resulting in more extraordinary expenses for travel and lodging.  

A Month-by-Month Guide to Dubai’s Attractions 

The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) city of Dubai in January 

In January Dubai, 15 ° C – 25 ° C is the typical temperature range. You’ll want to remain outdoors all day in Dubai in January since the weather is so lovely.  

In the United Arab Emirates’ capital city of DUBAI, in February 

In February, Dubai’s Temperature range is six °C to 26°C on average. An excellent winter getaway, Dubai’s February temperatures are comparable to European springtime. Sunny skies and comfortable temps make it a great time to be outside. 

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, MARCH 

It is 18 to 29 degrees Fahrenheit in Dubai in March. The most significant time to go to the beach in Dubai is in March, when the temperature increases.  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in April 

In April, Dubai will be bustling with tourists. Temperatures range from 22°C to 33°C. Temperatures in Dubai have begun to increase in April, and you can feel it.  


In June Dubai, The average temperature ranges from 28 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In June, when the days are long, Dubai is a great place to see and do many different things. Staying inside in the afternoon is the most important motto.  

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, IN JULY 

Dubai’s July temperatures range from 31°C to 41°C on average. The hottest month of the year is July in Dubai. Nighttime is the only time you can go on an outdoor trip without becoming too hot or cold, making it ideal for admiring Dubai’s sparkling skyline. 


The average temperature in Dubai is from August 31 ° C to 42 ° C. Temperatures are increasing throughout Dubai, including in the water, during this time of year, which is the peak of summer. 

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