New pedestrian signage coming to Soledad Canyon Road


A new pedestrian signage system has been installed at the intersection of Soledad Canyon Road and Valley Center Drive, according to a statement released by the city of Santa Clarita on Thursday.  

The new application is designed to increase pedestrian safety and improve the flow of traffic by using a video detection system to track pedestrians and cyclists, which in turn activates a sign to alert drivers to yield.  

The system will be for motorists driving westbound on Soledad Canyon who make a right turn onto Valley Center Drive. An additional layer of safety has also been constructed, by putting in a “raised channelization island” known as a “porkchop.” Pedestrians and cyclists can cross onto this “porkchop” before crossing the rest of the street. 

This would be the first system of its kind in Santa Clarita — meant to act as a trial run before implementing it on other intersections throughout the city, as funding becomes available for it.  

For more information about the city’s traffic and transportation planning efforts, contact Cesar Romo, traffic signal system administrator, via email at [email protected]. 

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