What Are Bitcoin Robots? Are They Trustworthy?


The value of cryptocurrencies can change dramatically within a matter of minutes, and this volatility has earned cryptocurrencies quite a reputation. To the delight of investors everywhere, cryptocurrency trading is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These characteristics, taken together, reduce the efficiency with which humans can trade cryptocurrencies. 

The majority of the time, investors are unable to make the most profitable trades due to a lack of responsiveness to price fluctuations. No one can afford to spend as much time monitoring the cryptocurrency markets as would be required to consistently make the most profitable trades. That calls for constant surveillance of cryptocurrency markets around the world, and that’s where the use of cryptocurrency trading bots becomes relevant. All they are is computer programmes designed to do the work of human traders and brokers. 

What Are Crypto/Bitcoin Trading Bots? 

The term “crypto trading bot” refers to a suite of applications that can handle all of your cryptocurrency trading needs automatically. The investor or trader must often pay close attention to the constantly shifting market statistics that play a significant part in actual trading practice before deciding which cryptocurrency to purchase or sell and more importantly when to do so.  

The interpretation and analysis of market statistics can be easily automated with the help of crypto trading bots. These bots can research the market, decipher the results, assess the associated risk, and buy /sell cryptocurrencies. 

It’s the equivalent of outsourcing your cryptocurrency trading to a professional so that you can relax and enjoy the profits. For instance, if you want to buy additional Bitcoin if the price drops below a certain threshold, you may programme a cryptocurrency trading robot to do so for you. Many times, using a cryptocurrency trading bot is a more efficient and affordable option than employing a human trader

How Do These Bots Work? 

To begin the process investors look for the bots which will be the most ideal and helpful to them. Thankfully one can also make use of bot reviews such as Business 2 community’s Quantum AI review and many others when choosing the right crypto bot for oneself. There are often subscription costs associated with using a bot, and some of these can be rather pricey.  

The hardware and software needs of a robot vary widely. Understanding how to make the most of a bot is essential for any investor looking to maximise its usefulness. If an investor wants to buy cryptocurrencies, for instance, they need to already have an exchange profile and sufficient cryptocurrency assets in each of these exchange accounts. The investor in this case will most likely not use the automated bot algorithm to buy or sell when it deems fit.  

Instead, smart investors utilise the bot’s primary advantage, its consistency with market knowledge. Investors use bots by setting up the appropriate parameters for when to buy/sell said cryptocurrencies and programme the bot to follow these instructions. 

This allows investors to continue the hard part of investing, figuring out the right buy-in/ sell zones and leaving the crypto bot to make the transactions at whatever time that may be. This being said there are many newbies who rely strictly on the bot’s algorithms to decide what to buy/sell and when and on exchange x.  

Certain bots have a great history of getting it right but they’re not completely accurate and many have stated they could have made more by holding rather than constant trading. As stated these bots, although can be left fully automated, are better off when programmed with the right parameters and shouldn’t be seen as an easy and hassle-free way of generating income. 

Are Bots Trustworthy? 

Unlike the bots, we see in movies like “The Terminator” these crypto trading bots can be super beneficial to traders. That being said there are many said trading bots that advertise super high-profit gains which simply for the most part isn’t true. While it’s true that most of Wallstreet trading(around 75%) is done through trading bots, one must understand that these bots are not in their automated setting. 

So while one can trust that the bot will follow the set parameters that you set for it, trusting everything in the hands of the bot is not super recommended just yet. These bots have quite a few advantages over human traders such as being more powerful, efficient and most importantly emotionless. 

Advantages Of CryptoBots 

Let’s take a look at just why these crypto trading bots are great. 

More Powerful Than Human Traders 

When it comes to trading, human beings have a finite capacity for information processing. It is challenging to discover insights based on processed data. Trader bots for cryptocurrencies are capable of processing large amounts of data and drawing reasonable judgments, making them great research tools. 


For Transactions involving cryptocurrency assets, cryptocurrency trading bots are universally regarded as a time-saving improvement. There will be no hiccups and, more crucially, no mistakes on account of human error. If the bot is fed accurate information and is programmed with efficient strategies, it could trade assets more successfully. In addition, these bots can function around the clock, which is a huge help. 


A crypto trading bot bases all of its actions on what it believes will happen next. It lacks the loss aversion and profit-seeking greed that characterises human beings. Some successful traders are able to control their emotions and make logical decisions, but unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially for novices. However, a cryptocurrency trading bot will never let its emotions cloud its judgement and will always stick to the parameters it’s permitted. 

Disadvantages Of Crypto Bots 

When dealing with the volatile cryptocurrency market, trading bots aren’t foolproof. It is not always possible to forecast how circumstances like the current Covid-19 outbreak will affect the market. If you want to maintain making money, you need a new method that is more psychologically sound. 

As a result, you should put your faith in your gut rather than a crypto trading bot in this particular situation. Incorrect coding can also have an effect on a crypto trading bot’s performance. While starting from scratch when developing a cryptocurrency trading bot, you must exercise extra caution when establishing the conditions under which the bot will act. 

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