Topic 2: How to make a car rental under 25 y.o in LA

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Do you want to rent a car but you are under 25-years-old? It is now easy and cheap. Well, now you can find LA car rental under 25, both online and offline according to Carngo. Actually the legal age to drive a car in California is 21 years. However, the administration has a surcharge on young drivers. Usually, this extra charge is not a part of the rent of the car. You can pay it separately before getting your car. It varies from one car rental company to another.

There are some car hire agencies which can provide you a vehicle rental under 25y.o. from the airport. Let’s discuss below how to rent a car under 25 y.o. in LA and give you some tips to keep in mind.

Type of car

The first step in renting a car is choosing the right vehicle for you. All agencies offer a range of cars whether you want an SUV, a sedan or a compact car. You can book and rent the vehicle of your choice.

Also, keeping the pollution and gas hikes in mind, one can get electric cars too. Following are some details of car types and their associated prices.

Compact car

This is the favorite choice for most tourists in LA. It is cost-effective and simultaneously saves fuel. Compact cars may not appear spacious, but can fit a family of 5. The price can go from $50 to $120 per day.

It depends on the brand, the gear transmission, and the energy source. For example, a Hyundai Accent will cost you $48 per day. However, you would have to pay $120 for a Ford Focus.

Full size

If you wish to go big, an SUV is what you need. This category of vehicles is good for a big family of more than five members. You can also take big bags when you have a full-size car. The prices would be higher.

The rent starts from $80 per day. Some examples of automobiles in this category are Lincoln Navigator and Ford Fusion. These vehicles are comfortable and are most often front-wheel drive.


A Volkswagen Jetta or Chrysler 200 are some options in the Standard type. Get a car from this category if you wish to be fuel-efficient and have parking convenience on your side. The starting rent is $90.

But, if you search a little bit more, you can find a standard car for even $80/day. You may also get breakdown and insurance services from some car hiring offices . Almost all automobiles have an automatic transmission, but you can ask for a manual one at the car rental agency.


You would think of this category when you are alone in LA or don’t have a lot of baggage. In this class of vehicles, one can get the cheapest cars. For example, you can rent Toyota Yaris for less than $30/day.

When you have a small budget for your trip, you can save with these types of cars. Although the space is small, you can save a lot of money on fuel. The mileage of this car in the city is 32 MPG and 40 MPG on the highway. You would also be contributing towards saving the planet.


If you wish to go around town with style, these intermediate vehicles are your choice. You may rent a Volkswagen Jetta or BMW 3 Series for around $100/day. When you are a couple traveling with at least 3-4 bags, an intermediate car is the most suitable.

You can conveniently park the vehicle as it has a sleek design. Also, navigating through narrow roads is easier with a BMW 3 Series. Congratulations, you are not only consuming less space but also enjoying a nice ride.


Don’t have baggage? Get a mini. These are smaller cars like Mitsubishi Mirage, Kia Sedona, and Fiat 500. Most cars in this category are coupes. They can fit 2 adults and 2 children. You can easily squeeze this car into small parking spaces.

Definitely, when the car is small, it would consume less fuel and give you better mileage. If you are a minimalist, these types of cars would be a perfect choice.

Steps to take

Renting a car in this modern age of the internet has become even easier. Follow the steps and you won’t be overcharged in any situation.


You can go to the websites of various car hire services and select the vehicle you would drive when you are in LA. Some websites would ask you to register before you can reserve the car. Therefore, to start a process of booking and renting you have to:

  • Register your profile at the rental agency,
  • Add basic information like name, age, license data,
  • Choose the appropriate vehicle and insurance.

Some agencies would ask for scanned copies of your documents like the license to drive beforehand so that everything is ready for you. You should also check and choose the insurance you would like to apply for.


Some agencies would ask for credit card details to reserve the vehicle, but you can pay when you pick it up. Sometimes you won’t require the credit card details.

The agents would hold an extra amount apart from the rental charges that would be returned to you. The rental charges usually include all costs except the surcharge for young drivers.


When you are in LA, you can visit the car rental office and show the confirmation of your car reservation. The rental agent would swipe your credit card and ask you to sign an agreement. It usually includes your and their rights and duties.

Anyone below 25 would have to pay a young driver’s surcharge. You can pay directly, or it will be a part of the credit card amount. Also, it clearly mentions the specific cost of different types of damages.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, renting a car when you are under 25-years-old is not a huge problem. In LA, young people under 25-years-old are not allowed to rent sports cars like Lamborghini Huracán or Tesla Model X.

Also, one cannot get minivans or fancy cars when one is renting a car in Los Angeles. The process is straightforward and quick. It is advisable to research things like gas prices in California, the type of fuel for your vehicle and charging stations in LA.

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