Christmas card to a family member who is rude!


You could be dreading the pile of Rude Christmas cards that need to be written and sent out after Christmas because you vowed last year that you wouldn’t put them off again. Whether you need some inspiration or just want to use one of our pre-written messages, we are here to assist you in deciding what message to write for your family members in your life! Check the cards on Boomf.

Christmas Wishes For Family Members

Here comes the list of Christmas wishes which can be written on the Rude Christmas Cards:

  1. Without family, Christmas wouldn’t be the same; for you all, I am eternally grateful.
  2. Spending Christmas with you all is all I could want. Season’s greetings!
  3. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. May this time of year be filled with joy, hope, and happiness.
  4. Happy Holidays to the best mother I could ever ask for! I hope your day is everything you could have hoped for.
  5. I look forward to spending Christmas with you every year since you’re my great-dad and because of your terrible dad jokes.
  6. Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for making every Christmas so joyful, cosy, and loving. I hope this Christmas is just as special as the others. I cherish you.
  7. Given that you are at the top of the pleasant list, I hope Santa brings you a tonne of great gifts.
  8. You are the nicest Christmas present I could have ever asked for, so happy holidays, sweetheart.
  9. Happy Holidays to my lovely daughter; may the season be as wonderful as you are!
  10. To my beloved son, Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas filled with the same joy you always give us.
  11. I shall always remain your Santa Claus, giving you presents on Christmas Day even though you are an adult now.
  12. When I get to spend Christmas with you, who needs gifts, albeit you’re welcome to offer me both!
  13. I can’t wait to continue adding to all the wonderful Christmas memories we have made together, so Merry Christmas to my amazing sister/brother.
  14. Happy Holidays! I can’t picture the holidays without you, even though we aren’t kids anymore. I adore you, sis/bro.
  15. To my beautiful grandparents, Merry Christmas! You deserve the happiest Christmas ever; I was so fortunate to have the best grandparents.
  16. My childhood was so pleasant and joyful thanks to you, especially around the holidays. Grandma and Grandpa here are to another wonderful Christmas party!
  17. Grandma & Grandpa, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Waiting eagerly to see you soon.
  18. Greetings on your first Christmas as parents! I hope you and your child have a very special and memorable Christmas.
  19. Merry Christmas to you and your adorable baby! I can’t wait to watch them develop throughout all the upcoming Christmases.
  20. You have become a family as two become three. Merry Christmas to you.
  21. I consider myself fortunate to have had a friend like you during the entire year. Merry Christmas, sweetheart!
  22. What more could you ask for this holiday season than to call me your best friend?
  23. We may be separated by time and distance, but our friendship endures forever. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!
  24. I’m so grateful to be able to spend Christmas with the person I love. Merry Christmas to my best friend and partner.
  25. You’re my secret Santa, right? Considering that you have granted me my every wish.
  26. Happy Holidays to my stunning wife, fiancée, or girlfriend; you are all I need to have the best Christmas ever. See you around the mistletoe, please?
  27. It just seems fitting that since you are the star of my life, you place the star atop the Christmas tree.
  28. Santa must have thought I was exceptionally good this year since he brought me you.
  29. I sincerely hope that my Christmas will be as joyous as the joy you provide me.
  30. Together, let’s create some amazing Christmas memories!
  31. I wish you a joyful, huggable, and humorous Christmas.
  32. I hope you have the most amazing Christmas memories to look back on.
  33. Christmas calories are not taken into account!
  34. I’d like to wish you a very happy holiday. We must don our ugliest Christmas sweaters now!
  35. I don’t know about you, but my one Christmas wish is that Santa will take off all of my credit card debt.
  36. Although I believe sincere heartfelt Christmas wishes are the nicest, it’s lovely when there is also money included.

Therefore, you get a special card on the online website for rude family members. Check them now. Make the person feel good by writing good wishes.

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