Tom Brady’s plans and other questions about the upcoming NFL


The life of the best player in history a priori cannot be boring, even in between matches. As you may remember, the legendary quarterback announced his retirement after being eliminated from the playoffs. 

However, even then, people close to the body were advised not to rush to conclusions. In particular, “The Ringer,” almost entirely composed of Boston fetishists, hinted that the main reason for the statement is the complete hostility of the Tampa Commander-in-Chief and, as a result, the unwillingness to play for ex-champions under the current, excuse me, regime. You can read more about this on the website In the same place, Bill Simmons and company outlined two scenarios for the development of the plot:

  • Transition to “49th”. There, the family is closer, the team is more promising, and the San Francisco quarterback seems to be having problems.
  • Moving to Miami as part of a gentlemen’s agreement that Brady would become one of the team’s owners after his career’s final and exact end.

None of the options (no matter how tangible or, on the contrary, fantastic they may be) did not work. The 49ers made a bet on Lance, even though it is still completely unclear what will come of the guy. Saddle “dolphins” also failed. Nevertheless, Brady still returned to the game. To Tampa, but with a new commander in chief.

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