Trucking Accidents Are On The Rise: What You Should Know 


A trucker’s job isn’t easy; long hours, seemingly never-ending stretches of road, and a massive vehicle to navigate through all kinds of traffic. Yet, despite how skilled truckers are, trucking accidents seem to occur almost daily.  

When an accident involving a truck occurs, the aftermath can be catastrophic for everyone involved. 

Trucking Accidents Are All Too Common  

With the number of trucks that hit the highways at all hours of the day and night, they are prone to directly or indirectly involved in accidents, ranging from fender benders to devastating occurrences. Ontario has hundreds, if not thousands, of trucks on the streets daily.  

The sheer size of trucks, regardless of what kind, make it so that when an accident occurs, the results can be terrifying and potentially fatal for all those involved. The impacts can be severe for the truck operator and any vehicles and their inhabitants in the vicinity. Injuries can range from severe to life-altering and can even be fatal in some cases.  

Trucking Accidents Can Be Deadly 

Whether a cargo truck, transport truck, fuel truck, or an 18-wheeler, trucks have much power and take up much space on the road. Sharing the road with other vehicles of varying sizes, pedestrians, and motorcyclists or bicyclists can be a challenge for all parties.  

When an accident occurs, the underlying conditions of the accident mixed with the weight of a truck can have deadly consequences. In addition, the aftermath can be life-changing, with many having various mental scars on top of physical scars that can take a lifetime to heal.  

What Causes Trucking Accidents? 

Many factors lead to the rising number of trucking accidents on the road. Lack of sleep for drivers is one dangerous reality, as truckers are expected to drive long hours to make deliveries on time. Mechanical issues with the truck itself can also be responsible for causing accidents due to malfunction or loss of control. 

As with many other types of road accidents, inclement weather can also cause trouble on the road, leading to the risk of accidents. Trucks can be difficult to drive during bad weather, as visibility is impaired and road conditions make it difficult to stop or slow down when needed. Impairment and speeding, as well as lack of attention, can be factors on occasion as well. 

The Aftermath Of A Trucking Accident 

Whether temporarily or permanently, victims have to change their lives after an accident altogether. Time and money must be heavily invested in the healing process, leaving some feeling helpless as they cannot work and cannot perform the various daily activities they are used to. Above and beyond physical changes, many trucking accident survivors will experience varying levels of mental distress throughout the healing process, with some developing PTSD. 

What To Do After A Trucking Accident 

All parties that are involved in an accident should be aware of the legal representation that is out there. For victims, some lawyers specialize in navigating the intricacies of accident and injury litigation, keeping the victim in mind throughout every step forward. Therefore, it’s essential to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. 

An investigation will be done shortly after the accident to try and document what occurred. Of course, the police do this, but your lawyers can also work with the police and their expertise to reconstruct and develop their understanding of the accident. They are very thorough and help tremendously in the pursuit of compensation. 

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